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[. . . ] They can scratch the surface of the panel and/or cause the indicator letters to peel off. To prevent battery from running out When the unit is used in the ACC ON position without turning the engine ON, it depletes the battery. To prevent damage to the machine, take the following precautions: Be sure the unit is connected to a 12V DC power supply with a negative ground connection. [. . . ] The input power of the speakers that are going to be connected should be greater than the output power (in Watts) of the amplifier. Use of speakers having input power ratings that are less than the output power of the amplifier will cause smoke to be emitted as well as damage. When more than one set of speakers are going to be used, calculate the combined impedance of the speakers and then connect suitable speakers to the amplifier. Products with the symbol (crossed-out wheeled bin) cannot be disposed as household waste. Old electrical and electronic equipment should be recycled at a facility capable of handling these items and their waste byproducts. contact your local authority for details in locating a recycle facility nearest to you. Proper recycling and waste disposal will help conserve resources whilst preventing detrimental effects on our health and the environment. This Product is not installed by the manufacturer of a vehicle on the production line, nor by the professional importer of a vehicle into an EU Member State. Part name Self-tapping screws (ø4 × 16 mm) Terminal cover (Power terminal) Speaker level input cable Since there are large variety of settings and connections possible according to applications, read the instruction manual well to select the proper setting and connection. Remove the ignition key and disconnect the negative - terminal of the battery to prevent short circuits. Connect the power wire, power control wire and grounding wire following this order. Hexagon socket head cap screw (M4 × 8 mm) Cooling fan Self-tapping screw (ø4 × 16 mm) Installation board, etc. Do not install in the below locations; (Unstable location, In a location that interferes with driving, In a location that gets wet, In a dusty location, In a place that gets hot, In a place that gets direct sunlight, In a location that gets hit by hot air) · Do not install the unit under the carpet. Install this unit in a location which allows heat to easily dissipate. The surface temperature of the amplifier will become hot during use. Install the amplifier in a place where people, resins, and other substances that are sensitive to heat will not come into contact with it. Do not mount the unit in a place where the cooling fan and ducts of the unit are blocked. When making a hole under a seat, inside the trunk, or somewhere else in the vehicle, check that there is nothing hazardous on the opposite side such as a gasoline tank, brake pipe, or wiring harness, and be careful not to cause scratches or other damage. [. . . ] After check the speaker cord and fixing the cause of the short, replace the fuse. The input sensitivity adjusting control is not set to the correct position. ) The speakers wire are connected with wrong 9 / · Connect the speaker wire again so that it is not pinched by anything. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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