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[. . . ] They can scratch the surface of the panel and/or cause the indicator letters to peel off. To prevent batter rise When the unit is used in the ACC ON position without turning the engine ON, it depletes the battery. Protection function There is a Protection function installed in the unit to protect the unit and speakers from various problems. (Refer to page 5) To prevent damage to the machine, take the following precautions: • Be sure the unit is connected to a 12V DC power supply with a negative ground connection. [. . . ] (Bass management system) switch Bass boost centered on the frequency set by the B. Refer to "Specifications" on the center unit’s instruction manual about the pre-out level. € +12 position: Bass boost +12 dB 8 LPF(Low-Pass Filter) FREQUENCY control This control adjusts the frequency band output from this unit. (Refer to page 5) 2 BAND REJECT filter switch When this switch is set to "-6dB"/"-12dB", frequencies in the band set with the B. The band rejection allows to reduce resonance inside the vehicle compartment and standing waves. Switch is set on "+12dB"/ "REMOTE" the emphasized center frequency is adjusted. 7 V-COLOR (Variable color) button Select the ON color for the indicator. Every time the button is pressed, 7 fixed colors and the variable color change. FREQUENCY control Sets the rejection frequency when the BAND REJECT switch is set to "-6dB"/"12dB". (page 6) 4 INFRASONIC switch (OFF/ON) When this switch is set to "ON", the inaudible, ultralow frequencies below the frequency set with the 15Hz/25Hz switch are cut off. This improves the reproduction performance of the speakers by eliminating unnecessary oscillations which will not become sound. 4 English Removing the cover Hexagon Wrench Shut Loosen 0 ■ Controlling the B. Switch is set in the remote position, the bass boost amount and frequency offset can be controlled from the center unit. – Indicator 0 You are notified of the unit’s condition and malfunction (Protection function) by the indicator. When operation is normal NOTE • Bass boost Center unit display "Flat"/ "OFF"/ "1" "+6"/ "1"/ "2" "+12"/ "2"/ "3" "+18"/ "3"/ "4" Center unit display "Normal" Setting Bass boost OFF (Flat) Bass boost +6 dB Bass boost +12 dB Bass boost +18 dB The color you want can be selected with the variable color button. € The color blinks blue – When during operation – When the center unit/B. When the battery wire is too small or too long and can’t supply enough current. "Low" NOTE For the center unit control method and setting display, refer to the Instruction Manual for the center unit. There may be cases when the center unit can’t set the "Bass boost +18dB" or "Frequency Offset". € The color blinks purple When the unit has failed and direct current voltage is generated to the speaker’s output. If the indicator doesn’t quit blinking, contact your Kenwood dealer. • The color blinks green – When the speaker cord is shorted. [. . . ] NOTE There are cases when operation may not be possible due to wiring wire type and length. 25 25 25 @ # $ Extension wire* Lead terminal* Battery wire* Ground wire* Power control wire (Blue/ White) Protective Fuse* Battery 2WARNING * : Commercially available parts To prevent fire caused by a short in the wiring, connect a fusible link or breaker nearby the battery’s positive terminal. Wiring •Take the battery wire for this unit directly from the battery. If it's connected to the vehicle’s wiring harness, it can cause blown fuses etc. [. . . ]


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