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[. . . ] 1 INCREASE POWER button switches on the hotplate and controls the power (see Start-up and use). 2 REDUCE POWER button controls the power and switches off the hotplate (see Start-up and use). 3 COOKING ZONE SELECTOR indicator shows a particular cooking zone has been selected and therefore various adjustments are possible. 4 COOKING ZONE SELECTOR button is used to select the desired cooking zone. [. . . ] The installer must ensure that the correct electrical connection has been made and that it is fully compliant with safety regulations. Before connecting the appliance to the power supply, make sure that: • The appliance is earthed and the plug is compliant with the law. € The socket can withstand the maximum power of the appliance, which is indicated on the data plate located on the appliance itself. € The voltage falls within the range of values indicated on the data plate. If the socket is incompatible with the plug, ask an authorised technician to replace it. Once the appliance has been installed, the power supply cable and the electrical socket must be easily accessible. The cable must be checked regularly and replaced by authorised technicians only. The manufacturer declines any liability should these safety measures not be observed. INDESIT does not assume liability for accidents or damage arising from replacement/removal of the original power supply cable. Replacement can only be accepted when carried out by personnel authorised by INDESIT and using an original spare part. 5 4 Switching on the hob To switch the hob on, press and hold the for approximately one second. Button Switching on the cooking zones Each cooking zone is controlled using a selector button and a power adjustment device consisting of a button. Double and • To begin operating a cooking zone, press the corresponding control button and set the desired power level (between 0 and 9) using the buttons and - + . - Heating elements Two types of heating element may be installed, depending on the appliance model: halogen and radiant elements. Halogen elements emit heat via radiation from the halogen lamps they contain. They have similar properties to gas burners: they are easy to control and reach set temperatures quickly, allowing you to see the power level instantly. Radiant elements consist of a series of coils which allow heat to be distributed evenly at the base of the cookware, so that all slow-flame cooking may be performed successfully, for example stews, sauces or reheated dishes. 10 Control panel lock When the hob is switched on, it is possible to lock the oven controls in order to avoid accidental changes being made to the settings (by children, during cleaning, etc. Press the panel: button to lock the control for example, to keep a dish warm or melt butter or chocolate. The display switches off when the cooking zone has cooled sufficiently. GB DO NOT TOUCH THE COOKING ZONE EVEN IF THE DISPLAY SHOWS Overheating protection If the electronic elements overheat, the hob switches appears on the display, off automatically and followed by a flashing number. When the temperature has reached a suitable level, this message disappears and the hob may be used again. [. . . ] Stainless steel frame (only in models with outer frame) Stainless steel can be marked by hard water which has been left on the surface for a long time, or by cleaning products containing phosphorus. After cleaning, it is advisable to rinse the surface well and dry it thoroughly. Some hobs have an aluminium frame which is • It is usually sufficient simply to wash the hob using a damp sponge and dry it with absorbent kitchen towel. € If the hob is particularly dirty, rub it with a special glass ceramic cleaning product, then rinse well and dry thoroughly. [. . . ]


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