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[. . . ] Safety, a good habit to get into CAUTION Please read the instructions in this handbook carefully, as they contain important information about safe installation, operating and servicing. This washer is manufactured in compliance with international safety regulations designed to safeguard the consumer. This appliance is designed to be used indoors and under no circumstances should it be installed outside. This appliance should only be used in a domestic environment by a responsible person to wash household laundry according to the instructions. [. . . ] Load your laundry in the washer, add the detergent and fabric softener and remember to: - shut the door properly - plug the washer in at the mains - turn on the water supply - check that button D is not pressed in (position O) Selecting the programme The table on pages 5 will help you choose the right programme. Set the temperature on dial B and, if necessary, press functions buttons E, F; set ON/OFF button D to position I (ON). To turn off the washer press the ON-OFF button D and wait approximately 3 minutes before opening the door. Once you have removed your clean laundry from the washer, remember to leave the door open or at least ajar (this will prevent the formation of an unpleasant odour) and shut off the water supply. GB 4 Selecting the programmes The description of the wash programme by type of fabric is shown on the detergent dispenser. Type of Fabric & How Dirty HEAVY FABRICS Extremely dirty whites (sheets, tablecloths, etc. ) Very dirty heavy whites and colours Very dirty heavy whites and colours. Fairly dirty heavy whites and colours (coloured underwear, house coats, etc. Whites and delicate colours that are not very dirty (shirts, T-shirts, etc. ) Rinses Softener Spin SYNTHETICS Very dirty heavy synthetic colours (underwear for infants, etc. 5 GB Washing tips Stain removal The most common stains will disappear during the wash. - Your washer features automatic consumption control, this means that you can wash laundry loads from 1 - 5 kg with considerable savings. - Fabric softeners: always use a softener; not only do these perfume and soften your laundry, they also make it easy to iron, saving you time. General maintenance After every wash Leave the door open and wipe the door gasket dry after each wash so that damp or odours do not form. When moving house When you move, all you need to do is secure the inside of the machine with the transit screws (supplied with the packaging of the machine) so that it will not be damaged. Remove the plug Before cleaning or servicing always remove the plug from the socket. Cleaning and special servicing Hose No solvents or abrasive substance You do not need solvents or abrasive substances to clean the outside of the washing-machine and the rubber parts. It should be replaced if any signs of splitting or damage can be seen. The machine is under a lot of strain while operating and this may cause a cracked hose to split open suddenly. Just pull it towards you, as shown in the diagram, and leave it under running water for a few minutes. The drain pump Your washer has a self-cleaning pump and therefore requires no cleaning or mainteannce. removing limescale Water contains increasing amounts of limescale because of pollution. [. . . ] The hose having the red end fitting should be encountered between the hot supply and the threaded connection adjacent to the letter H on the rear of the machine. The hose having the white end fittings should be connected between the cold supply and the threaded connection adjacent to the letter C on the rear of the machine (see fig. Remember to insert a sealing washer at each connection to ensure watertight joints. Do not overtighten the connections by using tools -hand tight is sufficient to prevent leaks. [. . . ]


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