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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] 13 About the Quick Start Guide This Quick Start Guide describes basic functions of this unit. For functions not described in this Guide, refer to the Instruction Manual stored in the enclosed CD-ROM. The Instruction Manual is subject to change for modification of specifications, etc. The latest Instruction Manual can be downloaded from the following website: manual. [. . . ] CAUTION • If your car’s ignition key switch does not have an ACC position, connect the ignition wires to a power source that can be turned on and off with the ignition key. If you connect the ignition wires to a constant-voltage power source, as with battery wires, the battery may die. Make sure the faceplate will not hit the lid of the console (if any) when closing and opening. € After the installing the unit, check whether the brake lamps, blinkers, wipers, etc. € If the fuse blows, first make sure the wires are not touching other parts to cause a short circuit, and then replace the old fuse with one with new one with the same rating. € Connect the speaker wires correctly to the corresponding terminals. The unit may be damaged or fail to work if you share the ¤ wires or ground them to any metal part in the car. € When only two speakers are being connected to the system, connect the connectors either to both the front output terminals or to both the rear output terminals (do not mix front and rear). 2 1 3 C Dashboard of your car 4 5 B A Bend the appropriate tabs to hold the mounting sleeve firmly in place. CAUTION • This film antenna is exclusively for use inside the vehicle. € Do not install at the following locations: –– Where it may block driver’s view –– Where it may obstruct operation of safety devices such as air bags –– On movable glass surface such as rear hatch • Signal strength will decrease at the following locations: –– On IR reflecting glass or where covered with mirror type glass film –– Where it overlaps with genuine radio antenna (pattern) –– Where it overlaps with window heating wires –– At side of vehicle (e. Door, front quarter window) –– On rear window –– When glass that blocks radio signals (e. IR reflecting glass, thermal insulation glass) is used –– Reception may decrease due to noise when windshield wiper, air conditioner, or motor is operating. €– Reception may decrease depending on the direction of the broadcast station with respect to the vehicle (antenna). € Be sure to check the installation location of film antenna F before installing. € Thoroughly wipe oil and dirt from the pasting surface with the included cleaner I. € Warm the pasting surface by turning on the heater for example, before applying. 10 | Quick Start Guide • Check the cable routing of the film antenna F and amplifier G before pasting. Determining the antenna installation location • When installing the antenna on the left side Front pillar 150 mm Earth sheet 70 mm *1 Antenna film F Amplifier G Antenna film F 70 mm *1 • When installing the antenna on the right side Amplifier G Earth sheet 150 mm Installation overview DAB antenna F/ G Antenna cable (3. 5 m) • The antenna should be installed on the passenger side for safety. € Use cord clamper H to secure the antenna to the pillar at several locations. € The direction of the antenna film F changes depending on whether the film antenna F is installed on the right side or left side. [. . . ] Please note that the use of this accessory with iPod or iPhone may affect wireless performance. € Internet Explorer and Windows Media are registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. € Firefox is a registered trademark of Mozilla Foundation in the United States and other countries. Kennzeichnung von Geräten mit LaserAbtastern Über kompatible iPod/iPhone Geräte Made for • iPod touch (4. [. . . ]


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