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[. . . ] DPX-U6120 DPX-U5120 DPX-MP3120 INSTRUCTION MANUAL DUAL DIN SIZED CD RECEIVER © 2010 Kenwood Corporation All Rights Reserved. B64-4805-00/01 (M) B64-4805-00_01_DPXU6120_M_en. indd 1 11/02/02 15:07 Contents Before use Component names and functions General operation Before Using Adjusting the Clock Common Operation Function setting Operation 4 5 6 Bluetooth Audio Operation Connecting a Bluetooth Device Basic Operation 19 Operation of hands-free phoning Connecting a Bluetooth Device Receiving a Call During a Call Call Waiting Other Functions Making a Call Speed Dialing (Preset Dial) Calling a Number in the Phone Book Calling a Number in the Call log Dial a Number Make a Voice Dialing Call Registering to the Preset Dial Number List Display of Phone Number type (category) 20 iPod/iPhone Operation Basic Operation Selecting a song by browsing iPod Play function iPod Control by Hand Mode iPod Setting Selecting the Search mode Related Search Direct Search Alphabet Search My Playlist 8 Display Settings 13 Display type select Display Setting Text scroll Information display setting Selecting text display Text Display Selection Illumination Color Selection Auxiliary Input Display Setting 24 USB device Operation Basic Operation File Search Play function USB Setting Music CD/ Audio file Operation Basic Operation Music Search Play function Basic Operation of Disc Changer (Optional) Direct music search Direct search in Disc changer (Optional) 15 Clock and Other Functions Clock and Date Adjustment Dual clock city setting Clock Adjustment Initial Settings Demonstration mode Setting Muting volume upon reception of Phone call 29 Tuner Operation Basic Operation Tuner Setting Station Preset Memory Auto Memory Entry Preset Tuning Direct access tuning Frequency Step Setting 17 Audio Adjustments – DPX-U6120 – Audio Control Preset Equalizer curve Select Manual Equalizer Control Listening Position Selection Listening Position Fine Adjustments Dual Zone System 32 Audio Adjustments – DPX-U5120/ DPX-MP3120 – Audio Control 36 2 | DPX-U6120/ DPX-U5120/ DPX-MP3120 B64-4805-00_01_DPXU6120_M_en. indd 2 11/02/02 15:07 DSP Setup Car Type Selection Speaker Setting Car Type Fine Adjustments X’Over Setting Audio Preset Memory Audio Preset Recall 37 Basic Operations of remote control Appendix Accessories/ Before installation Connecting Wires to Terminals 48 50 52 53 54 55 58 Log Function Log Function recall Log Function item lock Deleting a Log Function item Log Function category setting Tuner Log Function time setting 40 Installation Troubleshooting Guide Specifications Bluetooth Setup Bluetooth Setting Registering Bluetooth device Registering PIN Code Selecting the Bluetooth device You Wish to Connect Deleting a Registered Bluetooth device Downloading the Phone Book Adding a Voice Dialing Command Setting a Voice Command for Category 42 SMS (Short Message Service) Downloading the SMS SMS (Short Message Service) 47 English | 3 B64-4805-00_01_DPXU6120_M_en. indd 3 11/02/02 15:07 Before use Before using this unit for the first time This unit is initially set on the Demonstration mode. When using this unit for the first time, cancel the Demonstration mode. Refer to <Canceling the Demonstration Mode> (page 6). About discs used with this unit • This unit can only play the CDs with . • The following discs cannot be used: -- Discs that are not round -- Discs with coloring on the recording surface or discs that are dirty -- Recordable/Rewritable disc that has not been finalized (For the finalization process, refer to your disc writing software, and your disc recorder instruction manual. ) -- 8 cm (3 inch) disc (Attempt to insert using an adapter can cause malfunction. ) 2 WARNING To prevent injury or fire, take the following precautions: • Stop the car before operating the unit. [. . . ] Display “Audio Control” “SubWoofer Level” Overview Press the [SRC] button. Press the [VOL] knob. 2 Enter Function setting mode 3 Enter Audio Control mode Turn the [VOL] knob and press it when the desired item is displayed. Turn the [VOL] knob to select a setting value, and then press the [VOL] knob. Press the [   ] button for at least 1 second. You can set subwoofer level. “–15” — “0” — “+15” “DSP Set” “Bypass”: Disables the DSP function. “OFF”/ “Step1” – “2” “HIGHWAY-SOUND” Compensates the low volume or bass sound being lost by road noises to make vocal sound clearer. “OFF”/ “Step1”/ “2”/ “3” “Supreme+” Turns ON/OFF the Supreme plus function. Can be set while Music CD source, Audio file source of USB and iPod source. “ON”/ “OFF” “Position” Compensates the sound environment in accordance with the listening position. (Left) “L15” — “0” — “R15” (Right) “Fader” Adjusts front/rear speaker balance. (Rear) “R1”5 — “0” — “F15” (Front) “2Zone Rear Volume” Refer to <Dual Zone System> (page 35). “ON”/ “OFF” “Detailed Setup” “Car Type” To get clear sound, set the sound environment “Speaker Setting” according to the location and size of physically “Car Type Adjust” installed speakers with reference to the followings: “X'Over” - <Car Type Selection> (page 37). DPX-U6120/ DPX-U5120/ DPX-MP3120 4 Select the setting item to adjust 5 Make a setting 6 Exit Function setting mode Remarks • DSP Set When “DSP Set” is set to “Bypass”, the DSP function is disabled , and the colored items can not be set. • HIGHWAY-SOUND Increases the volume of faintest sound being lost by road noises to make the sound more audible. Additionally, it accentuates bass sound being lost by road noises to make the bass sound more dynamic. • Supreme+ (Supreme Plus) Technology to extrapolate and supplement with proprietary algorithm, the high-frequency range that is cut off when encoding. The bass and vocal sound that are cut off by encoding are supplemented for the reproduction of natural sound quality. Supplementing is optimized by compression format (AAC, MP3 or WMA) and processed according to bit rate. The effect is negligible with music that is encoded at high bit rate, variable bit rate or has minimal high frequency range. • Dual Zone System Main source and sub source (Auxiliary input) output Front channel and Rear channel separately. 32 | B64-4805-00_01_DPXU6120_M_en. indd 32 11/02/02 15:07 Preset Equalizer curve Select You can select the following Equalizer curve. Display “Natural” “User” “Rock” “Pops” “Easy” “Top 40” “Jazz” “Game” “iPod” Equalizer curve Natural User* Rock Pops Easy Top 40 Jazz Game iPod (During iPod source only) Manual Equalizer Control You can adjust the following Equalizer Control items. Band “BAND1” (62. 5 Hz) “BAND2” (250 Hz) “BAND3” (1 kHz) “BAND4” (4 kHz) “BAND5” (16 kHz) Item “GAIN” Band level “EFCT” Bass Effect “GAIN” Band level “GAIN” Band level “GAIN” Band level “GAIN” Band level ( Range -9 ­–+9 dB “ON”/ “OFF” -9 ­–+9 dB -9 ­–+9 dB -9 ­–+9 dB -9 ­–+9 dB : Factory setting) *  he Equalizer curve set in the section <Manual Equalizer T Control> is recalled. [. . . ] See <About Audio file> (page 50) for information on supported iPods. No Music Data/Error 15/No Music/NO MUSIC/EROOR 15: • The connected USB device contains no  playable Audio file. •  edia was played that does not have data M recorded that the unit can play. USB Error/USB ERROR: Some trouble may have occurred to the connected USB device. [. . . ]


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