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[. . . ] What Do You Want To Do? DNX649VBT INSTRUCTION MANUAL GPS NAVIGATION SYSTEM Thank you for purchasing the KENWOOD GPS NAVIGATION SYSTEM. In this manual, you will learn various convenient functions of the system. Click the icon of the media you want to play. With one-click, you can jump to the section of each media! iPod Before reading this manual, click the button below to check the latest edition and the modified pages. USB VCD Tuner Check the latest edition Disc Media Music CD DVD VIDEO © 2012 JVC KENWOOD Corporation 12DNXMid_IM356_Ref_R_En_01 (R) 1 Contents Before Use How To Read This Manual Basic Operations 4 5 6 Setting Up 54 Monitor Screen Setup________________ 54 System Setup_______________________ 55 Display Setup_______________________ 58 Navigation Setup____________________ 60 Camera Setup_______________________ 61 Software Information_________________ 61 AV Input Setup______________________ 62 AV Output Interface Setup_____________ 62 Remote Controller 70 Troubleshooting 74 Problems And Solutions_______________ 74 Error Messages______________________ 75 Resetting The Unit___________________ 77 Battery Installation___________________ 70 Functions Of The Remote Controller Buttons___________ 71 Appendix 78 Playable Media And Files______________ 78 Status Bar Indicator Items_____________ 81 Region Codes In The World____________ 83 DVD Language Codes________________ 84 Specifications_______________________ 85 About This Unit______________________ 87 Functions Of The Buttons On The Front Panel_________________ 6 Turning On The Unit__________________ 8 How To Play Media___________________ 10 Detaching The Front Panel_____________ 11 Operating With The Top Menu Screen____ 12 Common Operations_________________ 14 Navigation Operation_________________ 16 Controlling Audio 64 Setting Audio_______________________ 64 Controlling General Audio_____________ 66 Equalizer Control____________________ 67 Zone Control________________________ 68 DVD/Video CD (VCD) Operation 18 DVD/VCD Basic Operation_____________ 18 DVD Disc Menu Operation_____________ 21 Zoom Control For DVD And VCD________ 22 DVD Setup_________________________ 23 CD/Audio And Visual Files/ iPod Operation 26 Music/Video/Picture Basic Operation____ 26 Search Operation____________________ 32 Movie Control_______________________ 37 USB/iPod/DivX Setup_________________ 38 Radio Operation 40 Radio Basic Operation________________ 40 Memory Operation___________________ 42 Selecting Operation__________________ 42 Traffic Information___________________ 43 Bluetooth Control 44 Registering And Connecting Bluetooth Unit_____________________ 44 Using Hands-Free Unit________________ 46 Bluetooth Setup_____________________ 48 Hands-Free Control__________________ 49 2 3 Return to the Top page Before Use Return to the Top page How To Read This Manual Before Use 2 WARNING To prevent injury or fire, take the following precautions: • To prevent a short circuit, never put or leave any metallic objects (such as coins or metal tools) inside the unit. • Do not watch or fix your eyes on the unit’s display when you are driving for any extended period. • If you experience problems during installation, consult your Kenwood dealer. How To Read This Manual Lens fogging When you turn on the car heater in cold weather, dew or condensation may form on the lens in the disc player of the unit. [. . . ] • Registering the Bluetooth Unit (P. 45) • Connecting the Bluetooth unit (P. 45) Enter PIN code and touch [Enter]. The entered code is recognized and Searched Device List screen appears again. The Connection Device List screen appears. NOTE • Touching [Remove] removes registration information. • To disconnect the device, perform above procedures again. 4 NOTE • Registering operation can be performed from the Bluetooth unit. See Registering Bluetooth unit PIN code (P. 48). 44 45 Return to the Top page Bluetooth Operation Return to the Top page Bluetooth Operation Using Hands-Free Unit You can use telephone function by connecting the Bluetooth telephone to this unit. Making a call Call using the preset number 1  ouch [Preset #] to start calling the T corresponding phone number. Y *1  ou can sort the list to begin with touched character. Receiving a call 1 Press the <TEL> button. 1 Touch [ ] to answer a phone call or [   ] to reject an incoming call. Downloading the phonebook If you want to use your phonebook data, it is necessary to download the data from the cell-phone to this unit in advance. 1 2 Operate the cell-phone to send the phonebook data to this unit. Hands Free screen appears. NOTE • If your cell-phone supports auto-download of phonebook but not downloaded automatically, follow the procedure above to download manually. • See the instruction manual of your cell-phone for the operation. • Up to 600 phone numbers can be registered for each registered cell-phone. • Up to 32 digits can be registered for each phone number along with up to 50 characters representing a name. Fewer characters can be input depending on the type of characters. ) • Depending on the type of your cell-phone, the following restrictions are placed; • The phonebook data cannot be downloaded normally. • To cancel downloading the phonebook data, operate the cell-phone. 2 Select a dialing method. • During search, a non-accent character such as “u” is searched for instead of an accent character such as “ü”. *2  ou can set the list to arrange in the order Y of last name or first name. NOTE See the following table for each method. NOTE • While monitoring the camera view, this screen does not appear even if a call comes in. To display this screen, press the <TEL> button or return the shift knob of car to the driver position. Operations during a call Adjust the receiver volume Turn the volume knob. Call by entering a phone number 1 Touch [Direct Number]. 3 Touch [ Call using call records 1  ouch [Incoming Calls], [Outgoing Calls], or T [Missed Calls]. 2 Select the name from the list. *1*2 3 Select the number from the list. 4 Touch [ ]. • While your car is moving, some functions are disabled for safety reasons. The keys associated with the disabled functions become ineffective if touched. • The status icons such as battery and antenna displayed may differ from those displayed on the cell-phone. • Setting the cell-phone in the private mode can disable the hands-free function. Switch the voice output Touch [ ] to switch the voice output between phone and speaker. [. . . ] CRSC The CRSC (P. 41) function is on. 32 Indicates the number of subtitled languages recorded. Up to 32 languages can be recorded. ■■Discs with limited period of use Do not leave discs with a limited period of use in this unit. If you load an already expired disc, you may not be able to remove it from this unit. 9 If a DVD disc has scenes shot from multiple angles, you can select a favorite angle. 16:9 LB Indicates the type of screen for the image. The left mark indicates that a wide image picture (16:9) is displayed on a standard TV set screen (4:3) with a black band at both the top and bottom of the screen (letter box). 82 83 Return to the Top page Appendix Return to the Top page Appendix DVD Language Codes Code aa ab af am ar as ay az ba be bg bh bi bn bo br ca co cs cy da de dz el en eo es et eu fa fi fj fo fr fy ga gd gl gn gu ha he hi hr hu hy Language Afar Abkhazian Afrikaans Amharic Arabic Assamese Aymara Azerbaijani Bashkir Byelorussian Bulgarian Bihari Bislama Bengali, Bangla Tibetan Breton Catalan Corsican Czech Welsh Danish German Bhutani Greek English Esperanto Spanish Estonian Basque Persian Finnish Fiji Faroese French Frisian Irish Scots Gaelic Galician Guarani Gujarati Hausa Hebrew Hindi Croatian Hungarian Armenian Code ia ie ik id is it ja jv ka kk kl km kn ko ks ku ky la lb ln lo lt lv mg mi mk ml mn mo mr ms mt my na ne nl no oc om or pa pl ps pt qu rm Language Interlingua Interlingue Inupiak Indonesian Icelandic Italian Japanese Javanese Georgian Kazakh Greenlandic Cambodian Kannada Korean Kashmiri Kurdish Kirghiz Latin Luxembourgish Lingala Laotian Lithuanian Latvian, Lettish Malagasy Maori Macedonian Malayalam Mongolian Moldavian Marathi Malay Maltese Burmese Nauru Nepali Dutch Norwegian Occitan (Afan) Oromo Oriya Punjabi Polish Pashto, Pushto Portuguese Quechua Rhaeto-Romance Code rn ro ru rw sa sd sg sh si sk sl sm sn so sq sr ss st su sv sw ta te tg th ti tk tl tn to tr ts tt tw uk ur uz vi vo wo xh yo zh zu Language Kirundi Romanian Russian Kinyarwanda Sanskrit Sindhi Sangho Serbo-Croatian Singhalese Slovak Slovenian Samoan Shona Somali Albanian Serbian Siswati Sesotho Sundanese Swedish Swahili Tamil Telugu Tajik Thai Tigrinya Turkmen Tagalog Setswana Tongan Turkish Tsonga Tatar Twi Ukrainian Urdu Uzbek Vietnamese Volapuk Wolof Xhosa Yoruba Chinese Zulu Specifications ■■Monitor section Picture Size : 6. 95 inches (diagonal) wide :156. 6 mm (W) x 81. 6 mm (H) Display System : Transparent TN LCD panel Drive System : TFT active matrix system Number of Pixels : 1, 152, 000 (800H x 480V x RGB) Effective Pixels : 99. 99 % Pixel Arrangement : RGB striped arrangement Back Lighting : LED ■■USB interface section USB Standard : USB 2. 0 High speed File System : FAT 16/ 32 Maximum Power Supply Current : DC 5 V 1 A D/A Converter : 24 Bit Audio Decoder : MP3/ WMA/ AAC/ WAV Video Decoder : MPEG1/ MPEG2/ MPEG4/ WMV/ H. 264 ■■Bluetooth section Technology : Bluetooth 2. 0 +EDR Frequency : 2. 402 – 2. 480 GHz Output Power : +4dBm (MAX), 0dBm (AVE), Power Class2 Maximum Communication Range : Line of sight approx. 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