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[. . . ] It is advisable to install the oven so that it rests on two strips of wood, or on a completely flat surface with an opening of at least 45 x 560 mm (see diagrams). GB Positioning  Keep packaging material out of the reach of children.  The appliance must be installed by a qualified person in compliance with the instructions provided. Incorrect installation may cause harm to persons, animals or may damage property. [. . . ] You may do the following during cooking: - change the cooking mode by turning the SELECTOR knob.  Should the appliance be equipped with an electronic programmer, to use the electric oven, just press button (the symbol m will appear on the display) before selecting the desired cooking function. Never put objects directly on the oven bottom to avoid damaging the enamel coating. Cooling ventilation In order to cool down the external temperature of the oven, some models are fitted with a cooling fan that blows out air between the control panel and the oven door. Once the cooking has been completed, the cooling fan remains on until the oven has cooled down sufficiently. To set the buzzer, turn the COOKING TIMER knob clockwise almost one complete revolution. Turn the knob anticlockwise to set the desired time: align the minutes shown on the COOKING TIMER knob with the indicator on the control panel. When the selected time has elapsed, a buzzer sounds and the oven turns off.  To use the oven manually, in other words when you do not wish to use the end of cooking timer, turn the COOKING TIMER knob until it reaches the 9 symbol. ) • serial number (S/N) This information is found on the data plate located on the appliance and/or on the packaging. A temperature value can be set for all cooking modes between 60°C and Max, except for • GRILL (recommended: set only to MAX power level); • GRATIN (recommended: do not exceed 200°C). May be displayed by pressing the button Once cooking is completed, the timer will ring; to turn and it off, simply press any button except the buttons. Immediate start for a specified period By programming just the duration (points 1 and 2 of the “Delayed cooking time for specified period” section), cooking will begin immediately. To cancel a cooking schedule already programmed button, and use the button to set the Press the time to: ?GB Button Functions: : Timer with hours and minutes; : cooking time; : end cooking time; : Manual change; : set cooking time (to count down); : set cooking time (to start from zero) After the appliance has been connected to the power supply, or after a power cut, the clock display will automatically reset to 0:00 and begin to blink. • Press the and buttons consecutively and then reset the time (within 4 seconds) using the and buttons. Adjusting the volume of the buzzer After selecting and confirming the clock settings, use the button to adjust the volume of the alarm buzzer. Manual operation of the oven Once the time has been set, the programmer automatically switches to manual mode. Button to restore the manual mode Note: Press the after every “Automatic” cooking session. Delayed cooking time for a specified period The total cooking time as well as the time at which the cooking will finish must be set. Turn the oven control knob to the setting and temperature desired (example: static oven mode at 200°C). (within four seconds) using the Supposing the cooking time is set to 30 minutes, the display will read as follows: How to reset the digital clock then press the manual cooking mode button , . [. . . ] • Always make sure the knobs are in the “l”/“¡” position when the appliance is not in use. Disposal • Observe local environmental standards when disposing packaging material for recycling purposes. • The European Directive 2002/96/EC on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), requires that old household electrical appliances must not be disposed of in the normal unsorted municipal waste stream. Old appliances must be collected separately in order to optimise the recovery and recycling of the materials they contain and reduce the impact on human health and the environment. [. . . ]


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