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[. . . ] €¢ WARNING Shock Hazard: Your robot comes with a region approved power supplycord. For replacement cords, please contact Customer Care to ensure proper selection of country specific power supply cord. •  WARNING Shock and Fire Hazard: This product is designed to be plugged into a standard outlet only. For replacement, purchase identical iRobot battery or contact iRobot Customer Care for alternative battery options. [. . . ] 9 EN Roomba® 600 Series Owner’s Guide 1 About your Roomba Top View EN Faceplate Bin Release Button RCON Sensor Handle* RCON Sensor Home Base Light Touch Sensor Charging Contact Points Dust Bin and Filter Buttons & Indicators Scheduling Interface* Troubleshooting Indicator* Battery Indicator* SPOT Button DIRT DETECT Bottom View Cliff Sensor Side Brush Cliff Sensor Right Wheel Module Cleaning Head Module Cliff Sensor Charging Contact Points Removable Caster Wheel Cliff Sensor Left Wheel Module Dirt Detect Indicator* CLEAN/ Power Button DOCK Button Scheduling Interface* *Features and/or location may vary by model 2 For more information, visit www. Com Using your Roomba Positioning the Home Base® Place the Home Base in an open, uncluttered area leaving the following distances around the Home Base: •  t least 1. 5 meters) on each side of the Home Base A •  t least 4 feet (1. 4 meters) from Virtual Wall Barriers A Always keep the Home Base plugged in. €¢  lways store Roomba on the Home Base so it’s charged and ready to A clean when you need it. If storing off of the Home Base, remove the battery first and then store Roomba and the battery in a cool, dry place. Indicator lights will turn off after 60 seconds to conserve energy while Roomba is charging. Check status of the battery by pressing the CLEAN button to illuminate the Battery Indicator or the CLEAN button. Use Instructions • Turn your robot over and remove the battery pull tab. €¢ To fully charge the battery before the first cleaning cycle, allow Roomba to charge on the Home Base for 3 hours. T •  o end the cleaning cycle and put Roomba in standby mode, T press and hold CLEAN until Roomba’s indicators turn off. €¢ To send Roomba back to its Home Base during a cleaning cycle, press DOCK on Roomba. €¢ To use SPOT Cleaning, place Roomba on top of the localized debris and press SPOT on the robot. Roomba will thoroughly clean the area by spiraling outward about 3 feet (1meter) in diameter and then spiraling inward to where it started. Indicator Color Amber Solid green Battery Status Charging Fully charged Setting the Clock (select models) You must set the clock before scheduling Roomba to clean. 2 While holding CLOCK, use the DAY, HOUR, and MINUTE buttons to set the correct time. Roomba will beep to indicate that the Roomba® 600 Series Owner’s Guide 3 Scheduling (select models) EN You can schedule Roomba to clean once per day, up to seven times per week. Accessories The Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier (optional accessory for all models) The Dual Mode Virtual Wall barrier keeps Roomba in the places you want to be cleaned — and out of the ones you don’t. In between cleaning cycles, you can leave the device operating in its position on the floor. You can set your device to one of two modes to fit your home’s cleaning needs: Note: Under normal use, batteries will last 8-10 months. If you are not planning on using your Virtual Wall device for an extended period of time and you would like to store it, be sure to switch it to the “Off ” (middle) position. Virtual Wall Mode: When the switch is in the “up” position ( ), the device functions as a Virtual Wall. [. . . ] EN 4 Wheel Axle Cleaning the Side Brush Use a small screwdriver to remove the screw. Housing Important: A front wheel clogged with hair and debris could result in floor damage. Roomba® 600 Series Owner’s Guide 7 Troubleshooting Problems While Cleaning EN If the battery is low, the Battery Indicator or CLEAN button will illuminate red. If the Roomba encounters an error while cleaning, the Troubleshooting Indicator or CLEAN button will blink and you will hear an audible error message. [. . . ]


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