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[. . . ] Before calling for service/assistance in the case of malfunction, consult the chapter entitled “Is There a Problem?do not try to repair the problem by trying to access the internal components of the appliance. If damaged, the power supply cord on this appliance must necessarily be replaced by our service centre because special tools are required for replacement. Do not use electric appliances inside the compartment for food storage, if these are not those recommended by the manufacturer. [. . . ] For this operation, please contact your dealer or the Local Organisation in charge of waste disposal. Installation To ensure that the appliance operates properly and to reduce energy consumption, it is important that the appliance is installed correctly. bottom left near the vegetable crisper, corresponds to the mains voltage in your home and that the socket is fitted with a standard earthing wire in accordance with safety standards for 46/90 systems. If the socket is not fitted with an earthing wire, the manufacturer will not be held liability for any damages and or injuries arising out of the use of the appliance. Do not use multiple sockets or adapters. Ventilation The compressor and condenser generate heat and, therefore, need to be ventilated properly. Rooms with less than perfect ventilation are not very suited for installation of the appliance. Therefore, it should be installed in a room with an opening (window or French window) that provide the appropriate amount of air re-circulation. During installation, make sure not to cover or obstruct the grates that allow for proper ventilation of the appliance. Insufficient power? The electrical socket must be able to handle the maximum power load of the appliance, which is indicated on the rating plate located at the bottom left next to the vegetable crisper. Before making the electrical connection . . . After the appliance has been delivered, place it in the vertical upright position and wait at least 3 hours before inserting the plug into the socket in order to ensure that it functions properly. Away from Heat Avoid positioning the appliance in a place where it is directly exposed to sunlight or near an oven, cook top or the like. Level The appliance must be level. If the floor is not level, the adjustable feet located in front can be used to level the appliance. For English Market only The appliance is fitted with a continental 2-èin plug for factory testing. The appliance is designed to be installed in a switched spur outlet fused at 13 Ampere. If the installation requires a 13 Ampere plug type to be fitted it should be conform to BSI 1363. Electrical Connection and Earthing Before proceeding with the electrical connection, make sure that the voltage indicated on the rating plate, located at the 1 GB Electrical connection Your appliance is now supplied with a 13 amp fused plug that can be plugged into a 13 amp socket for immediate use. THE FOLLOWING OPERATIONS SHOULD BE CARRIED OUT BY A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN. Replacing the fuse: When replacing a faulty fuse, a 13 amp ASTA approved fuse to BS 1362 should always be used, and the fuse cover refitted. - Do not store liquids in unsealed containers since this will increase the humidity and lead to the formation of frost in the refrigerator. GB 4 Freezing Foods Properly - For the preparation of food to be frozen, please consult a specialized manual. - Food that has be thawed, even partially, must not be refrozen: you must cook it in order to consume it (within 24 hours) or to freeze it once again. - Fresh foods that you intend to freeze must not be placed in contact with those that are already frozen or those that have been fast-frozen. Rather, they must placed in the freezer compartment, in contact with the walls of the compartment (back or side) if possible. Please keep in mind that proper conservation of frozen foods depends on the speed with which they are frozen. - The maximum daily quantity of food that can be frozen is indicated on the rating plate located to the left of the vegetable crisper. - In order to freeze and then thaw foods optimally, it is recommended that you divide food into small portions so that they freeze quickly and uniformly. The packages should be clearly marked with the content and the date they were frozen. - Do not open the freezer door in the event of a power failure or malfunction. This precaution will slow the rise in temperature within the compartment. If the door is not opened, frozen and fast-frozen foods will remain in their current state for approximately 9-14 hours. [. . . ] If the door is not opened, frozen and fast-frozen foods will remain in their current state for approximately 9-14 hours. - Do not place full bottles in the freezer: they could easily burst because all liquids increase in volume when they freeze. - If the ambient temperature remains below 14°C for an extended period of time, the temperature needed for extended storage of food in the freezer will not be reached, resulting in reduced storage life of the food. Energy Saving Tips - Install the Appliance Correctly This means that the appliance should be installed away from heat sources or direct sunlight in a well ventilated room. - Keep the Door Closed Open the refrigerator only when necessary; remember that every time you open the door most of the cold air will be lost. To bring the temperature back to the proper level, the motor must run for a considerable amount of time, consuming a substantial amount of energy. - Correct Temperature Settings Set the refrigerator temperature knob to one of the middle settings. [. . . ]


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