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[. . . ] Sewing machine for professional use Máquina de coser para uso profesional Machine à coudre à usage professionnel Macchina per cucire per l’uso professionale TL-98P INSTRUCTION MANUAL MANUAL DE INSTRUCCIONES MANUEL D’INSTRUCTIONS MANUALE D’ISTRUZIONI IMPORTANT: Read all safety regulations carefully and understand them before using your sewing machine. €IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS” “When using an electrical appliance, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the following:” “Read all instructions before using this sewing machine. ” “DANGER_____To reduce the risk of electric shock:” 1. €Always unplug this appliance from the electric outlet immediately after using and before cleaning. [. . . ] Pass the thread through the clearance between the two thread tension disks. Thread tension disk Disco tensor del hilo Disque de tension du fil Disco di tensione del filo Pass the thread through the thread guides (9) and (10). 3 17 Automatic needle threader / Enhebrador automático de aguja Enfileur d’aiguille automatique / Infilaago automatico Lower the presser foot and lower needle threader lever. Pass the needle thread from the opposite side to this side, and move the thread on the right-hand side until it comes in contact with the guide. When the finger is taken off, thread is caught in the hook and passed through the needle’s eye. Bring both the needle and the bobbin threads under the presser foot, and draw them uniformly from the far end of the presser foot. 19 Test sewing Cosido de prueba Essai de couture Cucitura di prova CAUTION: Do not place anything on the controller which is set to the sewing machine. If you start sewing while the thread take-up is engaged in its ascending motion, the needle thread may slip out of the needle’s eye. Place the material under the presser foot, and lower the presser foot. 1 Turn the handwheel toward you or press the needle up/down switch to drop the needle on the material. When the sewing is finished, stop the sewing machine and actuate the thread trimmer. Press the automatic thread trimming switch or depress the thread trimming foot switch. When actuating the automatic thread trimmer, the needle will stop in its highest position after trimming. (If you use a thread as thick as count #20 or more or a special-kind of thread, manually cut the thread using a pair of scissors. ) * After the thread trimming, you can re-start sewing even if the bobbin thread does not appear on the throat plate. 5 Reverse feed stitch (lock stitch) Pespunte de transporte invertido (puntada de parada) Exécution de points arrière (points d’arrêt) Affrancatura (punto annodato) Push down the reverse feed stitch lever to sew reverse stitches over the forward stitches for about 1cm. Bobbin thread Hilo de bobina Fil de bobina Filo della bobina 22 Tabulated relationship between material, thread and needle Material Nylon Cupro LightGeorgette weight materials Smooth Tricot Broadcloth Gingham Thread Needle (HAx1) No. 14-18 Filo sintetico #50 Filato di seta #50 Filo sintetico #20-#30 23 Topstitching With this sewing machine, you can make beautiful topstitches with stitch length up to 6mm. You can use various threads ranging from the standard runstitching thread to #8 topstitching thread. Change the needle according to the thread used (see the table at right). With the flat face of the new needle facing to the right, insert the new needle into the needle bar until it can go no further. Figure as observed from the front Figura vista desde la parte frontal Figure vue depuis l’avant Figura vista dal davanti Tightens Se aprieta Serrage Serra Modo de colocar la aguja 1. [. . . ] Put the plate on the needle clamp screw, insert the installing portion into the presser bar, and securely tighten the screw in the presser foot. Needle clamp screw Tornillo sujetador de aguja Vis du pince-aiguille Vite di presa dell’ago 1 Plate Placa Plaque Piastra Presser bar Barra prensadora Barre de presseur Barra del pressore Screw in the presser foot Atornillar el pie prensatelas Vis du pied presseur Vite nel piedino premistoffa Position Feed Dog in lower position. Rotate presser foot pressure regulator until green bar in pressure indication window is at top. 2 mm) 28 CAUTION: Be sure turn OFF the power to the sewing machine and disconnect the plug from the wall outlet when cleaning or lubricating the sewing machine. [. . . ]


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