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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] The cooker is designed specifically for domestic use and responsibility will not be accepted for use in any other installation. When the cooker is first used an odour may be emitted, this will cease after a period of use To help remove the `new' smell, heat up the empty ovens to maximum temperature for a minimum of two or three hours, keeping the oven doors closed. open a window or use an extractor fan) and that persons who may be sensitive to the odour avoid any fumes. It is suggested that any pets be removed from the room until the smell has ceased. This odour is due to temporary finish on oven liners and elements and also any moisture absorbed by the insulation. * The guarantee is subject to the provisions that the appliance: (a) (b) (c) (d) Has been used solely in accordance with the Users Instruction Book. [. . . ] The grill pan must be placed on the correct shelf and positioned centrally under the grill element. For thicker foods requiring longer cooking, turn the switch to a lower setting after the initial sealing on both sides at 6. DO NOT line the grill pan with aluminium foil, as this increases the amount of fat spitting which can cause a fire. After use always return both controls to their OFF (0) position. 13 Operation when using the Top Oven for Grilling A GRILL SETTING CONTROL TIMER Step 1 Step 2 B TOP OVEN TEMPERATURE AND GRILL SELECTION CONTROL Place the oven shelf in the correct position (see Grilling Guide). Locate the grill pan on the oven shelf, centrally under the grill element. Turn knob (B) clockwise to select grill function setting: Set to: For Half Grill (Left hand side only). For Full Grill. Note: As you turn past the end of the oven temperature scale, you will feel resistance on the knob - continue turning clockwise until the grill setting position is selected. Step 3 Turn knob (A) clockwise to select the Grill Setting (min-max). (min = Low, max = High) Grill controls example: = Full Grill function. max max = Maximum Grill setting. NOTE: Do not grill with the grill/top oven door closed. Step 4 After use, turn both controls (A & B) anti-clockwise to their off (q) position. DO NOT allow young children near to the appliance when the grill is in use as the surfaces get extremely hot. 14 Using the Top Oven as a Convection Oven The top oven should be used to cook small quantities of food. The oven is designed so that the grill element operates at a reduced heat output, this is combined with a heating element situated underneath the floor of the oven. To ensure even cooking of the food it is important that cooking utensils are positioned correctly on the oven shelf so that the element is directly above. This will disperse in a few seconds and is a perfectly normal characteristic of an oven with a good door seal. 17 Using the Main Oven for Other Functions FAN ONLY SETTING DEFROSTING FROZEN MEAT & POULTRY Joints of meat and whole birds should be defrosted slowly, preferably in a refrigerator (allowing 5-6 hours per lb. ) or at room temperature (allowing 2-3 hours per lb. ). Frozen meat or poultry must be completely defrosted before cooking in the oven. However, to decrease the amount of time required to defrost food items, a non-heating fan only setting may be selected for the main oven only. OPERATION: TO ASSIST IN DEFROSTING: Place food in the oven and close the oven door. Turn the Multifunction Control (D) clockwise to the setting. This defrosts by circulating the air around the food, time to defrost will depend on type and size of the food. NOTES: DO NOT defrost meat and poultry by warming the food through. Foods ideally suited to defrosting using the fan only setting are cream/cream cakes, butter cream filled cakes, gateaux, cheese cakes, iced cakes, quiches, pastries, biscuits, bread, croissants, fruit and many delicate frozen foods. If fish, meat and poultry are to be defrosted using the fan only setting, where possible it is recommended that the food should be small & thin. The items should be placed so that the maximum amount of surface area is exposed to the circulating air, and that they are turned regularly to ensure even defrosting. Larger cuts of meat and poultry may be defrosted by using the fan only setting up to a maximum weight of 2 kg (4lb 8oz). It is important to wash both meat and poultry and cooking utensils immediately after defrosting and before cooking. Food should be cooked immediately after defrosting. It is very important to strictly adhere to the basic principles of food handling and hygiene to prevent the possibility of bacterial growth. LIGHT ONLY SETTING When the Multifunction Control (D) is turned clockwise to the main oven light only will illuminate. setting, the 18 Temperature Conversion Chart GAS MARK °F 1 TOP MAIN CONVENTIONAL CONVENTIONAL OVEN OVEN °C 120 140 150 160 180 190 200 220 °C 110 130 140 150 170 180 190 210 220 - MAIN FAN OVEN °C 100 120 130 140 160 170 180 200 210 220 /2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 250 275 300 325 350 375 400 425 450 475 Storage and re-heating of food: 1. If food is to be frozen or not used immediately, place it in a clean container and cool as soon as possible. [. . . ] 5 28 Tall Cabinet Ventilation Ventilation Slot required here if cabinet does not fit to ceiling -51mm x 457mm min. area Ventilation Slot required here if the cabinet does fit to the ceiling 51mm x 457mm min. area 50mm Air Gap 50mm Air Gap Ventilation Slot required here 51mm x 457mm min. area 29 Installation 597mm min 890mm Max 870mm Min 720mm min 565mm n mi 570 150mm Min 170mm Max A minimum distance of 25mm should be maintained between the front face of the cabinet side and the front face of the plinth. 30 565mm to top of plinth Something Wrong? Before calling a Service Engineer, please check through the following lists. [. . . ]


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