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[. . . ] Requirements Aha™ Listening to the Aha Radio Basic operations Station search Calling a number in the content Aha source control 30 12. Adjusting the date Clock & date display type setting Auxiliary input display setting Demonstration mode setting Initial settings 58 2. Component names Preparations How to select the item Adjusting the clock General operations 8. Listen to the CD/ Audio file Playing music Music search Skip search Skip search ratio setting Playback mode Direct music search About the Audio file About the USB device About “KENWOOD Music Editor Light” and “KENWOOD Music Control” 8-10. [. . . ] Example: Desired frequency 92. 1 MHz (FM) 810 kHz (AM) Press the following buttons [9], [2], [1] [8], [1], [0] 4 Select a Tuner setting item using [Control] knob Description Only stations whose reception is good are searched in auto seek tuning. (FM only) “ON” / “OFF” “Seek Mode” Sets the seek mode. “Auto2”: Search in order of the stations in the preset memory. “MONO” You can reduce the noise when stereo broadcasts are received as monaural. “ON” / “OFF” “TI”[1] Switches to the traffic information automatically when the traffic bulletin starts. “ON” / “OFF” “News Automatically receives news bulletin when it starts. Set Interrupt”[1] the time during which interrupt is to be disabled after start of another news bulletin. Changing “00MIN” to “90MIN” turns this function ON. If news bulletin starts when this function is ON, “NEWS” appears and news is received. If “20MIN” is has been set, reception of another news bulletin will not start for 20 minutes. The news bulletin volume is the same level that was set for Traffic Information. “OFF” / “00MIN” – “90MIN” “AF”[1] When the reception is poor, automatically alternate to another frequency broadcasting the same program in the same Radio data system network with better reception. “ON” / “OFF” “Regional”[1] Sets whether to switch to the station only in the specific region using the “AF” control. “ON” / “OFF” “Auto TP Seek” When traffic information station reception is poor, [1] automatically searches for a station that can be received better. “ON” / “OFF” (Colored text: Factory setting) [1] Function of KDC-U7056DAB. Display “Local Seek”[1] 3 Press [ENT] on the remote control. Exiting Direct access tuning mode Press [6] on the remote control. 5 Select a setting using [Control] knob. Returns to the previous item. 42 | KDC-U7056DAB/ KDC-U7056BT/ KDC-U7056BTL English | 43 Listen to the tuner 9-7. PTY (Program Type) (Function of KDC-U7056DAB) You can search for a station by selecting a Program Type. Press [1/6]. “NO PTY” display • When the selected Program Type is not found, “No PTY” appears. Case where this function cannot be used • This function cannot be used during reception of a traffic bulletin or AM broadcast. 9-8. Frequency step setting (Function of KDC-U7056BT/ KDC-U7056BTL) Changing the tuning frequency step. The original setting is FM band 50 kHz, and AM band 9 kHz. 1 Press [Control] knob. Enters the Function setting mode. 1 Press and hold [SRC]. Turn the power OFF. 2 Select “Settings” > “PTY Search” using [Control] knob. How to select the item> (page 9). 2 While pressing [S] and [Ú], press [SRC]. Release your fingers from the button after the display appears. The frequency step changes to FM band 200 kHz, and AM band 10 kHz. Notes on frequency step setting • When the same operation is repeated, the frequency step returns to the original setting. [. . . ] Refer to <Before using the this unit for the first time> (page 4). Tuner source ö Radio reception is poor. ò Pull the antenna out all the way. Disc source ö The specified disc does not play, but another one plays instead. ò Try another disc instead. Audio file source ö The sound skips when an Audio file is being played. ò Play the media again or use another media. Pandora Messages ö “Already bookmarked” Í Already registered as bookmark. [. . . ]


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