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[. . . ] • Do not touch the unit during use because the surface of the unit becomes hot and may cause burns if touched. 2CAUTION Do not wipe the panel with a hard cloth or a cloth dampened by volatile solvents such as paint thinner and alcohol. They can scratch the surface of the panel and/or cause the indicator letters to peel off. Accessories Part name Round terminal (Large) Round terminal (Medium) Round terminal (Small) Terminal cover (Power terminal) Self-tapping screws (ø4 × 16 mm) External View Number of Items 1 2 1 1 4 To prevent damage to the machine, take the following precautions: • Be sure the unit is connected to a 12V DC power supply with a negative ground connection. • Do not install the unit in a spot exposed to direct sunlight or excessive heat or humidity. [. . . ] • The surface temperature of the amplifier will become hot during use. Install the amplifier in a place where people, resins, and other substances that are sensitive to heat will not come into contact with it. • When making a hole under a seat, inside the trunk, or somewhere else in the vehicle, check that there is nothing hazardous on the opposite side such as a gasoline tank, brake pipe, or wiring harness, and be careful not to cause scratches or other damage. • Do not install near the dashboard, rear tray, or air bag safety parts. • The installation to the vehicle should securely fasten the unit to a place in which it will not obstruct driving. If the unit comes off due to a shock and hits a person or safety part, it may cause injury or an accident. • After installing the unit, check to make sure that electrical equipment such as the brake lamps, turn signal lamps and windshield wipers operate normally. English 3 Controls Operations of the following control and switches are required in accordance with the center unit and speakers connected with this unit. LINE IN L INPUT SENSITIVITY(V) 1. 0 0. 5 50 MIN 0. 3 MAX 30 90 120 BASS ENPHASIS OFF 1 70 SPEAKER LEVEL INPUT LEFT RIGHT POWER IN BATT ON GND P. CON(REMOTE) FUSE(25A) 25 200 R LOWPASS FILTER FREQUENCY(Hz) GND 1 2 3 45 6 789 0 SPEAKER OUTPUT MONO MONO POWER AMPLIFIER ! 1 RCA cable ground lead terminal 2 LINE IN terminal 3 INPUT SENSITIVITY control Set this control according to the pre-output level of the center unit connected with this unit, or to the maximum power output of the genuineaccessory car stereo. NOTE For the pre-output level or the maximum power output, refer to the “Specifications” in the instruction manual of the center unit. 10 0. 5 15 1 2 3 4 0. 3 25 5 (V) 0. 2 (W) 4 LOW PASS FILTER FREQUENCY control This control adiusts the frequency band output from this unit. 5 BASS EMPHASIS switch This switch allows to emphasize the output from this unit. 6 Speaker level input terminals 7 Battery terminal 8 Ground terminal 9 Power control (REMOTE) terminal 0 FUSE (25 A × 1) !Speaker output terminals 4 English Protection function This unit is equipped with a protection function for protecting this unit and your speakers from various accidents or problems that can occur. When the protection function is triggered, the Power indicator goes off and the amplifier stops operating. s Power indicator: When the power is turned on, the Power indicator lights. If the Power indicator does not light when the power is turned on, the protection function may be activated. Check whether there is any indication of trouble. s The protection function activates in the following situations: • When a speaker cable may be short-circuited. • When the unit malfunctions and a DC signal is sent to the speaker output. • When the temperature of internal parts exceeds 120°C (248°F). [. . . ] • Use vehicle-type (fire-resistant) power supply wiring wire for the battery wire and the ground wire. The current capacity of the power supply wiring wire should be about 10 A higher than that of the protective fuse capacity (which means about 20 A higher than the maximum current drawn by the amplifier). • When more than one power amplifier are going to be used, use a power supply wiring wire and protective fuse of greater current-handling capacity than the total maximum current drawn by each amplifier. [. . . ]


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