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[. . . ] To be really reliable, it contains no sensitive mechanical items such as a hard disk or ventilation fan. if- dspr - Front panel 2 line LCD screen 4 LEDs: Link/Run/Busy/ Power (on front) Ethernet interface 10/100 BT LAN SD memory card slot HP/MIC IF-DSPR Icom France s. a. s. Lin k Ru n Bu s Po y we r Digitalize your communications! if- dspr COM1 SD Card Rotary/ push button RS232 serial port console Reset button HM126RB microphone/speaker connector - Rear panel GSM module antenna 6 radio interfaces (insulated 600 4 wire audio, insulated logic input/output, RS232) Extension connector (8 inputs, 8 non-insulated logic outputs, 2 analogue inputs, 8 optional I/Os GSM Line1 Line2 Bus In Bus Out Radio 6 Radio 5 Radio 4 Radio 3 Radio 2 Radio 1 Option 1 Option 2 Extensions +12Vdc 2 LVDM interfaces (option) 2 analogue telephone line inputs (option) 2 optional module interfaces 12V supply connector 230V supply unit (EMI filter, fuse, switch) The if-dspr is a gateway and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) server for analogue radio equipment. It can remotely control up to six transceivers through a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN : ADSL, RBGAN, SDSL, TRANSFIX ETHERNET. . . ). [. . . ] Several audio codecs available depending on the bandwidth and quality required (ulaw, alaw, GSM, Speex, G726, iLBC, PCM). Simplified integration into computer networks with routers by using a single port (UDP 4569) for signalling and data. 3 Standardized embedded servers: HTTP (Web), FTP (file transfer) and TELNET (administration console). 3 Voice transfer to IP in unicast mode: users can connect to the IF-DSPR from any Internet access point (unlike the multicast transfer mode which requires a VPN connection). Easily deployed on IP networks 3 Display and direct edition of basic system parameters on the front panel of the IF-DSPR (screen and rotary push button). 3 Parameters remote setting, protected by password via web server (graphic interface). 3 Configuration files transferred locally via HyperTerminal (Xmodem) or remotely via FTP server (file server). 3 Technical commands with serial HyperTerminal (local console) or via TELNET server (remote console). VHF transceiver VHF transceiver VHF transceiver VHF transceiver VHF transceiver HF Base VHF transceiver UHF transceiver UHF transceiver VHF transceiver mobile VHF transceiver HF Base Repeater/Base station IF-DSPR Icom France s. a. s. LAN LAN Link Run Busy Powe VHF Base VHF Base UHF Base LAN HP/MIC LAN Link Run Busy Powe r HP/MIC Link Run Busy Powe UHF Base SD Card LAN HP/MIC COM1 SD Card HP/MIC HP/MIC IF-DSPR Icom France s. a. s. r IF-DSPR Icom France s. a. s. r COM1 SD Card COM1 SD Card IF-DSPR IF-DSPR Icom France s. a. s. Link Run Busy Powe r IF-DSPR IF-DSPR COM1 IF-DSPR Icom France s. a. s. Link Run Busy Powe r COM1 SD Card IF-DSPR IF-DSPR LAN Al Analog GSM G gateway Asterisk IP Telephon Telephone IP Telephone Tl h INTERNET Satellite link INMARSAT BGAN INTERNET IP link radio link Analogue telephone IP link Radio link Telephone link IP link Radio link Satellite link Cameleon computerized radio consoles Analogue telephone Integrated maintenance and test functions Real multi-users VoIP radio server 3 Native management of connections to the IAX2 VoIP server: login by user name and MD5 encrypted password (maximum of 10 users). 3 Remote control of transceivers by the multi-channel computer console software "Cameleon" from ICOM France: audio TX/ RX, channel change, selective calls, sending text messages, independent audio levels, etc. 3 Direct interfacing with IAX2 IP telephones 3 IAX2 IP PABX (Asterisk) compatible allowing integration into company telephone networks and use of all types of IP (SIP/ H323) and analogue telephones. 3 Secure connection of telephones to transceivers using an access code (PIN). 3 Voice server to simplify the use of telephones with transceivers (transceivers states, menus, etc. ). 3 Audio conferences: it is possible for all the users (computer consoles or telephones) to listen to selected radio channels (transmission, reception). 3 Self-test functions on switching on the interface. [. . . ] 3 GPS geotracking 3 Multichannels (several transceivers are controlled by the same console). 3 Conferencing (several computerized radio consoles monitor the TX/RX traffic of the same radio channel) Customizable and upgradable 3 Web pages and voice synthesis sound files can be customised by replacing the original files on the SD card. [. . . ]


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