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[. . . ] CD-RECEIVER KDC-X9006U INSTRUCTION MANUAL HD © B64-3770-00/00 (MW) B64-3770-00_00_M_English. indd 1 07. 5. 10 2:03:30 PM Contents Safety precautions Notes General features Power Selecting the Source Volume Attenuator Loudness Audio Control Audio Setup Subwoofer Output Supreme Setting TEL Mute Function Control mode Sound Management system Position Control Equalizer Control WOW HD Control Memory mode Memory Recall mode Display Type Selection Status Setting Graphic Display Selection Text Display Selection The text display Font Color Selection Icon Display Switching Station/Disc Naming (SNPS/DNPS) Angle Control Theft Deterrent Faceplate 3 4 7 Disc Search/Folder/Album Search Direct Music Search Direct Disc Search Play function of CD and Audio file File Select Text/Title Scroll Recording & Downloading About Internal Memory Copying from USB device Setting the recordable time Recording music CD Deleting files in memory 26 Menu system 30 Tuner/TV control features Tuning Tuning Mode Direct Access Tuning Station Preset Memory Auto Memory Entry Preset Tuning Frequency Step Setting TV Tuning TV channel Preset Memory Preset TV Tuning Direct TV Tuning 19 Menu System Security Code Source Select Mode iPod mode setting Touch Sensor Tone Manual Clock Adjustment Date Adjustment Date Mode DSI (Disabled System Indicator) Display Illumination Control Dimmer Contrast Adjustment Display-reversing Setting Built-in Amp Setting Dual Zone System Setting B. M. S. Frequency Offset AMP Control CRSC (Clean Reception System Circuit) Auxiliary Input Display Setting & Station/Disc Naming Selecting Chinese Characters Text Scroll Built-in Auxiliary input Setting CD Read Setting Picture downloading Firmware version display Internal Memory Format Demonstration mode setting Basic Operations of remote control 38 Accessories/ Installation Procedure 40 22 Connecting Wires to Terminals Installation Troubleshooting Guide Specifications 41 42 44 47 CD/Audio file (USB/iPod/Internal Memory) control features Playing CD & Audio file Playing USB (iPod) device Playing Internal Memory Playing External Disc Pause and play Drive Search Fast Forwarding and Reversing Music Search 2 | English B64-3770-00_00_M_English. indd 2 07. 5. 10 2:03:31 PM Safety precautions 2WARNING To prevent injury or fire, take the following precautions: • To prevent a short circuit, never put or leave any metallic objects (such as coins or metal tools) inside the unit. • Do not watch or fix your eyes on the unit’s display when you are driving for any extended period. • Mounting and wiring this product requires skills and experience. [. . . ] Selecting a music will play it from the beginning. Cancelling File Select Press the [FNC] button. ⁄ • Even when the iPod is connected, you can change the operation method from <Operation method for iPod> to <Operation method for other than iPod>. Refer to <iPod mode Setting> (page 31). Text/Title Scroll Scrolling the displayed CD text, Audio file text, or MD title. Push the Control knob toward up for at least 2 seconds. Function of Audio file File Select Selecting the music you want to listen to from the device or media being played now. ⁄ • When the <Display Illumination Control> (page 33) is set to OFF, the display may black out while scrolling. 1 Enter File Select mode Turn the Control knob. 2 Search for music Select the category item using the Control knob. Operation system for iPod Operation type Movement between items Selection of item Return to previous item Return to first item Operation Turn the Control knob. Push the Control knob towards up for at least 1 second. Operation system for other than iPod Operation type Movement between items Selection of item Return to previous item Return to first item Operation Turn the Control knob. Push the Control knob towards left for at least 1 second. English | 25 B64-3770-00_00_M_English. indd 25 07. 5. 10 2:03:46 PM Recording & Downloading Control knob FNC Memory size Function icon About Internal Memory Audio files can be stored in internal memory. Audio files can be stored by recording a music CD or copying from a USB device. To play the stored audio file, refer to <CD/Audio file (USB/iPod/Internal Memory) control features> (page 22). 240 tracks (Assuming that each tracks is in the 64 kbps WMA format with playback time of about 4 min. ) • Do not press the reset button or remove the battery while recording, copying, or erasing. • The audio file in the internal memory cannot be copied to another media. • Only the following controls can be used while recording, copying, or erasing: - Volume - Attenuator - Power off ⁄ Notes on recording, copying, and erasing • Kenwood will not be responsible for the loss or damage to the music or sound data in case recording fails due to machine fault or failure. • Audio files may be lost if the engine is started while recording or copying. • Record or copy with the engine running. When recording or copying is interrupted If ACC is turned off while recording or copying, a screen to confirm whether to continue recording or copying appears next time ACC is turned on (Resume function). 1 When "Checking the condition. . . " is displayed, "Continue Ripping?" or "Continue USB Copy?" is also displayed. Recording or copying resumes. 26 | English B64-3770-00_00_M_English. indd 26 07. 5. 10 2:03:46 PM ⁄ • Resume is canceled if "CANCEL" or "NO" is selected. • The resume function may be disabled depending the condition of the vehicle or battery. Record or copy while the engine is running. 4 Start copy Select "OK" using the Control knob. Number of files copied "Completed" is displayed when copying completes. Copying from USB device Copy audio files and folders from USB device to internal memory. USB Cancelling copy 1 Cancel copy Press the [FNC] button. 2 Select "YES" Select "YES" using the Control knob. 5 Exit Copy mode Select "EXIT" using the Control knob. Returns to step 3 if "NEXT" is selected. ( File1 ) ( Int Mem) File1 Folder4 ⁄ • If a folder is selected, the files in the folder are copied. • If there is a file or folder with the same name, a message is displayed. If you select "OK", a number is added as "Name_001". • If there is not enough space for the selected file or folder, "OVER" is displayed. [. . . ] Attempted to display DNPS during the CD play having no disc names preset. The unit is reading the data on the disc, USB device or Internal Memory. If the CD cannot be ejected or the display continues to flash even when the CD has been properly reinserted, please switch off the power and consult your nearest service center. Error 05: Blank Disc: No Track: No Panel: Error 77: ? Audio file source ? The sound skips when an Audio file is being played. ☞ Clean the media, referring to the CD cleaning of the section on <Handling CDs> (page 6). [. . . ]


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