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[. . . ] TELEPHONE INTERFACE CARDS TELEPHONE INTERFACE CARDS TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS IF-IT4#04 (rackable version) 3Size: 200 (L) x 20 (H) x 100 (D) mm ("extended European" format) 3Weight: 110 g 3The IF-IT4#04 card (without the housing) is attached directly to the ICOM relays 3Power supply between 6 and 32 V if- it4 l if- it4bt if- it4 Rackable version if- it4bt Version black box *GSM IF-IT4BT (case version) 3Size: 241 (L) x 60 (H) x 105 (D) mm 3With bracket: 244 (L) x 64 (H) x 109 (D) mm 3Weight: 0. 8 kg (1. 44 kg with packing) 3Connections: 1 x SUB-D 9 female, 1 x SUB-D 9 male, 1 x SUB-D 50 female, 1 x RJ45, 1 x power supply plug, FME base for GSM option 3Power indicator light (LED) and grounding screw 3Power supply from 6 to 32 V Lithium battery *Telemaintenance modem Options : 3Security functions: SECURITY option 3GSM: relay IF-F310/F410RTGSM#04 or case IF-IT4BTGSM#04 3*Telemaintenance: TELEMAINTENANCE option 3 Telephone interface (STN-PABX networks) 3 GSM interface (option) 3 Satellite interface (option) 3 Programmable input/output management 3 Functions dedicated to safety 3 Adapts to every type of analog radio to allow the use of old radio equipment ("black box" version) 3 Programmable digital voice messaging 3 Programming by USB link IF-IT4BT model Accessoires : 3Lightning arrester protection ref. [. . . ] (every character string can be reprogrammed) 3Numbering adapted to various requirements: -Via a table of 2000 numbers -Directly by the extraction of variables, -Transparent with regeneration of the DTMF. 3List of 2000 abbreviated numbers (20 customers with 100 numbers) with the possibility of organizing this list differently. Examples: 5 customers having 400 numbers each or one customer with the 2000 numbers etc 3Management of call transfers (flashing) 3Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for the automatic compensation of audio losses on PTT lines (30 dB dynamic - adjustable) Telephone line status test circuit 3Vocal memory and programmable welcoming message (up to 17 minutes and 252 messages possible) 3Identification of calling party: -DTMF overnumbering -Calling Number Identification circuit 3Detection of "battery faults with voice messages and alarm contacts", 3"Secret" function during telephone communication, 3Possibility of simulating input/output calls to generate events 3Remote relay opening function on "carrier" with CTCSS receiving, 3Recording and reading of voice messages via radio equipment, telephone and PC 3Automatic switchover to interface mode from repeater mode on reception of associated 5-tone code. 3Telemaintenance (as an option) by modem and PC, 3"Real-time" clock with backup by a lithium battery. Specific "SECURITY" functions (optional) PTI functions 3Management of a fleet of 10 PTI mobiles 3Possibility of associating a voice message with each type of alarm (manual alarm, automatic alarm) and for each radio (2 x 10 messages), 3Distribution of alarm messages either by radio or by telephone or both, 3Possibility of triggering up to 4 alarm transmission central units for each type of alarm triggered (automatic/manual) 3Possibility of combining an additional voice message for each alarm central unit, 3Association of an output contact with each central unit, 3Activation ou non de l'impression au fil de l'eau pour chaque type d'alarme 3Automatic or manual management of the various receipts of acknowledgement either directly or via the interface or during acknowledgement of the central unit, either by radio via the relay or by the serial link (Icom protocol), 3Possibility of managing the PTI fleet without the management of the relays (for the alarm central unit only) for use with simple radio equipment (simple bass), 3Possibility of acknowledging the central unit for all the other central units simultaneously by DTMF code encoded on between 1 and 4 figures. Portable charger serial printer Input/output cards Standard mobile TELEPHONE NETWORK IF-IT4BT Positive security ­ Additional functions 3Automatic/manual enrolment/de-enrolment of a PTI mobile in the test group either by a specific selection (manual) or by input contact associated with PTI (automatic ­ detection and portable loader for instance), 3Activation from between 1 and 4 alarm central units for each type of event: -Enrolment of a mobile -De-enrolment of a mobile -Loss of a mobile 3Possibility of combining an additional voice message for each alarm central unit, 3Activation or not of real-time printout of all the events associated with positive safety management. Despatcher mode 3Micro and PTT input 3Audio output for amplified speaker 3Compatible with "Caméléon" computer console via USB or serial port GSM mode (as an option) 3Connection of radio device to telephone network without filar line, 3Rerouting of GSM calls coming in from PMR mobiles (GSM Gateway) 3GSM backup mode (if the STM line is out of order) 3Router for GSM numbering Input/output management (optional cards) 3Possibility of simultaneously managing 64 inputs and 64 outputs 3Each input can be configured separately. Possibility of defining the operating direction, the integration time, and all associating an output with it, etc. 3Possibility of activating an alarm for each input with transmission of selection and/or voice message and transmitting the latter either by radio or by telephone (alarm central units) or by both. [. . . ] 3Applications: possible transmission of voice messages over radio channel (64 maximum) relay type outputs or open collector type transmitter outputs for remote control (64 maximum), etc. And also (Open) repeater equipped with IF-IT4 card (without covers). 3Interphone interfacing 3S232 additional serial port 3TTL serial port 3DSP card 3Radio transponder. [. . . ]


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