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[. . . ] Notice: The sign “Pb” below the symbol for batteries indicates that this battery contains lead. Indd ii Data Size: Book Size: B6L (182 mm x 128 mm) B6L (182 mm x 128 mm) 30/7/2015 3:50:32 PM CONTENTS BEFORE USE BASICS GETTING STARTED 1 Cancel the demonstration 2 Set the clock 3 Set the basic settings BEFORE USE 2 3 4 IMPORTANT • To ensure proper use, please read through this manual before using this product. It is especially important that you read and observe Warning and Caution in this manual. € Please keep the manual in a safe and accessible place for future reference. [. . . ] ON: Automatically searches for another station broadcasting the same program in the same Radio Data System network with better reception when the current reception is poor. ON: Allows the unit to temporarily switch to Traffic Information if available (“TI” lights up). If there is a station broadcasting a program of the same PTY code as you have selected, that station is tuned in. AUX Use a portable audio player 1 Connect a portable audio player (commercially available). 5 mm stereo mini plug with “L” shaped connector (commercially available) IF BAND MONO NEWS-STBY*2 REGIONAL*2 AF SET*2 Auxiliary input jack Portable audio player 2 Select [ON] for [AUX] in [SRC SELECT]. tI SET*2 PTY SEARCH*2 Use a Bluetooth® device 1 Connect the Bluetooth adapter , KS-BTA100 (separately purchased). Wiring harness of the unit (  17) Blue/white: Remote Black: Ground Brown: Tel muting Blue/white Black Brown PTY code: NEWS, AFFAIRS, INFO, SPORT, EDUCATE, DRAMA, CULTURE, SCIENCE, VARIED, POP M (music), ROCK M (music), EASY M (music), LIGHT M (music), CLASSICS, OTHER M (music), WEATHER, FINANCE, CHILDREN, SOCIAL, RELIGION, PHONE IN, TRAVEL, LEISURE, JAZZ, COUNTRY, NATION M (music), OLDIES, FOLK M (music), DOCUMENT *2 Only for FM source. Auxiliary input jack Register (pair) the Bluetooth device with KS-BTA100. ) FLAT (default) / HARD ROCK / HIP HOP / JAZZ / POP / R&B / TALK / USER / VOCAL BOOST / BASS BOOST / CLASSICAL / DANCE Adjust your own sound settings. Preset equalizer: FLAT (default), HARD ROCK, HIP HOP, JAZZ, POP, R&B, TALK, USER, VOCAL BOOST, BASS BOOST, CLASSICAL, DANCE EASY EQ PRO EQ Store your own sound settings to enter EASY EQ setting. 1 Press and hold 2 Turn the volume knob to select an item, then press the knob. 2 Turn the volume knob to select an item (see the following table), then press the knob. 3 Repeat step 2 until the desired item is selected/activated or follow the instructions stated on the selected item. (   [BRIGHTNESS]) DIMMER TIME: Set the dimmer on and off time. € The maximum number of characters for: - Folder names: 64 characters - File names: 64 characters - MP3 Tag: 64 characters - WMA Tag: 64 characters - WAV Tag: 64 characters - FLAC Tag: 64 characters More information Visit also the following website <http://www. Net/cs/car/> for: – Latest firmware updates and latest compatible item list – Android™ application JVC MUSIC PLAY – Any other latest information About discs and audio files • This unit can only play the following CDs: • This unit can play back multi-session discs; however, unclosed sessions will be skipped during playback. 12 Data Size: Book Size: B6L (182 mm x 128 mm) B6L (182 mm x 128 mm) JS_JVC_KD_R671_E_EN_6. Indd 12 30/7/2015 4:01:46 PM REFERENCES • This unit can recognize a total of 15 000 files, 500 folders (999 files per folder including folder without unsupported files), and of 8 hierarchies. € This unit cannot recognize a USB device whose rating is other than 5 V and exceeds 1 A. About iPod/iPhone Made for - iPod touch (2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation) - iPod classic - iPod nano (3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th generation) - iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 Plus • It is not possible to browse video files on the “Videos” menu in [HEAD MODE]. € The song order displayed on the selection menu of this unit may differ from that of the iPod/ iPhone. 1 and above) may not fully support Android Open Accessory (AOA) 2. [. . . ] (  17) Caution • For safety’s sake, leave wiring and mounting to professionals. Do not touch the metal parts of this unit during and shortly after use of the unit. € Do not connect the wires of speakers to the car chassis or Ground wire (black), or connect them in parallel. If the maximum power of the speakers is lower than 50 W, change the [AMP GAIN] setting to avoid damaging the speakers. [. . . ]


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