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[. . . ] KDC-U553BT CD-RECEIVER INSTRUCTION MANUAL © 2011 JVC KENWOOD Corporation B64-4920-00/02 (MW) B64-4920-00_02_M_English. indd 1 11/12/21 9:4 CONTENTS Safety 3 Maintenance The marking of products using lasers Getting Started of Bluetooth 14 Preparation 4 How to attach/detach the faceplate How to reset your unit How to prepare the remote controller (RC-405) Registering your Bluetooth device with this unit (Pairing) Registering from Bluetooth devices (Pairing) Operation of Hands-Free Phoning 16 Making a Call Make a Voice Dialing Call Receiving a Call During a Call Switching between Two Connected Cellphones Clearing the disconnection message Downloading the Phone Book Using the remote controller (RC-405) Getting Started Canceling the display demonstration Setting the demonstration mode Adjusting the clock Initial settings before operations 5 Basic Operations Listening to the Radio Direct Access Tuning using the remote controller (RC-405) Using the remote controller (RC-405) Changing the frequency steps Adjust [SETTINGS] mode settings 6 8 Listening to a Bluetooth Audio Selecting Repeat Play Selecting Random Play 19 Bluetooth Setup Selecting the Bluetooth Device Bluetooth Device Registration Test Bluetooth Setup 20 Listening to the other external components 9 Listening to a Disc/ USB device/ iPod 10 Start playing a disc Start playing a USB device or iPod Removing the USB device or iPod Selecting Repeat Play Selecting Random Play All Random Play Selecting a folder/track/file Alphabet Search for iPod Direct Music Search using the remote controller (RC-405) Using the remote controller (RC-405) Selecting App & iPod Control Mode Adjust [SETTINGS] mode settings Function settings 22 Installation/connection 24 Troubleshooting 28 Specifications 30 2 English B64-4920-00_02_M_English. indd 2 11/12/21 9:4 Safety ¤WARNING Stop the car before operating the unit. To prevent a short circuit, never put or leave any metallic objects (such as coins or metal tools) inside the unit. ■■ Caution: Adjust the volume so that you can hear the sound outside the car. Driving with the volume adjusted to a too high level may cause an accident. [. . . ] 4 Turn the volume knob to select the character to be searched for. To move to the next row, press 4 / ¢. ■■ To use the Phone Book, it must be downloaded to this unit in advance. ■■ During search, a non-accent character such as “u” is searched for instead of an accent character such as “ü”. ■■ If “TRANSFER PB” is displayed, download the Phone Book. 2. By operating the cell-phone, send the phone book data to this unit 3. When downloading is completed, return to Phone Book operation. ■■ If the Phone Book is downloaded manually, its entries can be deleted. – Deleting one entry : “DELETE ONE” is displayed. ■■ ■■ 16 English B64-4920-00_02_M_English. indd 16 11/12/21 9:4 – Deleting all entries : “DELETE ALL” is displayed. Turn the volume knob to select “YES”, then press to confirm. Calling a Number in the Call Log 2 Turn the volume knob to select the 3 Press and hold number button (1 – 6). Make a Voice Dialing Call You can make a voice call using the voice recognition function of your cell-phone. ■■ If “NO SUPPORT” is displayed, your cell-phone does not support the voice recognition function. ■■ If “N/A VOICE TAG” is displayed, your cellphone cannot start voice recognition. ■■ Audio sound is not output during voice recognition. “OUTGOING” (outgoing call), “INCOMING” (incoming call), or “MISSED CALLS” (missed call), then press to enter. ■■ If your cell-phone cannot download the Phone Book automatically, the outgoing call log, incoming call log, and missed call log contain only the calls dialed from or received by this unit. Dialing a Number 2 Turn the volume knob to select “NUMBER DIAL”, then press to enter. 3 Turn the volume knob to select the phone number ■■ To move to the next digit, press ¢. ■■ Press number button (1 – 0), #(FM+), *(AM–), or +(¢) on the remote controller. Registering in the preset dial number list 2 Enter the phone number with reference to the following: Dialing a Number/ Calling a number in the call log/ Calling a number in the Phone Book Receiving a Call Answering a Phone Call Press or the volume knob. ■■ The name of the calling party is displayed if it has already been registered in the Phone Book. Rejecting an Incoming Call Press SRC. During a Call Disconnecting a Call Press or SRC. Switching to the Private Mode Press number button 6 to switches between Private talk (“PRIVATE TALK”) and Hands-free talk (“HANDS FREE”). Adjusting the Voice Volume during a Call Turn the volume knob. Continued to next page English 17 B64-4920-00_02_M_English. indd 17 11/12/21 9:4 Switching between Two Connected Cell-phones 1 Press to enter Bluetooth mode. 2 Press and hold . You cannot switch between the connected cell-phones during downloading of the Phone Book. [. . . ] ø5mm T: Toyota cars N: Nissan cars F G Removing the unit 1 Detach the faceplate A. 2 Engage the catch pin on the removal E B C tools E into the holes on both sides of the escutcheon B, then pull it out. 3 Insert the removal tools E deeply into the slots on each side, then follow the arrows instructions as shown on the right. 3 1 A E English 2 27 B64-4920-00_02_M_English. indd 27 11/12/21 9:4 Troubleshooting Symptom Sound cannot be heard. Check to be sure the terminals of the speaker leads are covered with insulating tape properly, then reset the unit. [. . . ]


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