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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] This voice coding Technology is licensed solely for use within this Communications Equipment. The user of this Technology is explicitly prohibited from attempting to extract, remove, decompile, reverse engineer, or disassemble the Object Code, or in any other way convert the Object Code into a human-readable form. Ensure that there are no metallic items located between the transceiver and the battery pack. If the die-cast chassis or other transceiver part is damaged, do not touch the damaged parts. [. . . ] B) When you disassemble the transceiver or open the cover of the option board, IP67 will no longer be maintained. After disassembling the transceiver or opening the cover of the option board, if you want to continue maintaining IP67, contact your dealer or Authorized Service Center. If it is soaked in muddy water or salt water (including sea water), then wipe dry with a soft cloth. If water is splashed onto the microphone, the battery, or the antenna terminal, clean and dry them with a soft cloth before reconnecting to the transceiver. When water gets into the microphone opening or the speaker grill, the voice level may become low or distorted. kenwood , may reduce or void the water resistant and dust resistant performance. When using an option with the transceiver, ensure that it corresponds with the IP67 standard. Extreme heat, deteriorate, or cause other forms of damage to the battery. The battery pack has a safety function and protection circuit to avoid danger. If they suffer serious damage, the battery may Do not short-circuit the battery!Do not join the + and ­ terminals using any form of metal (such as a paper clip or wire). Lock the safety catch to prevent accidentally releasing the battery pack. To remove the battery pack, lift the safety catch, press the release latch, then pull the transceiver. note: For battery pack charging procedures and useage , refer to the battery charger Instruction Manual. Before charging a battery pack that is attached to the While operating the transceiver using a Li-ion battery pack in operating time may be shortened. Connector on the top of the transceiver by holding the antenna at its base and turning Note: If the belt clip is not installed, its mounting location may get hot during continuous a hot environment. Insert the cap into place over the universal connector and secure it in place using the attached Auxiliary key Transmit/ Receive/ Battery low indicator Auxiliary key Transmit/ Receive/ Battery low indicator These keys can a programmable function key is programmed as "Function". Select the desired zone using the key programmed as Zone Select or Zone Up/Down channels. ID names and number by pressing the key programmed as Display Note: If the default settings for and the Selector knob have been changed, use the appropriate Making Group Calls (Digital) (NX-200/ NX-300 Only) Group or Group + Status, you can select a group ID from the list to make a call to those parties on a Conventional channel. To select a group ID: 1 Press the key programmed as Group or Group + Status. If signaling has been if the received signal matches your transceiver settings. Receiving Group Calls (Digital) When you receive a group call on a Conventional channel and the received group ID matches the ID set up on your transceiver, you can hear the caller's voice. [. . . ] To turn the VOX function OFF, press and hold the VOX key again, for 2 seconds. Note: level, louder received signals may cause the transceiver to transmit. Your dealer can activate a variety of transceiver functions to Note: Removing or leaving the battery pack uncharged for To set the year and cycle to the month setting. The Time-out Timer is used to prevent you from using a PTT The Battery Saver can be activated only on Conventional being performed. [. . . ]


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