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[. . . ] DNX7540BT GPS NAVIGATION INSTRUCTION MANUAL ІНСТРУКЦІЯ З КОРИСТУВАННЯ GPS-НАВІГАТОРОМ РУКОВОДСТВО ПО ЭКСПЛУАТАЦИИ НАВИГАЦИОННОЙ СИСТЕМЫ GPS GPS NAVIGATION SYSTEM © B64-4525-00 190-00969-92_0B. indb 1 8/3/2009 11:10:57 AM Contents Safety Precautions and Important Information Getting Started 4 6 Using the Navigation System Help When You Need It 6 6 Find It and Go! Finding a Restaurant Following Your Route Adding a Via Point Taking a Detour Stopping the Route 7 7 8 8 8 8 Favorites Saving Places You Find Saving Your Current Location Setting a Home Location Finding Saved Places Editing Saved Places Deleting a Favorite 11 11 11 12 12 12 12 Where To? Searching Near Another Location Go!Page Options Finding an Address Finding a Place by Spelling the Name Using the On-Screen Keyboard Finding Places in a Different Area Narrowing Your Search 9 9 9 9 10 10 10 9 The Main Pages Viewing the Map Page Trip Computer Turn List Page Next Turn Page GPS Info Page 13 13 13 14 14 14 Creating and Editing Routes Creating a New Custom Route Editing Custom Routes Saving and Modifying the Active Route Navigating a Saved Route Deleting All Saved Routes Stopping Your Route Adding a Detour to a Route 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15  GPS Navigation System Instruction Manual 190-00969-92_0B. indb 2 8/3/2009 11:10:58 AM Customizing the Settings Customizing the Navigation System Changing the System Settings Changing the Map Settings Changing the Navigation Settings Adjusting the Display Settings Updating the Time Settings Setting the Languages Adding Security 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 Appendix Updating the Software Updating the Map Data Custom POIs (Points of Interest) 17 17 17 18 Icons Used in This Manual Important precautions are described to prevent injuries etc. Special instructions, supplementary explanations, limitations, and reference pages are described. Manual Conventions When you are instructed to “touch” something, use your finger to touch an item on the screen. The small arrows (>) used in the text indicate that you should touch a series of items. > Favorites” you should touch Where To?, and then touch Favorites. English  190-00969-92_0B. indb 3 8/3/2009 11:10:58 AM Safety Precautions and Important Information Read this information carefully before starting to operate the Kenwood Car Navigation System and follow the instructions in this manual. [. . . ] .  GPS Navigation System Instruction Manual 190-00969-92_0B. indb 8 8/3/2009 11:11:01 AM Where To? The Where To?page provides several different categories you can use to search for locations. Searching Near Another Location Your navigation system automatically searches for places near your current location. 2 Select an option: • Where I Am Now—search near your current location. • My Destination—search near your current destination. Finding an Address The steps to find an address can vary depending on the maps that are loaded on your navigation system. 4 Enter the number of the address, and touch Done. 3 Touch OK. Go!page. ➊ ➋ ➌ ➍ ➎ 5 Enter the street name, and touch Done. 7 Touch the address, if necessary. ➊ Touch to call this location, if a mobile phone with Bluetooth wireless technology is connected. ➎ Touch Press for more to view more information about the location. Finding a Place by Spelling the Name If you know the name of the location you are looking for, you can spell it using the on-screen keyboard. You can also enter letters contained in the name to narrow the search. Your saved locations are listed. Editing Saved Places 1 Touch Where To?4 Touch the item you want to edit. • Change Name—enter a new name for the location using the on-screen keyboard. • Change Phone Number—enter a phone number, and touch Done. • Change Categories—create or change the category in which this location is saved. • Delete—touch Yes to remove this item from the Favorites list. 12 GPS Navigation System Instruction Manual 190-00969-92_0B. indb 12 8/3/2009 11:11:03 AM The Main Pages This section provides details about the Map Page, the Trip Computer, the Turn List, and the GPS Info Page. Viewing the Map Page Touch View Map to open the map. Touch an area of the map to see additional information, as shown below. The vehicle icon shows your current location. Trip Computer The Trip Computer displays your current speed and provides helpful statistics about your trip. To view the Trip Computer, touch the Speed field on the Map page. ➊ ➎ ➐ ➏ ➋ ➌ ➍ Resetting Trip Information If you want accurate trip information, reset the trip information before beginning a trip. Touch Reset to reset the information on the Trip Computer page. ➊ Distance to the next turn. Touch to view and hear next turn details. ➋ While navigating a route, touch the text bar to open the Turn List. ➏ Touch the Speed data field to open the Trip Computer. ➐ Touch to view the Where Am I?page. ⁄ • A speed limit icon may appear as you travel on major roadways. This icon displays the current speed limit of the roadway. English 13 190-00969-92_0B. indb 13 8/3/2009 11:11:04 AM The Main Pages Turn List Page When you are navigating a route, the Turn List page displays turn-by-turn instructions for your entire route and the distance between turns. [. . . ] Touch a map to enable (check mark) or disable (no check mark) that map. • Restore—restore the original map settings. Adding Security Touch Settings > Security. • Safe Mode—turn safe mode on or off. When your vehicle is moving, safe mode disables all functions that require significant operator attention and could become a distraction while driving. • Restore—restore the original security settings. Changing the Navigation Settings Touch Settings > Navigation. • Route Preference—select a preference for calculating your route. [. . . ]


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