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Manual abstract: user guide ICOM IC-T8ASERVICE MANUAL

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[. . . ] NEVER place the transceiver where normal operation of the vehicle may be hindered or where it could cause bodily injury. SAVE THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL -- This instruction manual contains important operating instructions for the IC-F111S/F121S VHF TRANSCEIVER and ICF211S/F221S UHF TRANSCEIVER. EXPLICIT DEFINITIONS DEFINITION Personal injury, fire hazard or electric shock RWARNING may occur. and the logo are registered trademarks of Icom Incorporated (Japan) in the United states, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Russia and/or other countries. SmarTrunk IITM is a Trademark of SmarTrunk Systems, Inc. NEVER allow children to touch the transceiver. NEVER expose the transceiver to rain, snow or any liquids. i TABLE OF CONTENTS USE the supplied microphone only. [. . . ] Green and red blink alternately: cloning error e ACTIVATED KEY INDICATOR (LP 0/1/2) Appears when a pre-programmed key function is activated. NOTE: When all function LEDs blink, check the DC battery voltage is not too high. · The following functions are available when the microphone is on or off hook: - Automatic scan start when hook on. - Sets to `Audible' condition (unmute condition) when hook off. 2 1 PANEL DESCRIPTION ¡ SCAN TAG KEY Adds or deletes the selected channel to the scan TAG group. I Programmable function keys The following functions can be assigned to [P0], [P1], [P2] and [P3] programmable function keys. Consult your Icom Dealer or System operator for details concerning your transceiver's programming. In the following explanations, programmable function names are bracketed. The specific switch used to activate the function depends on programming. CH UP CH DN ¡ PRIORITY CHANNEL KEYS Push these keys to select priority A or priority B PRI A channel, respectively. PRI B ¡ OPERATING CHANNEL KEYS Select an operating channel directly. BANK CH4 ¡ SCAN START/STOP KEY Push this key to start scanning; and push again SCAN A to stop. SCAN B ¡ LOCK KEY Push this key for 1 sec. to lock all programmable LOCK keys except the following: · [CALL] (incl. [CAL A] and [CAL B]), [MONI] and [EMER] keys. NOTE: Place the microphone on hook to start scanning. 3 PANEL DESCRIPTION ¡ MONITOR KEY Activates one of (or two of) the following functions MONI on each channel independently: · Push and hold the key to unmute the channel (audio is emitted; `Audible' condition). w If the transceiver is programmed for a start up passcode, input the digit codes as directed by your Dealer. · The keys in the table below can be used for password input: · The transceiver detects numbers in the same block as identical. Therefore "01234" and "56789" are same. 2 I Channel selection Several types of channel selection are available. The methods may differ according to your system setup. e When all channel indicator LEDs still blink after inputting 4 digits, the input code number is incorrect. KEY 0 5 1 6 2 7 3 8 4 9 NON-BANK TYPE: Push [CH UP]/[CH DN] to select the desired operating channel, in sequence; or, push one of the [CH 1] to [CH 4] keys to select a channel directly. When turning the power ON, the transceiver automatically starts scanning. Scanning stops when receiving a call or when taking the microphone off hook. NUMBER 6 2 OPERATION IMPORTANT: To maximize the readability of your signal: (1) Pause briefly after pushing [PTT] (2) Hold the microphone 2 to 5 cm from your mouth, then speak into the microphone at a normal voice level. I Receiving and transmitting RECEIVING: q Push [POWER] to turn the power ON. e When receiving a call, adjust the audio output level to a comfortable listening level. TRANSMITTING: r Take the microphone off hook. · The channel is busy when TX/RX indicator turns green. - According to the trasceiver's setting; · 2-tone, 5-tone mute may be released. (The `audible' condition is selected) · A priority channel may be selected automatically. D Transmitting notes · Transmit inhibit function The transceiver has several inhibit functions which restrict transmission under the following conditions: · The channel is in mute condition. · The selected channel is a `receive only' channel. t Wait for the channel to become clear. [. . . ] r Install the scrambler unit as described in optional UT-108 installation in the page at left. t Return the bottom cover and screws to the original position. Front panel I Optional OPC-617 installation Install the OPC-617 as shown below. DISC MIC OPC-617 Cut off the bushing as in the illustration, when you install the optional OPC-617. OPTIONAL CABLE PIN ASSIGNMENT NOTE: Be sure to re-solder the above disconnected points when you remove the scrambler units. Otherwise no TX modulation or AF output is available. trewq q Dimmer cont. GND oiuy 12 3 CONNECTION AND MAINTENANCE I Antenna A key element in the performance of any communication system is an antenna. [. . . ]


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