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Manual abstract: user guide KARCHER INJECTEUR / EXTRACTEUR SE6100

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] € With the relevant accessories (in the scope of delivery) it can also be used as a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner. Safety instructions Apart from the notes contained herein the general safety provisions and rules for the prevention of accidents of the legislator must be observed. Any use of the machine in contravention with the following instructions will lead to warranty claims being rendered void. € Do not pull the plug from the socket by pulling on the connecting cable. [. . . ] Never vacuum up the following materials: – Explosive or combustible gases, liquids and dust particles (reactive dust particles) – Reactive metal dust particles (such as aluminium, magnesium, zinc) in combination with highly alkaline or acidic detergents – Undiluted, strong acids and alkalies – Organic solvents (such as petrol, paint thinners, acetone, heating oil). € In addition, these substances may cause the appliance materials to corrode. EN – 7 Symbols in the operating instructions ƽ DANGER Immediate danger that can cause severe injury or even death. WARNING Possible hazardous situation that could lead to severe injury or even death. CAUTION Possible hazardous situation that could lead to mild injury to persons or damage to property. ATTENTION Pointer to a possibly dangerous situation, which can lead to property damage. When unpacking the product, make sure that no accessories are missing and that none of the package contents have been damaged. 5 m 23 Washing nozzle for carpet cleaning, with hard floor attachment 24 Washer nozzle for cleaning upholstery 25 Carpet cleaner RM 519 (100 ml) Additional vacuuming accessories 26 Attachment for wet/dry vacuuming 27 Switchable floor nozzle for carpets and hard floors 28 Crevice nozzle 29 Upholstery nozzle 30 Filter bag * already installed in the appliance Operation Before Startup Illustration  Turn both releases in the direction of the arrow, remove the appliance head and take accessories out of the container. Note: Press the suction hose tightly into the connection so that it locks into place. Illustration  Connect the spray/suction pipes and attach to the handle. σ Attach the washing nozzle to the spray suction pipes and secure it by means of the locking lever. EN – 8 15 Wet cleaning carpets/hard floors/upholstery ATTENTION Check the object to be cleaned prior to using the appliance in an inconspicuous place for colour fastness and water resistance. Do not clean water-sensitive floor coverings such as wood floors (the moisture could penetrate and damage the floor). Avoid dry runs as well as unnecessary pressure buildup (dynamic pressure) as much as possible. If there is a risk of overheating, the thermal protection switch shuts off the detergent pump. Fill the fresh water reservoir Illustration You can remove the water reservoir to fill it. Add 100 - 200 ml of the carpet cleaner RM 519 (volume depends on degree of soiling) into the fresh water tank, top up with tap water, do not overfill (observe MAX marking). wet cleaning of carpeted floors  Use washing nozzle for carpet cleaning. σ Slide the hard floor attachment onto the washing nozzle from the side. The squeegee points towards the front, the brush strip towards the back. wet cleaning of upholstery  Use washing nozzle for upholstery cleaning. Illustration  Close fully the surrounding air separator at the handle. [. . . ] Figure :  Monage des roues et roulettes de guidage Figure :  Montage du support pour les accessoires. € Børn skal være under opsyn for at sørge for, at de ikke leger med maskinen. Figur 1 Beholder 2 Tilslutning, sprøjteslange 3 Åbnetaste filterspjæld 4 Støvsugertilslutning, vaskesuger 5 Rengøring af filter 6 Maskinens hoved 7 Bæregreb 8 Tast for sugning 9 Tast til sprøjtning 10 Kabel- og slangekroge 11 Opsugning for sprøjte-sugerør 12 Beholderåbning 13 Fladt foldefilter * 14 Snavsevandsbeholder, udtageligt * 15 Friskvandsbeholder, udtageligt * 16 Sprøjte-sugeslange 17 Håndtag 18 Sideluftskyder 19 Sprøjtehåndtag 20 Fikseringsknap for sprøjtehåndtaget 21 Spærrehåndtag 22 Sprøjte-sugerør 2 x 0, 5 m 23 Vaskedyse til rengøring af gulvtæpper, med tilbehør til hårde gulve 24 Vaskedyse til rensning af polstre 25 Tæpperensemiddel RM 519 (100 ml) Ekstra sugetilbehør 26 Adapter til våd-/tørsugning 27 Omskiftelig gulvdyse til tæpper og hårde gulve 28 Fugemundstykke 29 Polstermundstykke 30 Filterpose * allerede sat ind i maskinen Bemærk: Tryk sugeslangen fast ind i tilslutningen til den går i hak. En skadet strømledning må skiftes ut umiddel- Generelle merknader Kjære kunde, Før første gangs bruk av apparatet, les denne originale bruksanvisningen, følg den og oppbevar den for senere bruk eller for overlevering til neste eier. [. . . ]


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