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[. . . ] When the unit is used in the ACC ON position without turning the engine ON, it depletes the battery. There is a Protection function installed in the unit to protect the unit and speakers from various problems. To prevent damage to the machine, take the following precautions: · Be sure the unit is connected to a 12V DC power supply with a negative ground connection. [. . . ] This improves the reproduction performance of the speakers by eliminating unnecessary oscillations which will not become sound. From the Kenwood center unit Switch is set in the remote position, the bass boost amount and frequency offset can be controlled from the center unit. You are notified of the unit's condition and malfunction (Protection function) by the indicator. Center unit display "Flat"/ "OFF"/ "1" "+6"/ "1"/ "2" "+12"/ "2"/ "3" "+18"/ "3"/ "4" Center unit display "Normal" Setting Bass boost OFF (Flat) Bass boost +6 dB Bass boost +12 dB Bass boost +18 dB The color you want can be selected with the variable color button. When the battery wire is too small or too long and can't supply enough current. For the center unit control method and setting display, refer to the Instruction Manual for the center unit. There may be cases when the center unit can't set the "Bass boost +18dB" or "Frequency Offset". When the unit has failed and direct current voltage is generated to the speaker's output. If the indicator doesn't quit blinking, contact your Kenwood dealer. The acoustic properties of vehicle compartment tend to cause oscillation due to resonance or unclearness of sound due to standing waves at certain frequencies. The band reject filter can solve the problems of resonance or unclear sound with minimum influence on the sound quality because it eliminates only the frequencies causing resonance or standing waves. The band reject filter cuts only the limited frequencies to minimize influence on the sound quality. Therefore, its effect cannot be obtained unless the cutoff frequencies are set accurately to the frequencies causing resonance and standing waves. The band reject filter can be adjusted according to what you feel through your ears, but we recommend the use of a signal generator or a spectrum analyzer with a fine frequency measurement capability for the adjustment. Output a sine wave, vary its frequency to find the frequencies at which the vehicle compartment resonates or volume increases (standing waves occur), and set the B. FREQUENCY control to the position with which the resonance and standing waves disappear. Output white noise (sound in which all frequencies are at a certain level), find the peak frequency observed on the spectrum analyzer, and set the B. Since there are large variety of settings and connections possible according to applications, read the instruction manual well to select the proper setting and connection. [. . . ] While pressing the lock release button with a slotted screwdriver, insert the wire. The rated input power of the speakers that are going to be connected should be greater than the maximum output power (in Watts) of the amplifier. Use of speakers having input power ratings that are less than the output power of the amplifier will cause smoke to be emitted as well as damage. [. . . ]


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