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[. . . ] CAUTION Pointer to a possibly dangerous situation, which can lead to minor injuries. EN – 1  Do not charge the battery pack for longer than 24 hours, continuously. ρ Do not insert conductive objects (such as screwdrivers or the like) into the charging socket. ρ You may recharge the battery using only the original charger provided with the appliance or a charger approved by KÄRCHER. [. . . ] Engine washes, underbody washes, may only be carried out using washing stations equipped with an oil separator. The extraction of water from public waters is prohibited in some countries. EN – 3 13 Description of the Appliance These operating instructions describe the maximum equipment. Depending on the model, there are differences in the scopes of delivery (see packaging). See fold-out page 4 for illustrations 1 Trigger gun 2 Water reservoir 3 Water reservoir cover 4 Carry handle for water reservoir 5 Valve opener 6 Fine filter 7 Storage compartment for small parts 8 Carrying handle of the appliance 9 Power switch 10 Charging box 11 Battery charge indicator 12 Charger 13 Flat jet nozzle 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 * Optional accessories Conical jet nozzle - for gentle cleaning Universal brush Micro fibre cloth Viscous cloth Fur cleaning brush Accessories box Suction hose Suction hose connection Water filter Locking flap Start up  Park the appliance on an even surface. Charge the battery Illustration Note: During the charging process, the charge/operating display blinks. once the battery is fully charged , it will be permanently illuminated. Water supply ATTENTION Contamination in the water can damage the pump and the accessories. Water supply from integrated water reservoir ATTENTION Do not fill with detergents, pesticides or other additives!Illustrations Drawing in water from open reservoirs Illustrations  Pull the water reservoir straight up. σ Remove the valve opener and fine filter using the suction hose connection or a suitable pair of pliers. σ Insert the suction hose connection into the device in place of the fine filter and fix by turning it 90°. σ Hang the suction hose with the integrated filter into the water source (e. ATTENTION Store the valve opener and the fine filter safely in the storage compartment and insert them again prior to use with the water reservoir. Battery discharged - device switches itself off and cannot be switched back on. malfunction: Motor circuit breaker has tripped (See "Troubleshooting"). Operation ATTENTION Dry running of more than 2 minutes leads to damage to the pump. If the device does not build up pressure within 2 minutes, switch the device off and proceed in accordance with the instructions in the chapter "Troubleshooting". Illustration The operating time with the battery fully charged is about 15 minutes. 2 minutes before the operating time ends, the charge level indicator will start to flash. Scope of delivery The scope of delivery of the device is illustrated on the packaging. In the event of missing accessories or any transport damage, please contact your dealer. [. . . ] σ Sluk for renseren  Tænd for maskinen, og tag den i brug igen. Forskriftsmessig bruk Denne lavtrykksvaskeren skal utelukkende brukes til private formål: – for rengjøring av maskiner, biler, verktøy, fasader, terrasser, hageutstyr, husdyr etc. Illustrasjoner se utfoldingsside 4 1 Høytrykkspistol 2 Vanntank 3 Lokk til vanntanken 4 Bærehåndtak for vantank 5 Ventilåpner 6 Finfilter 7 Oppbevaringsrom for smådeler 8 Bærehåndtakt til apparatet 9 Apparatbryter 10 Ladekontakt 11 Ladetilstandsindikator 12 Batterilader 13 Flatstråledyse * Ekstra tilbehør 14 Dyse for kjegleformet stråle - for skånsom rengjøring 15 Universalbørste 16 Mikrofiberklut 17 Viskoseklut 18 Rengjøringsbørste til pels 19 Tilbehørsboks 20 Sugeslange 21 Sugeslangetilkobling 22 Vannfilter 23 Luke Ta i bruk  Sett maskinen på en jevn flate. Drift med universalbørste OBS Fare for lakkskader Ved arbeid med universalbørsten må du sjekke at børsten er fri for smuss og andre partikler. [. . . ]


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