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[. . . ] Electronic programmer (only available on certain models) - Allows you to programme the desired cooking mode by selecting the cooking time and the end cooking time. It can also be used as a timer. 3 How to use your oven This multi-function oven combines the advantages of traditional convection ovens with those of the more modern fan assisted models in a single appliance. It is an extremely versatile appliance that allows you to choose easily and safely between 5 different cooking modes. The various features offered by the oven are selected by means of selector knob “B” and thermostat “C” situated on the control panel. [. . . ] • if you use your oven for an extended period of time, condensation may form. • there is a rubber seal surrounding the oven opening which guarantees its perfect functioning. If necessary, clean it and avoid using abrasive products or objects to do so. Should it become damaged, please contact your nearest After-sales Service Centre. • never line the oven bottom with aluminium foil, as the consequent accumulation of heat could compromise the cooking and even damage the enamel. • clean the glass door using non-abrasive products or sponges and dry it with a soft cloth. How to remove the oven door For a more thorough clean, you can remove the oven door. Proceed as follows: • open the door fully; • lift up and turn the small levers situated on the two hinges; • grip the door on the two external sides, shut it slowly but not completely; • pull the door towards you, pulling it out of its seat; Reassemble the door by following the above procedures backwards. 1 2 3 Replacing the Oven Lamp • Disconnect the oven from the power supply by means of the omnipolar switch used to connect the appliance to the electrical mains; or unplug the appliance if the plug is accessible; • Remove the glass cover of the lamp-holder; • Remove the lamp and replace with a lamp resistant to high temperatures (300°C) with the following characteristics: - Voltage: 230/240 V - Wattage 25W - Type E14 • Replace the glass cover and reconnect the oven to the mains power supply. 5 Electronic Cooking Programmer The programmer makes it possible to preset the oven and the grill in terms of: • delay start with a preset length of time for cooking; • immediate start with a preset length of time for cooking; • timer. Button functions: H : Timer with hour and minutes; $ : Length of cooking time; % : End cooking time; ( : Manual change; ) : Change time (backwards); * : Change time (forwards). When “auto” is lighted, it indicates that the length and end cooking time have been preset to operate in automatic mode. At this point, the oven will turn on automatically at 12:30 in order to finish the cooking session within 30 minutes. When the oven is on, the m symbol (cooking pot) will appear on the display for the entire length of the cooking process. Preheating If the oven must be preheated (this is generally the case when cooking leavened foods), the “fan assisted” mode b / b can be used to reach the desired temperature as quickly as possible in order to save on energy. Once the food has been placed in the oven, the most appropriate cooking mode can then be selected. Baking Cakes When baking cakes, always place them in a preheated oven. Make sure you wait until the oven has been preheated thoroughly (the red light “E” will turn off). Do not open the oven door during baking to prevent the cake from dropping. In general: Pastry is too dry Increase the temperature by 10°C and reduce the cooking time. Pastry is too dark on top Place it on a lower rack, lower the temperature, and increase the cooking time. Cooked well on the inside but sticky on the outside Use less liquid, lower the temperature, and increase the cooking time. The pastry sticks to the pan Grease the pan well and sprinkle it with a dusting of flour or use greaseproof paper. I used more than one level (in the function "ventilated oven") and they are not all at the same cooking point Use a lower temperature setting. It is not necessary to remove the food from all the racks at the same time. • • • Using the Grill This multi-function oven offers you 2 different grilling modes only and exclusively with the oven door shut. [. . . ] - Cut the power supply cable after disconnecting it from the mains when you decide not to use the appliance any longer. • The manufacturer may not be held responsible for any damage due to: incorrect installation, improper, incorrect and irrational use. The following items are potentially dangerous, and therefore appropriate measures must be taken to prevent children and the disabled from coming into contact with them: - Controls and the appliance in general; - Packaging (bags, polystyrene, nails, etc. ); - The appliance itself, immediately after use of the oven or grill due to the heat generated; - The appliance itself, when no longer in use (potentially dangerous parts must be made safe). Avoid the following: - Touching the appliance with wet parts of the body; - Using the appliance when barefoot; - Pulling on the appliance or the supply cable to unplug it from the electrical outlet; - Improper or dangerous operations; - Obstructing the ventilation or heat dissipation slots; - Allowing power supply cables of small appliances to come into contact with the hot parts of the appliance; - Exposing the appliance to atmospheric agents such as rain, or sunlight; - Using the oven for storage purposes; - Using flammable liquids near the appliance; 10 Instalation The appliance must be installed only by a qualified person in compliance with the instructions provided. The manufacturer declines all responsibility for improper installation which may harm persons and animals and damage property. [. . . ]


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