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[. . . ] CD-RECEIVER KDC-W3534 INSTRUCTION MANUAL © B64-3453-00/00 (EW, WW) B64-3453-00_English. indd 1 06. 3. 23 9:03:19 AM Contents Safety precautions Notes About MP3 and WMA About CDs General features Power Selecting the Source Volume Attenuator System Q Audio Control Audio Setup Speaker Setting Switching Display Dimmer Control Theft Deterrent Faceplate 3 4 6 7 8 Menu system Menu System Touch Sensor Tone Manual Clock Adjustment Synchronize Clock Supreme Setting News Bulletin with Timeout Setting Local Seek Tuning Mode AF (Alternative Frequency) Restricting RDS Region (Region Restrict Function) Auto TP Seek Monaural Reception Text Scroll Power OFF Timer CD Read Setting 20 Accessories/ Installation Procedure 24 Connecting Wires to Terminals 12 Installation Removing the Unit Troubleshooting Guide 14 Specifications 25 27 28 29 32 Tuner features Tuning Station Preset Memory Auto Memory Entry Preset Tuning RDS features Traffic Information PTY (Program Type) Program Type preset Changing Language for PTY Function CD player features Playing CD & Audio file Fast Forwarding and Reversing Track/File Search Folder Search Track/File/Folder Repeat Scan Play Random Play Folder Select Text/Title Scroll 17 2 | English B64-3453-00_English. indd 2 06. 3. 23 9:03:20 AM Safety precautions 2WARNING To prevent injury or fire, take the following precautions: • To prevent a short circuit, never put or leave any metallic objects (such as coins or metal tools) inside the unit. • Mounting and wiring this product requires skills and experience. For safety’s sake, leave the mounting and wiring work to professionals. Do Not Load 8 cm (3 in. ) CDs in the CD slot If you try to load a 8 cm (3 in. ) CD with its adapter into the unit, the adapter might separate from the CD and damage the unit. Lens Fogging When you turn on the car heater in cold weather, dew or condensation may form on the lens in the CD player of the unit. Called lens fogging, this condensation on the lens may not allow CDs to play. [. . . ] When the Random mode is ON, "DISC RDM"/ "FOLD RDM" is displayed. • When you push the Control knob toward [¢], the next random song starts. In CD source Repeat play Track Repeat OFF Display "TRAC REP" "REP OFF" Function of Audio file In Audio file source Repeat play File Repeat Folder Repeat OFF Display "FILE REP" "FOLD REP" "REP OFF" Folder Select Quickly selecting the folder you want to hear. 1 Enter Folder Select mode Press the [F. SEL] button. During Select mode the folder information is displayed as shown below. Folder name display Displays the current folder name. 18 | English B64-3453-00_English. indd 18 06. 3. 23 9:03:33 AM 2 Select the folder level Push the Control knob towards [FM] or [AM]. With the [FM] of the Control knob, you move 1 level down and with the [AM] of the Control knob, 1 level up. Selecting a folder in the same level Push the Control knob towards [4] or [¢]. With the [4] of the Control knob, you move to the previous folder, and with the [¢] of the Control knob, to the next folder. Returning to the top level Press the [3] button. Text/Title Scroll Scrolling the displayed CD text or Audio file text. Push the Control knob toward [FM] for at least 2 seconds. Scrolling the folder name display Push the Control knob toward [FM] for at least 2 seconds. 3 Decide the folder to play Press the Control knob. The Folder Select mode releases, and the Audio file in the folder being displayed plays. Cancelling the Folder Select mode Press the [F. SEL] button. English | 19 B64-3453-00_English. indd 19 06. 3. 23 9:03:34 AM Menu system MENU SRC Control knob RDS indicator Menu display Menu System Setting beep sound during operation, etc. The reference for the Menu items and their setting content is after this operation explanation. Example: When you select "BEEP", each time you push the knob it alternates between "BEEP ON" or "BEEP OFF". You can continue by returning to step 2 and setting other items. 4 Exit Menu mode Press the [MENU] button. 1 Enter Menu mode Press the [MENU] button for at least 1 second. "MENU" is displayed. • When other items those applicable to the basic operation method above are displayed, their setting content chart is entered. (Normally the setting listed at the top of the chart is the original setting. ) Also, the explanation for items that are not applicable (<Manual Clock Adjustment> etc. ) are entered step by step. 2 Select the menu item Push the Control knob towards [FM] or [AM]. Example: When you want to set the beep sound select the "BEEP" display. 3 Set the menu item Push the Control knob towards [4] or [¢]. 20 | English B64-3453-00_English. indd 20 06. 3. 23 9:03:34 AM In Standby mode In Audio file source Touch Sensor Tone Setting the operation check sound (beep sound) ON/OFF. Display "BEEP ON" "BEEP OFF" Setting Beep is heard. Beep canceled. Supreme Setting When MP3 or WMA files encoded at a low bit rate (less than 96kbps (fs=32k, 44. 1k, 48kHz)) are played, this function restores their high frequency region to approach the sound quality of equivalents of these files encoded at a high bit rate. Processing is optimized for the compression format used (MP3, or WMA), and adjustment is made for the bit rate used. Display "SPRM ON" "SPRM OFF" Setting Plays sound using the Supreme function. Plays the original sound stored in the audio file. In Standby mode Manual Clock Adjustment • You can do this adjustment when the <Synchronize Clock> (page 21) is set as OFF. 1 Select Clock Adjustment mode Push the Control knob towards [FM] or [AM]. Select the "CLK ADJ" display. • The sound effect may be imperceptible depending on the relationship between the audio file format and setting. 2 Enter Clock Adjust mode Press the Control knob for at least 1 second. The clock display blinks. 3 Adjust the hours Push the Control knob towards [FM] or [AM]. Adjust the minutes Push the Control knob towards [4] or [¢]. 4 Exit Clock adjustment mode Press the [MENU] button. In Standby mode Synchronize Clock Synchronizing the RDS station time data and this unit’s clock. [. . . ] Even though Synchronize Clock is ON, the clock can’t be adjusted. ☞ Receive another RDS station. ? ? ? ? ? Tuner source ? Radio reception is poor. ☞ Connect the wire correctly, referring to the section on <Connecting Wires to Terminals>. English | 29 B64-3453-00_English. indd 29 06. 3. 23 9:03:39 AM Troubleshooting Guide Disc source Audio file source ? The specified disc does not play, but another one plays instead. ☞ Clean the CD, referring to the CD cleaning of the section on <About CDs> (page 7). [. . . ]


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