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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] · If the unit starts to emit smoke or strange smells, turn off the power immediately and consult your Kenwood dealer. · Make sure not to get your fingers caught between the faceplate and the unit. · Be careful not to drop the unit or subject it to strong shock. · Do not touch the liquid crystal fluid if the LCD is damaged or broken due to shock. [. . . ] Character type Alphabet upper case Alphabet lower case Numbers and symbols Special characters (Accent characters) Select the characters Press the [FM] or [AM] button. Characters can be entered by using a remote with a number button. Example: If "DANCE" is entered. 3 4 Text/Title Scroll Scrolling the displayed CD text or MD title. Press the [DISP] button for at least 1 second. 5 DNPP (Disc Name Preset Play) (Function of Remote) Selecting the CD displayed in the DNPS of the CDs set in the Disc changer. Character "D" "A" "N" "C" "E" Button [#3] [#2] [#6] [#2] [#3] #Times pressed 1 1 2 3 2 1 Enter DNPP mode Press the [DNPP] button on the remote. When "DNPP" is displayed the DNPS display in order. Forward / Reverse display Press the [DISC­] or [DISC+] button. 6 Repeat steps 3 through 5 and enter the name. 2 -- 22 -- When the disc you want is displayed Press the [OK] button on the remote. Menu system The disc being displayed is played. Canceling the DNPP mode Press the [DNPP] button on the remote. AM FM SRC # 1-6 4/¢ MENU Menu display NEWS indicator RDS indicator -- 23 -- Menu system English Menu System Setting during operation beep sound etc. The reference for the Menu items and their setting content is after this operation explanation. Mask Key Because authorization by the Mask Key is required when it's removed from the vehicle, personalizing this unit by using the Mask Key is a help in preventing theft. 1 1 Enter Menu mode Press the [MENU] button for at least 1 second. Example: When you want to set the beep sound select the "Beep" display. Example: When "Beep" is selected, each time the button is pressed it switches "Beep ON" or "Beep OFF". Exit Menu mode Press the [MENU] button. When other items that are applicable to the basic operation method above are displayed afterwards their setting content chart is entered. (Normally the uppermost setting in the chart is the original setting. ) Also, the explanation for items that aren't applicable (<Manual Clock Adjustment>etc. ) are entered step by step. Enter Standby Press the [SRC] button. When "MENU" is displayed, "Mask key" is displayed. Each time the button is pressed the Color mode switches as shown below. -- 26 -- "Contrast 10" . . . Quick call up the preset color Press the [#1] -- [#4] button. Button [#1] [#2] [#3] [#4] Contrast Adjustment Adjusting the display contrast. Color Silky White Red Blue Blue Green Display and Setting "Contrast 0" "Contrast 5" (Original setting) . . . Dimmer Dimming this unit's display automatically when the vehicle light switch is turned ON. Display "Dimmer ON" "Dimmer OFF" Setting The display dims. The display doesn't dim. Display "System Q ON" "System Q OFF" Setting The System Q factors are displayed. (Bass Management System) Adjust the bass boost level of the external amplifier using the main unit. OFF Wait Time Setting Setting the time until the faceplate hide operation starts after the power is turned OFF. Display and Setting "Off Wait 0s" "Off Wait 3s" (Original setting) "Off Wait 25s" . . . . . . Display "AMP Bass FLT" "AMP Bass +6" "AMP Bass +12" Setting Bass boost level is flat. Bass boost level is high (+12dB). Refer to the catalog or instruction manual for power amplifiers that can be controlled from this unit. System Q Setting display/don't display for the System Q factors (Bass center frequency, Bass Q factor, Bass extend, Middle center frequency, Middle Q factor, and Treble center frequency) in Audio control. -- 27 -- Menu system English News Bulletin with Timeout Setting It switches automatically when a news bulletin starts even if the radio isn't being listened to. [. . . ] You're trying to enter a frequency with a 0. 01 MHz unit. 42 What can be designated in the FM band is to 0. 1 MHz. -- 38 -- ? The specified disc does not play, but another one plays instead. 52 The specified CD is quite dirty. The disc is loaded in a different slot from that specified. 54 Eject the disc magazine and check the number for the specified disc. The disc is severely scratched. 55 Try another disc instead. If the following situations, consult your nearest service center: · Even though the disc changer is connected, the Disc Changer source is not ON, with "AUX" showing in the display during the Changer Mode. · Even though no device (KCA-S210A, CA-C1AX, KDC-CPS87, KDC-CX87, KDC-CPS85, KDC-CX85, KDC-CPS82 or KDC-CX82) is connected, the Auxiliary input is entered when switching modes. ? [. . . ]


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