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[. . . ] TK-2402 TK-3402 TK-2402V TK-3402U VHF FM TRANSCEIVER UHF FM TRANSCEIVER INSTRUCTION MANUAL ÉMETTEUR-RÉCEPTEUR FM VHF ÉMETTEUR-RÉCEPTEUR FM UHF MODE D’EMPLOI TRANSCEPTOR FM VHF TRANSCEPTOR FM UHF MANUAL DE INSTRUCCIONES © B62-2479-00 (K, P) 09 08 07 06 05 04 03 02 01 00 TK-2402 TK-3402 TK-2402V TK-3402U INSTRUCTION MANUAL ENGLISH VHF FM TRANSCEIVER UHF FM TRANSCEIVER THANK YOU We are grateful you have chosen KENWOOD for your land mobile radio applications. NOTICES TO THE USER ◆ ◆ ◆ Government law prohibits the operation of unlicensed radio transmitters within the territories under government control. Safety: It is important that the operator is aware of, and understands, hazards common to the operation of any transceiver. Terminal Descriptions Speaker/ Microphone Jacks It is possible to use a resin-based cover for the Speaker/ Microphone jacks. [. . . ] 1 Set the Channel selector to channel 1, then pull the Channel selector knob off the transceiver. € If the Channel selector is not positioned at channel 1, the Channel selector knob may not install correctly and the channel may be unable to be changed. 3 Set the arrow of the Channel stopper to the highest channel number for the transceiver. € You can set the Channel stopper position for channels 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14. INSTALLING THE ANTENNA Antenna Screw the antenna into the connector on the top of the transceiver by holding the antenna at its base and turning it clockwise until secure. Note: The antenna is neither a handle, a key ring retainer, nor a speaker/ microphone attachment point. Using the antenna in these ways may damage the antenna and degrade your transceiver’s performance. 2 INSTALLING/ REMOVING THE BATTERY PACK ◆ ◆ Do not short the battery terminals or dispose of the battery by fire. When the charger will not be used for a long time, unplug the AC adapter from the AC outlet. Note: ◆ When the indicator blinks red, the battery pack is either defective or the battery pack contacts are not properly mated with those of the charger. — When the indicator flashes green and orange, the battery pack has not satisfied the charging start temperature. Remove the battery pack from the charger and wait until it reaches a normal temperature before charging it again. — The ambient temperature should be between 41°F and 104°F (5°C and 40°C) while charging is in progress. — The battery pack life is over when its operating time decreases even though it is fully and correctly charged. INSTALLING THE CAP OVER THE SPEAKER/ MICROPHONE JACKS Install the cap over the speaker/ microphone jacks when not using an optional speaker/ microphone. Note: To keep the transceiver water resistant, you must cover the speaker/ microphone jacks with the supplied cap. 1 Place the cap over the jacks so that the locking tabs insert into the transceiver grooves. 2 While holding the cap in place, push it towards the bottom of the transceiver until the tabs on the cap click into place. € To remove the cap, hold the top of the cap in place with your finger while inserting a 2 mm or smaller flat blade screwdriver under the bottom of the cap. Slowly slide the screwdriver in until its tip touches the tab inside the cap, then gently pry the cap up (handle of screwdriver moving away from the transceiver) to remove the cap. 5 INSTALLING THE OPTIONAL SPEAKER/ MICROPHONE (OR HEADSET) Note: The transceiver is not fully water resistant when using a speaker/ microphone or headset. 1 Insert the speaker/ microphone (or headset) plugs into the speaker/ microphone jacks of the transceiver. [. . . ] € • 6 Turn the transceiver power OFF and the ON again to activate VOX. Note: ◆ The transceiver will automatically return to normal operation if no action is performed for 20 seconds. — VOX Gain level 1 is the least sensitive and VOX Gain level is 10 is the most sensitive. — If a headset is connected to the transceiver while the VOX function is switched ON and the VOX Gain level is configured to a higher, more sensitive level, louder received signals may cause the transceiver to start transmission. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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