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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Before use 3 Playable disc type 6 Before operating the unit 7 Basic operations -- Control panel 9 Basic operations -- Remote controller 10 When an FM stereo broadcast is hard to receive Tuning in to stations with sufficient signal strength FM station automatic presetting --SSM (Strong-station Sequential Memory) Manual presetting Selecting preset stations Searching for FM RDS programme --PTY Search Activating/deactivating TA/PTY Standby Reception Tracing the same programme --Network-Tracking Reception Automatic station selection --Programme Search Listening to other external components 26 Sound equalization 27 Assigning titles to the sources 28 Menu operations 29 More about this unit 37 Troubleshooting 42 Specifications 44 Selecting playback modes Selecting tracks on the list Prohibiting disc ejection Operations using the remote controller Operations using the on-screen bar (DVD/VCD/DivX/MPEG1/MPEG2/JPEG) To prevent injury or fire, take the following precautions: ⷠTo prevent a short circuit, never put or leave any metallic objects (such as coins or metal tools) inside the unit. ⷠDo not watch or fix your eyes on the unit's display when you are driving for any extended period. If you need to operate the unit while driving, be sure to look around carefully. The monitor built in this unit has been produced with high precision, but it may have some ineffective dots. [. . . ] To deactivate, select <Off> in step 4, Goes off then press ENT once ( page 16). When driving in an area where FM reception is not sufficient enough, this unit automatically tunes in to another FM RDS station of the same network, possibly broadcasting the same programme with stronger signals. When shipped from the factory, Network-Tracking Reception is activated. Usually when you select preset stations, the preset station is tuned in. If the signals from the FM RDS preset station are not sufficient for good reception, this unit, using the AF data, tunes in to another frequency broadcasting the same programme as the original preset station is broadcasting. ( page 33) · The unit takes some time to tune in to another station using programme search. The disc type is automatically detected, and playback starts automatically (for some discs: automatic start depends on its internal program). If a disc does not have any disc menu, all tracks in it will be played repeatedly until you change the source or eject the disc. If " " appears on the monitor, the unit cannot accept the operation you have tried to do. ⷠIn some cases, without showing " ", operations will not be accepted. Lower the volume before playing a disc to avoid damaging the speakers by the sudden increase of the output level. While playing the following discs, press · Each time you press the button, playback picture and disc information screens appear alternately. 4 ¢ Press: Select track Hold: Reverse/forward search for DivX/MPEG*2 5 Press: Select folder Hold: Display Folder List PBC indicator lights up when PBC is in use. Tag data will be shown instead of folder/file names when they are recorded and <Tag Display> is set to <On>. You can use only one of the following playback modes--Intro/Repeat/Random. When one of the playback modes is selected, the corresponding indicator lights up on the disc information screen. The display indications may change according to change of the specifications. ­15 (darkest) to +15 (brightest); Initial 00 You can adjust the following to make the monitor clear and legible for watching the playback picture. the setting will be stored separately for "DISC" and "AV-IN". ­15 to +15; Initial 0 Bright : Adjust if the picture is too bright or too dark. ( Installation/Connection Manual) *2 Adjustable only when the source is a disc containing pictures or movies, or "AV-IN". For the other video sources: Aspect ratio is fixed to <Regular>. [. . . ] Next time you select "DISC" for the playback source, disc play starts from where it stopped previously. This unit can play back the files meeting the conditions below: ­ Bit rate: MP3/WMA: 32 kbps -- 320 kbps ­ Sampling frequency: 48 kHz, 44. ⷠThis unit can play back files recorded in VBR (variable bit rate). This unit cannot play back the following files: ­ MP3 files encoded with MP3i and MP3 PRO format. [. . . ]


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