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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] · Make sure not to get your fingers caught between the faceplate and the unit. · Be careful not to drop the unit or subject it to strong shock. · Do not touch the liquid crystal fluid if the LCD is damaged or broken due to shock. The liquid crystal fluid may be dangerous to your health or even fatal. [. . . ] Press the same button again to start play again. NOTE · Depending on the type of characters of the CD Text, some characters may not be displayable. Fast Forwarding and Reversing Disc Play Fast Forwarding Disc Play: Hold down on the ¢ button. Release your finger to play the disc at the point. NOTE · When one disc has finished playing its last track, the next disc in the changer starts playing. When the last disc in the changer has finished, the player returns to the first disc and starts playing it. (KRC-877R/877W/777R only) Switching Display for Discs Switch the display that appears whilst discs are playing. You cannot use reverse play between tracks depending on the model being connected. Instead, the reverse play function is cancelled when it reaches the beginning of a track, at which point normal play automatically resumes. Switching Display for Discs: Each time you press the DISP button, the display during disc play switches as follows. Track time Disc name (DNPS) Disc title (Units featuring CD text/MD only) Track title (Units featuring CD text/MD only) NOTE · You can give names to discs through the presetting disc name function (see p. · If you try to display the name of a disc that does not have one, "NO NAME" is displayed instead. · When there is an attempt to display the title of a disc for which the disc title/track title has not been recorded, "NO TEXT" is displayed for CD and "NO NAME" is displayed for MD. -- 23 -- External disc control features English Track Search Search forwards or backwards through the tracks on the disc until you reach the one that you want to listen to. Play starts at the beginning of the displayed disc. NOTE Making a Reverse Track Search: Press the 4 button to display the desired track number. Press once to search back to the beginning of the current track, twice to search back to the beginning of the previous track, and so forth. Play starts at the beginning of the displayed track number. NOTE "LOAD" is displayed when discs are being exchanged on the disc changer. Track / Disc Repeat Repeat playing the current track or disc. Pressing the 4 button whilst listening to track 1 only searches back to the beginning of that track. The reverse search is not "recycled" to the last track on the disc. The 4 button moves the cursor to the left, and the ¢ button to the right. You can also move the cursor left or right by pressing the TRACK+ or TRACK­ buttons, respectively, on the remote control. 4 Each time the 38 button is pressed, the characters to be entered change as listed below. Alphabet (upper case): A ~ Z Alphabet (lower case): a ~ z Numerals and symbols: 1~9 0 @ " ` ` % & + - = , . / \ < > [ ] Special characters: á à é è í ì ó ò ú ù Ñ Ç ® ß < fl â ä ê ëîïôöûüñç©Æ>fi NOTE This function is not available with the following models: KDC-C200/C300/C400/C301/C401 2 To change the track being heard, press the ¢ button. Another disc/track is selected and played. NOTE · The magazine random play function is cancelled when you stop playing a disc. · The time needed for random selection depends on the number of discs loaded in the disc magazine. Presetting Disc Names Store the names of discs to be displayed when played. 1 Play the disc whose name you want to preset. NOTE · This function is not available for disc changers that do not feature the Disc Name Preset function. · This procedure is not to be used to store the disc and track titles for MDs that you record. The operation and characters that can be entered may change as listed below, depending on the unit that is connected. Operations can be followed again from Step 2 at a time such as this, and the characters to be input are selected using the procedure described below. Besides the alphabet (capital letters only) and numbers, you can choose the following characters: /, +, ­, *, =, <, >, [ and ]. 5 Continue steps 3 and 4 until all the characters are chosen for the name. 2 Hold down the NAME. S button for two seconds or more. "NAME SET" is displayed and the disc name preset mode is 6 Press either the NAME. S button on the main unit or the OK -- 26 -- button on the remote control. If you make no entry in a 10-second period, the name will be stored with the characters input so far. NOTE · The number of characters and discs whose names can be stored will differ depending on the disc changer that is connected. · Discs are identified by their total length and number of tracks. If another disc happens to have the same specifications as one that you have already stored a name for, the name will be displayed for it, too. [. . . ] Connect the cable correctly, referring to the section on "Connecting Cables to Terminals". Warm up your car. Radio reception is poor. The car antenna is not extended. The antenna control cable is not connected. The faceplate does not open or close. The ambient temperature is too low. -- 45 -- Troubleshooting Guide PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE The battery cable has not been connected to the proper terminal. The TEL mute function turns on even though the TEL mute cable is not connected. [. . . ]


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