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[. . . ] DPX500BT DPX300U DUAL DIN SIZED CD RECEIVER Quick Start Guide RECEPTEUR CD FORMAT DUAL DIN Guide de démarrage rapide RECEPTOR DUAL DE CD TAMAÑO DIN Guía de inicio rápido Take the time to read through this instruction manual. Familiarity with installation and operation procedures will help you obtain the best performance from your new Dual DIN sized CD receiver. For your records Record the serial number, found on the back of the unit, in the spaces designated on the warranty card, and in the space provided below. Refer to the model and serial numbers whenever you call upon your Kenwood dealer for information or service on the product. [. . . ] To prevent a short circuit, remove the key from the ignition and disconnect the - battery. Connect the wiring harness wires in the following order: ground, battery, ignition. Indd 8 13/04/26 15:4 DPX500BT only • Reception may become poor if there are metal objects near the Bluetooth antenna. (DPX500BT only) Installing the Microphone unit Check the installation position of the microphone (Accessory 5). 4 Lay the cable up to the unit with it secured at several positions using tape or the like. Accessory 4 Removing the Unit 1 2 Remove the trim plate by referring to the removal procedure in the section <Removing the trim plate>. Insert the two extraction keys (Accessory 4) deeply into the slots on each side, as shown. Accessory 4 Lock Catch 3 Lower the extraction key toward the bottom, and ⁄ • The frame can be removed from the top side in the same manner. ¤ • Be careful to avoid injury from the catch pins on the extraction key. 4 Pull the unit all the way out with your hands, being careful not to drop it. Indd 11 13/04/26 15:4 Connecting Wires to Terminals Microphone input (DPX500BT only) Microphone (Accessory5) R L Antenna Cord FM/AM antenna input White To front left speaker To front right speaker To rear left speaker To rear right speaker White/Black Gray Gray/Black Green Green/Black Purple Purple/Black Ignition key switch Car fuse box ACC Car fuse box (Main fuse) Red (Ignition wire) Yellow (Battery wire) Black (Ground wire) · (To car chassis) + – Battery 12 | Quick Start Guide B59-2162-10_01_13-2DIN_QSG_K_en. Indd 12 13/04/26 15:4 R L Rear output Front output Sub Woofer output L Fuse (10A) To SiriusXM Connect Vehicle Tuner (optional accessory) Wiring harness (Accessory1) put If no connections are made, do not let the wire come out from the tab. CONT When using the optional power amplifier, connect to its power control terminal. CONT Depending on what antenna you are using, connect either to the control terminal of the motor antenna, or to the power terminal for the booster amplifier of the film-type or short pole type antenna. (Max 300mA, 12V DC) Connect to the terminal that is grounded when either the telephone rings or during conversation. (DPX300U only) To connect the Kenwood navigation system, consult your navigation manual. Brown (Mute control wire) MUTE Orange/ White (Dimmer control wire) ILLUMI ⁄ To car light control switch Light Blue/ Yellow (Steering remote control wire) REMOTE CONT STEERING WHEEL REMOTE INPUT To use the steering wheel remote control feature, an exclusive remote adapter (not supplied) that matches your car is required. € Playable USB devices USB mass storage class • Playable USB device file systems FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 The online manual about audio files is put on the site, www. Requirements Pandora® internet radio: Requirements Aha™: Requirements for listening to the Pandora® internet radio are as follows: iPhone or iPod touch • Use an Apple iPhone or iPod touch running under iOS3 or later. € Search for “Pandora” in the Apple iTunes App Store to find and install the most current version of the Pandora® application on your device. Android™ • Visit the Google play and search for Pandora to install. € Bluetooth must be built in and the following profiles must be supported. [. . . ] € Firefox is a registered trademark of Mozilla Foundation in the United States and other countries. € aha, the Aha logo, and the Aha trade dress are trademarks or registered trademarks of HARMAN International Industries, used with permission. • iHeartRadio® is a registered mark of Clear Channel Broadcasting , Inc. € BlackBerry®, RIM®, Research In Motion® and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of Research In Motion Limited and are registered and/or used in the U. [. . . ]


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