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[. . . ] INSTRUCTION MANUAL VHF TRANSCEIVER iV 8 This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. FOREWORD Thank you for purchasing the IC-V8 FM transceiver. This transceiver is designed for those who require quality, performance and outstanding reliability under the most demanding conditions. D FEATURES 5. 5 W of ample output power MIL-STD810 grade durability CTCSS and DTCS encoder/decoder standard Optional DTMF decoder IMPORTANT READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS carefully and completely before using the transceiver. SAVE THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL-- This instruction manual contains important operating instructions for the transceiver. Icom, Icom Inc. [. . . ] · When [VOL] is assigned as tuning dial, rotate [VOL] while [SQL] is pushed. 17, 53) 18 BASIC OPERATION 4 I Receive and transmit q Push [POWER] for 1 sec. e Set a frequency. When a signal is received: · Squelch opens and audio is emitted from the speaker. r Push [A·FUNC], then push [9·H/L] to toggle output power between 4 high and low. · "L" appears when low output power is selected. · Do not hold the microphone too close to your mouth or speak too loudly. y Release [PTT] to receive. For your information-- Monitor function: Push and hold [SQL] to listen to weak signals that do not open the squelch. I Key lock function The key lock function prevents accidental frequency changes and function activation. to toggle the function ON and OFF. · " " appears while the lock function is activated. · [POWER], [PTT], [VOL] and [SQL] can be operated regardless of this setting. Push Appears 19 4 BASIC OPERATION USING I Display type INITIAL SET MODE The transceiver has 3 display types to match your operating style. "Frequency Indication" type Displays operating frequency. "Channel Number Indication" type Displays memory channel number. In this type only pre-programmed memory channel numbers are displayed. VFO mode cannot be selected. · When the channel indication type is selected, only the following functions can be performed. 19) - Scan pause timer setting, function key timer setting and LCD backlight setting in SET MODE (p. 49) "Channel Name Indication" type Displays memory channel name you have assigned. VFO mode is selectable. · Programmed frequencies are indicated pre-programmed in the selected memory channel. · Push and hold [SQL] to display the operating frequency. 20 REPEATER OPERATION I General 5 4 5 When using a repeater, the transmit frequency is shifted from the receive frequency by the offset frequency. It is convenient to program repeater information into memory channels. q Set the receive frequency (repeater output frequency). w Push [A·FUNC], then push [4·DUP] several times to select "­" or "+. " · "­" indicates the transmit frequency is shifted down; "+" indicates the transmit frequency is shifted up. · Blinking "­" or "+" indicates the reversed duplex mode is selected in SET MODE (p. e Push [A·FUNC], then push [1·TONE] to activate the subaudible tone encoder, if required. · " " appears · Select the desired subaudible tone frequency, if necessary. · The displayed frequency automatically changes to the transmit frequency (repeater input frequency). y Push and hold [SQL] to check whether the other station's trans- mit signal can be directly received or not. About reversed duplex mode When the reversed duplex mode is selected, the receive frequency shifts. [. . . ] This will cause a cloning error. 57 I Optional UT-108 installation q Remove the optional 13 OPTIONAL UNIT connecter access cover (named 2251 OPT sheet). · Insert a screwdriver into the hollow of the chassis, then lift and take away the cover. NEVER attempt to remove the optional connector cover using your finger nails, this may result in injury. e Remove the paper backing of 2251 OPT sheet supplied as an accessory. [. . . ]


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