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[. . . ] Any other use (such as for warming a room) is unsuitable and therefore hazardous. The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by the improper use of the appliance. The use of any electric appliance requires compliance with a few basic safety rules, as follows: • Never touch the appliance with wet or damp hands or feet. • Never try to disconnect the plug from the electrical outlet by pulling on the power supply cord or on the appliance itself. [. . . ] Using this function means that all dishes have the same cooking temperature (you remove each dish once it is cooked). For cooking on two levels for example, the enamel tray should be used to support the dish on tier 1 and the rack on tier 3. : “Pizza” The heaters (oven floor and circular) are used to heat the oven up quickly. Your pizzas and tarts will benefit from stronger bottom heat so as to guarantee that the dough or pastry is cooked through during baking. The fan will give the browning necessary on top to get an appetising result. : “Grill” Only the heater at the top operates; the grill glows red and emits infra-red rays like the rays in sunlight. This is because the intention is not so much to heat the air in the oven chamber as to expose the food directly to the rays. Radiant heat can be adjusted with the temperature selector (do not select a temperature over 270°). : “Fan grill” Only the top heater runs with infra-red output. The fan at the bottom of the oven, by mixing, distributes the heat evenly, so all of the food is cooked at the same time by : - infra-red rays that heat the surface of the preparation, - hot air that cooks in-depth by conduction. This method of cooking is recommended for cooking roasts, red or white meat and poultry. Furthermore, some of them might obstruct the circulation of heat on the oven walls, thus harming the performance of the operation. The accessories can easily be cleaned like regular dishes, even in a dishwasher. Eliminate large spills, in order to avoid any risk of producing fumes or flames. You can choose between: • Immediate start: same procedure as for a cooking operation, • Delayed start: same procedure as for a cooking operation. It can last as long as 75 to 100 minutes depending on how dirty the oven is. indicator light comes on when pyrolysis starts : The either immediately, or at the preset time if you have programmed a delayed start. It comes on when the temperature inside the oven reaches a certain level. The indicator light goes off when the temperature inside the oven has dropped sufficiently. It is then possible to open the door, with the Function Selector still on . If you wish to use the residual heat to start a cooking operation, do not worry about the dust-it is harmless. GB 6 The programmer Programmer knob to display a symbol, turn the knob to select a symbol, press the knob to set the various display, setting the clock and timer, total cooking time and end time Turn the knob for increasing numbers for decreasing numbers Clock : The time of day is always shown also used to temporarily show the end of time of an operation Symbol is used to set the end time for a cooking or pyrolysis operation Symbol is used to set the total cooking or pyrolysis time (duration) Symbol Symbol is used for operating is used to set the clock the audio timer The “24 hour” electronic programmer enables the user to set the duration and end time of a cooking operation for any time within the upcoming 24 hours. • Audio timer: To use the audio signal timer built into your oven, display the (hourglass) symbol by turning and pressing the programmer knob. Cooking without the Programmer (manual mode) When no symbol is lit, the oven is in manual mode. [. . . ] Installation must be carried out by a qualified professional and meet all applicable safety standards. The guarantee for the appliance does not cover any damage caused by improper installation. Proper installation is also required to ensure the users’ safety and a long useful life for the appliance. Appliance meeting CE standards according to directives: DBT 73/23 CEE modified by directive 93/68/ CEE CEM 89/336/CEE There are two ways to connect the oven during installation: - By using an electrical plug, - By using a connection panel. In both cases, refer to the table above for the minimum diameters of the wires and the calibration of the protective components according to the type of connection. [. . . ]


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