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[. . . ] € Connect the extractor to the exhaust flue through a pipe of minimum diameter 120 mm. € Do not connect the extractor hood to exhaust ducts ENGLISH 5 carrying combustion fumes (boilers, fireplaces, etc. € If the extractor is used in conjunction with non-electrical appliances (e. Gas burning appliances), a sufficient degree of aeration must be guaranteed in the room in order to prevent the backflow of exhaust gas. [. . . ] Press the dial and release it so that it pops out of its housing, then turn the dial to select one of the available suction speeds. Lights Motor Speed Adjustment ENGLISH 9 • Switch ON the hood at minimum speed when you start cooking and keep it running for few minutes after cooking is finished. € Increase the speed only in case of large amount of smoke and vapour and use boost speed(s) only in extreme situations. € Replace the charcoal filter(s) when necessary to maintain a good odour reduction efficiency. € Clean the grease filter(s) when necessary to maintain a good grease filter efficiency. € Use the maximum diameter of the ducting system indicated in this manual to optimize efficiency and minimize noise. General hints Care and cleaning Switch off or unplug the appliance from the mains supply before carrying out any maintenance work. IMPORTANT Clean the hood using a damp cloth and a neutral liquid detergent. Long Life Charcoal Filter The anti-odour filter can be washed and regenerated every 3-4 months (or more frequently if the hood is subject to intensive use), up to a Max. Of 8 regeneration cycles (in case of particularly intensive use it is recommended that you do not exceed 5 cycles). Regeneration procedure: • Wash in the dishwasher at a MAX temperature of 70° or hand wash in hot water without using abrasive sponges (do not use detergents!€ Dry in the oven at a MAX temperature of 70° for 2 hours (it is recommended to read carefully the user manual and the assembly instruction of the oven of your own). ENGLISH 10 Grease Filters Clean or replace the filters continuously according to below time intervals, to maintain good performance of the hood and to prevent a potential fire hazard, caused by excessive grease build-up. The grease filters must be cleaned every 2 months of operation, or more frequently for particularly heavy usage, and can be washed in a dishwasher. Replacing the lamps Unscrew the bulbs, by using safety gloves, and replace them with new ones having the same characteristics 4W (Connection type: E14). lamp Power (W) 4 Socket E14 Voltage (V) 220-240 Dimension (mm) 107 x 37 ILCOS Code DRBB/F-4-220240-E14-35/100 ENGLISH 11 What to do if. If there is a fault, first try to find a solution to the problem yourself. If you cannot find a solution to the problem yourself, contact an authorized service center. If you operated the appliance wrongly, or the installation was not carried out according to the Assembly instructions, the visit from the Authorized Service Centre technician may not take place free of charge, even during the warranty period. SOLUTION Follow the Installation instruction enclosed to the appliance. PROBLEM Appliance not stable Appliance is not in horizontal position Performance in terms of oil capture are not satisfying Appliance does not work The light does not work POSSIBLE CAUSE The appliance is not correctly installed The appliance is not correctly installed the cleaning frequency Oil and grease on metal filters or Follow as described in the userof filters charcoal filters. Manual Verify that the main cable is conThe appliance is not correctly nected to the motor group or the connected plug is connected to the socket The LED is broken You can replace the lamp without contact the Authorized Service Centre. [. . . ] The service won’t provide clarifications related to: -- the overall IKEA kitchen installation; -- connections to electricity (if machine comes without plug and cable), to water and to gas since they have to be executed by an authorized service engineer. Ask for clarification on user manual contents and specifications of the IKEA appliance. To ensure that we provide you with the best assistance, please read carefully the Assembly Instructions and/or the User Manual section of this booklet before contacting us. How to reach us if You need our service Always refer to the numbers listed in the booklet of the specific appliance You need an assistance for. [. . . ]


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