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[. . . ] Error Specifications 96 98 100 102 English 3 B64-4280-00_00_English. indd 3 08. 10. 31 2:19:04 PM How to read this manual This manual uses illustrations to explain its operations. The displays and panels shown in this manual are examples used to provide clear explanations of the operations. For this reason, they may be different from the actual displays or panels used, or some display patterns may be different. Seek Mode Sets a station selection. The mode is switched in following order each time you touch the button. Display "AUTO1" "AUTO2" "MANU" Setting Tunes in a station with good reception automatically. [. . . ] • Initials including no corresponding name will not be displayed. • During search, a non-accent character such as "u" is searched for instead of an accent character such as "ü". 6 Phonebook data list. "REC" turns on for data with voice for voice recognition already registered. 9 Registers the voice for voice recognition to the selected Phonebook. If there are already 35 voice tag registered in the same cellphone, [Record] button is deactivated. 4 Select the phone number to call 14 16 15 17 18 54 KVT-514/KVT-935DVD B64-4280-00_00_English. indd 54 08. 10. 31 2:19:52 PM Making a Call Using Outgoing/Incoming Call Records Calls by selecting a phone number from the outgoing or incoming calls list. 1 Display the Outgoing Calls or Incoming Calls screen ⁄ • The Outgoing Calls list screen or Incoming Calls list screen shows the list of the calls originated from or received at this unit. They are not the ones stored in the cell-phone memory. : Outgoing Calls : Incoming Calls The Outgoing Calls or Incoming Calls list screen appears. 2 Select from calls list Example : Outgoing Calls screen 1 3 4 2 5 2 6 1 2 3 4 Outgoing Calls list. 3 Make a call English 55 B64-4280-00_00_English. indd 55 08. 10. 31 2:19:53 PM Hands Free Unit Control Calling by Voice Recognition Calls by recognizing the registered voice. ⁄ • In order to perform voice recognition, voice must be registered in the Phonebook data. Or, to perform voice recognition by Phone number category (Home, Office, Mobile etc. ) of Phonebook data, a key word voice must be registered. 3 Display voice registration screen ⁄ • A message is displayed if the voice is not recognized. • Repeat from 1st try if the voice is different from the 1st try. English 59 B64-4280-00_00_English. indd 59 08. 10. 31 2:19:55 PM Hands Free Unit Control Phone Number Preset Registers frequently used phone number to Hands Free control screen preset button. 1 Display the Hands Free Preset List screen Display the "Hands Free" screen and touch [Setup]. See <Control Screen Function> (page 50). p Deletes the currently displayed phone number. 4 Search phone number to register with each function 5 Register phone number ⁄ • Press [Delete] to delete the registered phone number. 2 Select the Preset number to register 1 1 Returns to the Hands-Free Set Up screen. 3 Select the search destination of the number to register 2 3 9 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Registers from SMS incoming calls list. 60 KVT-514/KVT-935DVD B64-4280-00_00_English. indd 60 08. 10. 31 2:19:56 PM SMS (Short Message Service) Uses SMS function. 1 Display the SMS Select screen SMS Message screen 10 11 12 13 12 2 Select a function 1 p Calls the number in the selected message. 4 Create a message 15 2 3 4 5 14 17 14 17 18 19 20 21 22 16 1 Displays received message list. s Returns to the previous screen. 8 6 Calls the number in the selected message. 9 Displays the selected message. English 61 B64-4280-00_00_English. indd 61 08. 10. 31 2:19:57 PM Setup Menu You can set up various receiver parameters. Setup Menu Displays the Setup menu to set various functions. [. . . ] USB Device Error!!: The connected USB device is rated a current capacity higher than the allowable limit. ➡ Use the unit again after reducing the temperature inside the vehicle. Hold Error : Activation of the protective circuit when the temperature inside the disc changer is higher than 60 degrees Celsius stops the disc changer from operating. At such times this message will appear. ➡ Use when the temperature at the site where the disc changer has been fitted has dropped. Mecha Error : The disc player is malfunctioning. ➡ Check the USB device. Some trouble may have occurred to the connected USB device. ➡ Eject the disc and try inserting it again. Contact the Kenwood dealer if this indicator continues blinking or the disc cannot be ejected. Disc Error : ➡ Change the source to any source other than USB. Remove the USB device. Authorization Error: Connection to the iPod has failed. ➡ Remove the iPod and then reconnect it. The unit does not support the iPod. An unplayable disc is inserted. Read Error : Disc is quite dirty. ➡ See <iPod that can be connected to this unit> (page 7). Update your iPod: The iPod's software is an older version which the unit can not support. ➡ Clean the disc, referring tot he section on <Handling discs> (page 6). Disc is upside down. ➡ Load the disc with the labeled side up. Region code Error : The disc you wanted to play has a region code that cannot be played with this unit. [. . . ]


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