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[. . . ] Do not let the cord hang over the edge of the table or work surface, or touch hot surfaces. This appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without supervision. The mini oven should not be used near or below curtains and other combustible materials. Always ensure that there is adequate ventilation around the oven during operation. [. . . ] Setting 2: ventilated pastry The bottom heating element operates continuously on full power and the fan is on to distribute the heat evenly. The Quartz element can be switched on by turning the temperature control to the required temperature (see cooking charts) during the last 10minutes of cooking to brown, crisp or grill the top of the food. Setting 3: turbo quartz Both the bottom heating element and Quartz tubes are on and the fan distributes the heat evenly. The Quartz technology enables the oven to reach a temperature of 250°C in less than 5 minutes. no preheating is required and the power consumption is greatly reduced. The taste and nutritional qualities of the food is retained with this method of cooking. Indicator light ቪ G The light will come on when the oven is switched on and will go out when the temperature set is reached. temperature control ቫ G The temperature control has 10 positions that can be selected. G WARNING: The temperatures for each position will differ depending on the method of cooking selected as follows:Position 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Turbo Quartz 125°C 145°C 160°C 175°C 190°C 205°C 220°C 240°C 250°C 275°C Convection 105°C 120°C 140°C 155°C 170°C 185°C 195°C 210°C 225°C 245°C G G G G G G programmable timer (OV351 only) ቭ The delayed start timer can be set up to a maximum of 12 hours. g timer ቮ G The cooking timer can be set up to a maximum of 120minutes. 3 using your Kenwood Turbo Quartz oven selecting the cooking modes G G G G Set the cooking time required using the timer. Programmable timer (OV351 only) Do not use the programmable timer with the grill or spit roast functions. Do not use this for perishable food such as meat, poultry, fish or seafood. To use the programmable timer first set the required cooking mode, temperature and cooking time as explained in the previous section. For Example: if you wish to set the oven up at 11am to cook a dish that takes 1 hour to be ready at 2pm. The timer then needs to be set to position 2 (2 hours), this is the difference between the time when you set the timer and the time that you need the oven to come on (1pm) for the dish to be ready at 2pm. The oven will automatically switch off when the timer reaches “0”. For defrosting and keeping food warm turn the temperature control to position 1. Refer to the cooking tables for the times and temperatures to use for individual recipes. The temperature control should be set to “0” unless the top Quartz tubes are required as well to brown, grill or crisp the top of the food. [. . . ] oven shelves , tray & spit Wash immediately after use in hot soapy water. Service G G G G G If the cord is damaged it must, for safety reasons, be replaced by Kenwood or an authorised Kenwood repairer. For any repairs in or out of guarantee, servicing or selected spare parts contact the dealer from whom you purchased your appliance. If none of the above check the fuse/circuit breaker for your installation The oven gives off too much smoke? [. . . ]


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