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[. . . ] Neither is any liability assumed for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein. Kenwood reserves the right to make changes to any products herein at any time for improvement purposes. CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION 1. The command formats of the panel connected to the main unit are different for TM-V71A/V71E and TM-D710GA/ D710E. So, the main unit section MPU (IC918) judges the type of the panel connected, when power is turned on and communication starts. [. . . ] R870 R871 R872 R874 R875, 876 R877 R878, 879 R880 R882 R883 R884 R885 R886, 887 R888 R889, 890 R891 R892 R906 R908-910 R911 R912, 913 R916 R917, 918 R919 R920 R921-923 R924 R925 R927 R928 R930 R931 R932 R934-939 R940 R942, 943 R944 R945 R946 R950 R951, 952 R953 R954, 955 R956 R957-963 R965 R967 R968 R969 R971 R979 R980 R981 R982 R983 R984 R985, 986 R987 R990 R991 New Address parts Parts No. RK73HB1J473J RK73GB2A185J RK73HB1J102J RK73HB1J103J RK73HB1J124J RK73HB1J334J RK73HB1J103J RK73HB1J224J RK73HB1J564J RK73HB1J101J RK73HB1J124J RK73HB1J394J RK73HB1J103J RK73HB1J124J RK73HB1J103J RK73HB1J223J RK73HB1J563J RK73HB1J332J RK73HB1J103J RK73HB1J224J RK73HB1J562J RK73HB1J473J RK73HB1J000J RK73HB1J473J RK73HB1J000J RK73HB1J473J RK73HB1J104J RK73HB1J223J RK73HB1J473J RK73HB1J823J RK73HB1J473J RK73HB1J000J RK73HB1J473J RK73HB1J473J RK73GB2A821J RK73HB1J334J RK73HB1J183J RK73HB1J153J RK73HB1J473J RK73HB1J102J RK73HB1J000J RK73HB1J102J RK73HB1J000J RK73HB1J102J RK73HB1J000J RK73FB2B122J RK73GB2A000J RK73FB2B122J RK73EB2E000J RK73GB2A000J RK73HB1J682J RK73HB1J000J RK73FB2B330J RK73HB1J102J RK73HB1J101J RK73HB1J102J RK73HB1J000J RK73EB2E000J RK73EB2E102J RK73HB1J104J CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R Description 47K 1. 8M 1. 0K 10K 120K 330K 10K 220K 560K 100 120K 390K 10K 120K 10K 22K 56K 3. 3K 10K 220K 5. 6K 47K 0. 0 47K 0. 0 47K 100K 22K 47K 82K 47K 0. 0 47K 47K 820 330K 18K 15K 47K 1. 0K 0. 0 1. 0K 0. 0 1. 0K 0. 0 1. 2K 0. 0 1. 2K 0. 0 0. 0 6. 8K 0. 0 33 1. 0K 100 1. 0K 0. 0 0. 0 1. 0K 100K J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J 1/16W 1/10W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/10W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/8W 1/10W 1/8W 1/4W 1/10W 1/16W 1/16W 1/8W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/4W 1/4W 1/16W Destination Ref. R992 R993 R994 R995 R996 R997 R998, 999 D1 D2 D3, 4 D5, 6 D10-13 D14-19 D20, 21 D22-29 D30-35 D66 D67 D68, 69 D70, 71 D130, 131 D132 D133 D134, 135 D136 D160, 161 D162 D163 D164, 165 D166 D186, 187 D188, 189 D190 D191, 192 D193 D226, 227 D229 D230, 231 D232 D233, 234 D238 D239, 240 D241 D242, 243 D291, 292 D294 D295, 296 D297 D298, 299 D303 D304, 305 D306 D307, 308 D356 D361-363 D364, 365 D367, 368 D370, 371 D375, 376 New Address parts Parts No. RK73HB1J274J RK73HB1J103J RK73EB2E102J RK73HB1J332J RK73HB1J223J RK73HB1J183J RK73HB1J000J 1SS400 DA221 1SS400 MA2S077-F HSC277 HVC131 HSC277 HVC131 HSC277 1SS400 DA221 1SS400 MA2S077-F HVC131 1SS355 EDZ5. 1B L407CDB 1SS355 HVC131 1SS355 EDZ5. 1B L407CDB 1SS355 MA4PH633 HVU131-E 1SS400 MA3J742 EDZ5. 1B HSC277 HSC277 1SV325F HSC277 1SV325F HSC277 1SV325F HSC277 1SV325F HSC277 HSC277 1SV325F HSC277 1SV325F HSC277 1SV325F HSC277 1SV325F HVC131 HSC277 BBY65-02V BBY65-02V BBY65-02V BBY65-02V CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R CHIP R DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE ZENER DIODE DIODE (50V/1W) DIODE DIODE DIODE ZENER DIODE DIODE (50V/1W) DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE ZENER DIODE DIODE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE DIODE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE DIODE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE Description 270K 10K 1. 0K 3. 3K 22K 18K 0. 0 J J J J J J J 1/16W 1/16W 1/4W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W 1/16W Destination M4 E 26 TM-D710GA/D710E PARTS LIST TX-RX UNIT (X57-731X-XX) Ref. D377 D378, 379 D406-408 D409, 410 D412, 413 D415, 416 D419 D420, 421 D423, 424 D451 D456 D457 D486, 487 D488 D489 D546, 547 D576 D578 D580 D582, 583 D584 D606 D607 D608 D609 D610, 611 D612 D701 D703-705 D707 D708 D709 D710 D751 D753-755 D757 D758 D759 D760 D801 D802 D916 D951-953 D954 D955 D956 D957 IC1 IC66 IC131 IC161 IC186 IC187 IC486 IC487 IC546 IC576, 577 IC578 IC579 IC606 New Address parts Parts No. BBY53-05W BBY65-02V HSC277 BBY65-02V BBY65-02V BBY65-02V BBY53-05W BBY65-02V BBY65-02V HVC131 HSC277 HVC131 DAN235E RB706F-40 HSC277 DAN235E DAN222 1SS400 DAN222 DAN222 DAP202K 1SS400 DA221 1SS400 DA221 DSM3MA1-RPB 22ZR-10D HSC277 1SV325F 1SV325F HSC277 1SV323F 1SV278F HSC277 1SV325F 1SV325F HSC277 1SV323F 1SV278F DAN222 1SS372F 02DZ18F-X, Y DA221 1SS355 EDZ5. 1B MINISMDC110F16 1SR154-400 MB15A02PFV2E1 MB15A02PFV2E1 RA60H13171123 RA60H40471101 TC7W66FK-F NJM2904V-ZB TA31136FNG TC75W51FUF TA31136FNG BU2099FV KIA7808API TA7805FQ ADM202EARUZ Description VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE DIODE SURGE ABSORBER DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE VARIABLE CAPACITANCE DIODE DIODE DIODE ZENER DIODE DIODE DIODE ZENER DIODE VARISTOR DIODE MOS-IC MOS-IC MOS-IC MOS-IC MOS-IC MOS-IC MOS-IC MOS-IC MOS-IC MOS-IC MOS-IC MOS-IC MOS-IC Destination Ref. IC666 IC667 IC668 IC801 IC802, 803 IC804 IC805 IC806 IC807 IC916 IC917 IC918 IC918 IC919, 920 IC921 IC951 IC952 IC953 Q1 Q2 Q3, 4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8, 9 Q66 Q67 Q68, 69 Q70 Q71 Q72 Q73, 74 Q131 Q132 Q161 Q162 Q163 Q186 Q226, 227 Q228 Q229 Q291, 292 Q293 Q294 Q361 Q362, 363 Q400 Q406 Q407, 408 Q450 Q456 Q457 Q459 Q486-488 Q489 Q490 Q491 Q492 Q493 Q494 New Address parts Parts No. BU4053BCFV BH2228FV TA4002F-F LA4629 NJM2100V-ZB M62364FP-F NJM2112V-ZB BU8241FS TC7W66FK-F AT25256A10TU27 TC4W53FU-F 3062LFGPUKBVE 3062LFGPUKBWE BD4840FVE LC73881M-E TC74HC4050AFT BAJ0CC0T TA7805FQ 2SC4617(R) 2SA1774(R) 2SC4617(R) 2SC5636 DTC144EE 2SC5636 DTC144EE 2SC4617(R) 2SA1774(R) 2SC4617(R) 2SC5636 DTC144EE 2SC5636 DTC144EE 2SC3357-A(RF) 2SK1830F 2SC3356-A(R24) 2SC3357-A(RF) 2SK1830F DTC144EE 3SK294-FP 3SK318 DTC144EE 3SK294-FP 3SK318 DTC144EE 3SK294-FP 3SK318 DTC144EE 3SK294-FP 3SK318 DTC144EE 2SC5636 3SK318 2SC5066-F(O) 2SK1830F 2SC4617(R) 2SK1830F 2SC4617(R) 2SK1830F DTA114EUA 2SC4617(R) MOS-IC MOS-IC BI-POLAR IC MOS-IC MOS-IC MOS-IC MOS-IC MOS-IC MOS-IC ROM IC MOS-IC MICROPROCESSOR IC MICROPROCESSOR IC MOS-IC MOS-IC MOS-IC BI-POLAR IC MOS-IC TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR DIGITAL TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR DIGITAL TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR DIGITAL TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR DIGITAL TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR FET TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR FET DIGITAL TRANSISTOR FET FET DIGITAL TRANSISTOR FET FET DIGITAL TRANSISTOR FET FET DIGITAL TRANSISTO FET FET DIGITAL TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR FET TRANSISTOR FET TRANSISTOR FET TRANSISTOR FET DIGITAL TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR Description Destination 2B K E, M4 3B 2B 2B 2B If a part reference number is listed in a shaded box, that part does not come with the PCB. 27 TM-D710GA/D710E PARTS LIST TX-RX UNIT (X57-731X-XX) Ref. Q495 Q496 Q546 Q547 Q548, 549 Q550 Q551 Q572 Q573 Q574 Q575 Q576 Q578-580 Q582-584 Q585, 586 Q587-590 Q591 Q592 Q606, 607 Q641 Q642 Q644 Q701, 702 Q703 Q704 Q705, 706 Q707 Q751, 752 Q753 Q754 Q755, 756 Q757 Q801 Q802 Q803, 804 Q805 Q806, 807 Q808 Q809 Q810, 811 Q812 Q816 Q817 Q916-918 Q951, 952 Q953 Q954 Q955 TH102, 103 TH131 TH161 TH485, 486 TH545, 546 New Address parts Parts No. 2SC5636 2SK1830F 2SK1830F 2SC4649(N, P) 2SK1830F DTA114EUA 2SC5636 DTA114EE 2SK1830F DTA114EE 2SK1830F DTA123JUA DTA123JUA DTA123JUA 12A02CH DTA123JUA DTC144EE CPH6122 2SC4617(R) 2SC4617(R) DTC144EE 2SC3356-A(R24) DTC114YE SSM6L05FU-F 2SJ347F 2SK508NV(K52) 2SC5108(Y)F DTC114YE SSM6L05FU-F 2SJ347F 2SK508NV(K52) 2SC5108(Y)F 2SC4919 KRC102S-P DTC363EU 2SC4617(S) 2SC4617(R) 2SC4617(S) 2SK1830F 2SC4617(R) 2SK1830F DTC363EU 2SK1824-A DTC144EE DTC144EE CPH6122 DTA123JUA 2SC4617(R) NCP18XH103J0S NCP18XH103F0S NCP18XH103F0S NCP18XQ102J0S NCP18XQ102J0S X57-7310-61 Description TRANSISTOR FET FET TRANSISTOR FET DIGITAL TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR DIGITAL TRANSISTOR FET DIGITAL TRANSISTOR FET DIGITAL TRANSISTOR DIGITAL TRANSISTOR DIGITAL TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR DIGITAL TRANSISTOR DIGITAL TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR DIGITAL TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR DIGITAL TRANSISTOR FET FET FET TRANSISTOR DIGITAL TRANSISTOR FET FET FET TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR DIGITAL TRANSISTOR DIGITAL TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR FET TRANSISTOR FET DIGITAL TRANSISTOR FET DIGITAL TRANSISTOR DIGITAL TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR DIGITAL TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR THERMISTOR THERMISTOR THERMISTOR THERMISTOR THERMISTOR VCO PCB (SERVICE) Destination Ref. Description Destination 28 TM-D710GA/D710E EXPLODED VIEW A B A B C D E F G H J M3 x 20 2 x 18 : N09-6548-05 : N09-6555-05 : N14-0830-14 : N14-0845-04 : N33-2606-43 : N67-3008-48 : N80-2008-48 : N87-2606-48 : N89-2606-43 Ex2 Ex2 Ex2 1 M2. 6 x 6 (OC) M3 x 8 2x8 2. 6 x 6 (Br-Tap) 2. 6 x 6 (Bi-Tap) 1 Ex2 50 22 4 B 68 41 24 B Hx6 700 F B/4 55 45 38 Hx8 Fx2 G C/4 IC578 Fx2 35 G 43 8 40 2 29x2 51 9 72 44 30 60 62 6 37 43 D/4 Display unit (A/4) F/6 C/6 E/6 TX-RX unit (A/6) B/6 IC161 IC131 20 101x2 X57 Fx2 F IC801 Hx6 23 IC952 61 7 34 D 3 42 TX-RX unit (D/6) 27 Ax4 10 47 58 C C 3 28 Hx2 59 57 57 58 701 J 16: K, M4 17: E J 2 29 Parts with the exploded numbers larger than 700 are not supplied. Frequency counter (f. counter) Input sensitivity: About 50mV Measureable frequency: 450MHz or more 4. DC power supply Voltage: Variable in the range 10 to 17V Current: 13A or more 5. Power meter Measurement power: 60W, 30W, 10W Impedance: 50 Measurable frequency: 450MHz 6. AF valve voltmeter (AF V. M) Input impedance: 1M or more Voltage rane: Full scale=1mV to 30V Measurable frequency range: 50Hz to 10kHz 7. AF generator (AG) Output frequency: 100Hz to 10kHz Output voltage: 0. 5mV to 1V 8. Spectrum analyzer 10) Confirm the PC terminal baud rate speed set to the transceiver by following these steps: (1) Press the [F] key, then press the Tuning control. (4) Turn the Tuning control to select menu number 519 (PC PORT BAUDRATE). 11) Select the confirmed baud rate (from step 10, above) from the "Bits per second" pull-down menu on the " COM1 Properties" window. "APRS 12 OPENING TNC" will appear on the display for approximately 1 second, followed by "APRS12". Kenwood Radio Modem TNC MPU version AX. 25 Level 2 Version 2. 0 Release 23/Jun/07 3Chip ver 1. 00 Checksum $FD16 cmd:DA 070702113600 cmd: 14) To exit the packet mode, press the [TNC] key. Standard signal generator (SSG) The standard signal generator must be able to generate the 1. 3GHz band frequencies and bary the amplitude and frequency. [. . . ] Address IC916 6E Q757 13J D751 13I IC917 8I Q802 6L D753 13H IC918 7H Q916 5H D755 12H IC919 6G Q917 5G D760 12I IC920 6H Q918 6G D916 6G IC921 7J Q952 8J D951 6D Q701 13F Q954 8J D952 7D Q706 12F D701 13F D953 7D Q707 13G D703 13E D955 8J Q751 13I D705 12E Q756 12I D710 12F 11 12 C783 Q757 C782 R780 13 61 14 A B C D E F G H I J 1 TM-D710GA/D710E PC BOARD TX-RX UNIT (X57-731X-XX) (D/6) : CONTROL SECTION 0-11 : K 0-21 : M4 2-71 : E Foil side view (J79-0142-19 D/6) 2 3 Component side Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Layer 4 Foil side AF_ 4 IC801 5 R C C834 Q806 R845 C809 R813 + C811 R812 L922 C821 C915 R997 R815 R818 R821 C829 C828 Q803 R854 C822 C817 L921 C824 R841 + C8 R836 1 12 Q804 6 R857 C851 R849 C845 C849 C852 C805 R803 R804 R805 R814 Q816 R820 R817 C823 C914 R996 7 C978 C972 SCB C891 G CC CC Q953 BE Q951 R990 R994 DE_A R913 R998 C887 R888 R885 R884 C882 R86 C863 C866 C885 R890 8 I R889 R993 8 R969 C884 R887 R882 R883 C883 R886 IC953 C983 14 AVR L9 NC R986 O I D957 C985 C977 C974 9 S5M 49 CB C981 INTSP 4 GND GND CB 1 S5M 50 CN961 10 TX-RX UNIT (F/6) : VCO B SECTION 11 J79-0142-19 F/6 TX-RX UNIT (C/6) : VCO B SECTION J79-0142-19 C/6 R761 8C R773 CN752 E D754 L752 L755 D757 R767 R754 D759 R766 R765 R757 C768 D758 MOD CV V/U SHIFT TX-RX UNIT (B/6) : VCO A SECTION J79-0142-19 B/6 R711 8C R723 CN702 E OUT C708 R710 SD GG DS Q703 D704 L702 L705 D707 R717 R704 CV V/U SHIFT CN701 R715 R707 D709 R716 C718 D708 MOD 12 OUT C758 R760 SD GG DS Q753 C767 C770 C774 C773 L760 C780 R772 D C717 C720 C724 C723 L710 Q705 L706 S G C730 D R722 C728 L707 CN751 Q755 L756 S G D C778 Q754 G S L757 Q704 G D S R703 R753 R770 13 C762 C766 Q752 R720 R702 C701 R752 C751 C716 Q702 C714 R713 C764 R763 C715 C765 C712 62 14 J K L M N O P Q R S PC BOARD TM-D710GA/D710E J79-0142-19 D/6 1 TX-RX UNIT (X57-731X-XX) (D/6) : CONTROL SECTION 0-11 : K 0-21 : M4 2-71 : E Foil side view (J79-0142-19 D/6) 2 R952 16 IC951 9 R953 CP951 R955 R956 SQC RXD PKD PKS TXD GND PB PR R951 R957 R954 C952 3 3 C969 R987 C958 C957 C971 1 8 C953 IC952 1 C980 C984 D956 AF_A R832 C836 R843 C834 Q806 R845 R854 C851 DE_A R913 R998 C887 R888 R885 R884 C882 8 84 C883 R883 R886 S5M 49 AF_B C835 R833 C837 5M R872 C928 + C894 1 Q955 R995 R816 R880 C991 C808 CP803 C857 24 + C840 R836 + C841 R844 R860 R850 R837 C846 C850 Q807 R846 R855 TONE C852 C854 R857 Q810 R861 C863 C866 C885 R890 TO_A 5C R859 DE_B Q811 DTMF C853 C895 C896 C897 C898 C899 C900 C901 C902 C838 R838 R825 R847 C832 C843 R826 R829 Q805 R828 R830 8C C831 C833 D954 R831 C844 C839 R839 R840 C967 C966 C842 C847 R851 Q808 R852 R870 C869 C868 R871 R869 R867 R868 R866 C861 C830 R827 4 5 1 8 IC803 C855 C856 R848 C968 C848 Q809 C858 R853 D G D S 4 5 R981 B/6 R841 MOD CV V/U HIFT CN701 R703 C892 C893 C889 R892 R891 R962 C870 IC806 C903 R863 G Q812 C862 C859 R856 6 MBL (UP) 5M C954 R842 R858 R849 C845 C849 IC805 14 AVREF L951 NC NC S5M 8C 5C 50 C860 S R965 R968 MIC 12 13 R979 C962 C906 C905 C812 C815 C904 C988 R985 C865 C818 C819 PTT HOOK ME GND R862 R912 C864 C867 R999 C873 R875 C877 R877 R876 C878 7 R878 1 ILLM TXD (PC) RXD (PC) SB_C IGN R874 R910 C879 C881 C880 R879 C876 + C872 TO_B CML (DWN) R958 R961 R963 MIC PTT 8C R810 C814 R811 1 + 8 IC802 4 5 C820 D802 C816 R809 C825 R911 R819 7 R935 13 12 Q801 CP802 C875 C874 F951 D801 R806 CP801 IC804 5 R906 R823 C826 R822 C827 + C813 6 1 24 1 R908 R909 G S 8 IC807 4 5 C910 3 R971 R967 8 4 L952 NC RTS (PC) SQC (EXT) PKD (EXT) GND SQ_A TEMP SQ_B DET_A DET_B VBSY VEN DA2_EN TR_CLK B_PLLEN A_PLLEN VGSPLAY VCO_B TCXO_B D + C909 Q817 SIM0 SIM2 9 1 CN960 A_PLLUL PR (PNL) 2099_EN TR_DT SM_A SM_B VTST VPLY GND GND VSF PKS (EXT) PR1 (EXT) B_PLLUL TX-RX UNIT (E/6) : VCO A SECTION J79-0142-19 E/6 CTS (PC) VGSREC TCXO_A VCO_A SIM1 2 10 Ref. Address IC801 4H Q704 13H Q808 5P D708 13I IC802 7O Q705 12I Q809 6O D709 12I IC803 5O Q752 13F Q810 7J D754 11F IC804 8M Q753 13E Q811 7K D757 12F IC805 8J Q754 13E Q812 6N D758 13F IC806 6M Q755 12F Q816 7H D759 12F IC807 8N Q801 7N Q817 9M D801 8N IC951 3O Q803 7I Q951 8H D802 8O IC952 4L Q804 6J Q953 8H D954 5P IC953 8I Q805 5P Q955 5M D956 5M Q702 13I Q806 6J D704 11I D957 9H Q703 13H Q807 6K D707 12I 11 12 13 63 14 TM-D710GA/D710E 64 ANT I/F DC IN 13. 8V FAN INT SP DATA PC I/F M 1 2 7 3 1 5 2 4 6 9 6 3 1 4 2 7 5 8 BB+ SB FAN_C GND NC TXD RTS GND CTS NC RXD NC GND PKS PKD PR1 GND PR9 SQC J801 E11-0425-05 J606 E56-0411-05 J607 E56-0405-05 CN641 E40-6525-05 OUT E 8C CN961 E40-6527-05 CN676 E40-6525-05 1 GND 2 CB INTSP GND GND CB CN702 E40-6770-05 1 2 3 4 3 2 1 SP1 SP2 J802 E11-0425-05 AF2 SP1IN GND AF1 INTSP GND X57-731 (B, E/6) E37-1291-05 VCO A CN701 E40-6771-05 1 2 3 4 CN960 E40-6745-05 J82-0113-05 CN677 E40-6745-05 INTERCONNECTION DIAGRAM TX-RX UNIT X57-731 (A/6) (TX-RX SECTION) SHIFT V/U CV MOD OUT E 8C CN752 E40-6770-05 1 2 3 VCO B X57-731 (C, F/6) CN751 E40-6771-05 1 2 3 4 TX-RX UNIT X57-731 (D/6) (CONTROL SECTION) SHIFT V/U CV MOD SIM2 SIM1 SIM0 VGSREC TCXO_B VCO_A VCO_B TCXO_A VGSPLAY B_PLLUL A_PLLEN A_PLLUL B_PLLEN TR_DT TR_CLK 2099_EN DA2_EN VRST VEN VPLY VBSY GND DET_B PR (PNL) DET_A GND SQ_B SM_B TEMP VSF SQ_A SM_A GND PR1 (EXT) PKD (EXT) PKS (EXT) SQC (EXT) CTS (PC) RTS (PC) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 50 49 48 47 46 45 44 43 42 41 40 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 SIM2 SIM1 SIM0 VGSREC TCXO_B VCO_A VCO_B TCXO_A VGSPLAY B_PLLUL A_PLLEN A_PLLUL B_PLLEN TR_DT TR_CLK 2099_EN DA2_EN VRST VEN VPLY VBSY GND DET_B PR (PNL) DET_A GND SQ_B SM_B TEMP VSF SQ_A SM_A GND PR1 (EXT) PKD (EXT) PKS (EXT) SQC (EXT) CTS (PC) RTS (PC) Voice Stora VGS TM-D710GA/D710E INTERCONNECTION DIAGRAM LCD B38-0926 OPTION Voice Guide & Storage UNIT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15~26 CN642 E40-6389-05 BUSY 1 2 PLAY 3 SO SI 4 CLK 5 EN 6 USEL 7 RST 8 DGND 9 10 GND 11 AO AI 12 GND 13 14 5C 15~26 NC VBSY VPLY SO DATA CLK VEN USEL VRST DGND AGND VAI VAO AGND 5C NC CN1 E40-6759 40 39 38 37 36 35 5 4 3 2 1 CN2 E40-6708 GND SW5V KEY12 VOL_A SQL_A 1 2 3 4 5 CN11 E40-6710 1 2 3 4 5 GND SW5V KEY12 VOL_A SQL_A VGS-1 VOL_A X54-362 (C/4) CN3 E40-6708 GND SW5V KEY13 VOL_B SQL_B 1 2 3 4 5 CN12 E40-6710 1 2 3 4 5 GND SW5V KEY13 VOL_B SQL_B VOL_B X54-362 (D/4) PR1 (EXT) PKD (EXT) PKS (EXT) SQC (EXT) CTS (PC) RTS (PC) RXD (PC) TXD (PC) IGN ILLM SB_C NC 5C NC 8C NC S5M 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 DISPLAY UNIT X54-362 (A/4) J2 E56-0419 GND NC TXD RTS GND CTS NC RXD NC 9 6 3 1 4 2 7 5 8 COM PR1 (EXT) PKD (EXT) PKS (EXT) SQC (EXT) CTS (PC) RTS (PC) RXD (PC) TXD (PC) IGN ILLM SB_C NC 5C NC 8C NC S5M 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 J952 E58-0527-05 PR PB (10VDC) GND TXD PKS PKD RXD SQC 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 E58-0522 J1 CN13 E40-6766 CN4 E40-6765 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 PRI 10V GND TXD PKS PKD RXD SQC J3 E11-0709 TXD 2 RXD 3 GND 1 E30-7639 GPS X54-362 (B/4) J951 E58-0523-05 MBL/UP 8C (8VDC) GND PTT ME MIC NC CM/DWN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 MIC 65 A B C D E TM-D710GA/D710E 1 LCD (B38-0926-05) SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM LCD_VDD 2 DISPLAY UNIT X54-3620-00 (A/4) 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 SVD2 40 VSS 39 MV2 38 MV1 37 VC 36 V1 35 V2 34 V3 33 CAP2+ 32 CAP2- 31 CAP1- 30 CAP1+ 29 NC 28 VOUT 27 NC 26 VDD2 25 NC 24 VDD 23 NC 22 VSS 21 NC 20 VDD 19 VDI 18 D7 17 D6 16 D5 15 D4 14 D3 13 D2 12 D1 11 D0 10 1 NC CN1 RD WR CS C71 C73 C72 1u 1u CONTRAST LV8:11. 8V LV16:13. 2V LV1:11. 0V V3 1u 1u 1u 1u 1u 1u 1u C70 1u C66 0. 1u SDV2 5V D8 DA221 4700p C81 470p 470p C83 C84 D9 DA221 4700p C85 470p C82 D10 DA221 470p C86 D12 DA221 D11 DA221 D13 DA221 D14 DA221 D8-23 OVER VOLTAGE PREVENTION C67 LCD_RES LCD_CS0 LCD_WR 1u C68 1u C69 1u LCD_RD LCD_D7 LCD_D6 LCD_D5 LCD_D4 LCD_D3 LCD_D2 LCD_D1 LCD_D0 LCD_A0 C79 C78 C77 C76 C75 C74 VDIS VDD RES VDI A0 5V D15 DA221 D16 DA221 D17 DA221 D18 DA221 D19 DA221 D20 DA221 D21 DA221 D22 DA221 D23 DA221 3 MHz S1 W02-1978-05 S70-0439-15 MR B C A S2 S1 S13 VFO S12 CAL S11 MR VFO CAL REV TON F KEY POW PM TNC PF2 PF1 LOW KEY S14 F S15 TON S16 REV S17 LOW S18 PF1 S19 PF2 S20 POW S21 PM S22 TNC S23 CP3 RK75HA1J473J CP1 RK74HB1J102J 5V SW Q2 DTA123JUA C41 C43 PWR ON:4. 9V OFF:1. 1V 10 VCC GND C13 SD 7 R48 100 100p C40 100p ToUT 6 RIN C39 L3 RoUT TIN 5 V4 R46 R47 1k 1k GPSTX GPSRX 0. 1u C42 2 C1+ J3 2 TXD 10 11 3 RXD 1 GND R49 100 8 0. 1u 0. 1u ENC_1 ENC_2 S5M_C EEPCS EEPSI R40 R41 47k 47k 1 CS 2 So 3 EEPROM 0. 1u R43 C38 47k R45 47k IC2 AT25256A10TU27 8 VCC 7 HoLD 6 WP 4 SCK 5 GND SI R42 1k DATA R44 1k CLOCK 4 S70-0439-15 5V RS-232C DRIVER IC23 ADM101EARMZ 1 GPS 9 470p C44 C45 COM 9 8 5 7 2 4 1 3 6 10 L2 0. 1u C47 J2 1u RS-232C DRIVER IC7 ADM202EARUZ 1 C1+ 2 V+ 3 C14 T1oUT R1IN R1oUT T1IN T2IN R2oUT C2+ C26 V7 T2oUT 8 R2IN GND VCC 16 15 14 0. 1u C46 C54 0. 1u OP AMP R12 C55 IC22 TC75S51F-F 3 IN(-) TXD(PC) PCRTS PCCTS 1200p 33k R1 C8 47k 0. 1u R3 33k R2 2 VSS 1 IN(+) VDD 5 5V oUT 4 33k 82p RXD CTS GND RTS TXD R31 R34 100 R32 100 100 0. 1u C48 5 13 12 11 10 9 R39 R38 R37 R36 1k 1k 1k 1k RXD(PC) 5 C49 0. 1u R33 R35 0 100 RT 100p C51 100p C50 100p C52 100p C53 RX TX E 10V 10V RK74HB1J473J TXD IC4 TC4S81F-F 1 INB 4 3 2 1 PKS PKD RXD SQC 5 6 7 8 5 6 7 8 PKS PKD RXD SQC 100p 100p 100p 100p C22 C16 C20 C21 1 INB 2 INA 3 VSS oUTX 4 SQCIN PKSOUT VDD 0. 1u R113 1k IC21 TC4S81F-F SW 470p C19 Q10 DTC143EKA DATA R:0V T:4. 9V 5 C18 2 INA 3 VSS oUTX 4 RXD VDD 0. 1u 5 C17 IC4, 5, 21 BUFFER 9. 0V 1 IC6 TA4805BF 2 IN oUT GND 10u16 C15 0. 1u C14 0. 1u C13 C3 1u 3 4 5 IC5 TC4S81F-F 1 VDD INB 2 INA 3 oUTX VSS X54-3620-00 (B/4) J1 CN13 8 7 6 5 PRI 10V GND TXD 1 2 3 4 CN4 D1 1SR154-400 100u25 0. 47u50 TX-RX UNIT (X57-731X-XX)(D/6)-J952 2 3 4 10V GND TXD 7 66 X54-362 (A/4) 1/4, X54-362 (B/4) 1/1 C1 1 PRI 470p C11 0. 1u C12 C2 CP2 6 9. 9V REVERSE CURRENT PREVENTION 5V AVR C57 4. 7u CT G 47k C56 R4 F G H I J SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM DISPLAY UNIT (X54-3620-00) (A/4) LCD_VDD MR VFO CAL REV TON F KEY POW PM TNC TM-D710GA/D710E LCD_VDD 5V LCD_A0 0. 1u C33 R29 47k 1000p CP10 RK74HB1J473J 54 53 52 75 74 73 72 71 70 69 68 67 66 65 64 63 62 61 60 59 58 57 56 NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC PSW LCD_A0 LCD_A1 VCC VSS NC KEY_5 55 KEY_6 KEY_7 KEY_8 KEY_1 KEY_12 KEY_13 KEY_14 KEY_15 KEY_2 51 PF2 PF1 LOW LCD_D7 76 77 78 50 CP13 RK74HB1J473J KEY_9 79 LCD_D7 80 LCD_D6 81 LCD_D5 82 LCD_D4 83 LCD_D3 84 LCD_D2 85 LCD_D1 86 LCD_D0 87 KEY_11 KEY_10 LCD_D6 LCD_D5 LCD_D4 LCD_D3 LCD_D2 LCD_D1 LCD_D0 LCD_RES 88 89 PANEL MPU CONLED STALED GPSLED IC1 30626FHPGKBXC 90 RTC_SDA 91 MR VFO CAL REV TON F KEY POW PM TNC PF2 PF1 LOW VOL_B 92 VOL_A 93 SQL_B 94 AVSS 95 SQL_A L1 96 VREF 97 AVCC 98 PCCTS 99 RTC_SCL PCRTS 470p 2099EN 0. 1u 100 1u CONLED STALED GPSLED PCCTS PCRTS MBLED LCD_RES RXD_INT PKSOUT AMBER CLOCK RESET ENC_1 ENC_2 SQCIN XOUT BYTE SQL_A SQL_B VOL_A VOL_B RTC_SDA 49 KEY_3 KEY_4 48 LCD_CS0 47 TNCRTS 46 TNCCTS 45 MALED 44 WR 43 BHE 42 RD 41 BCLK 40 HLDA 39 HOLD/EPM 38 ALE 37 RDY 36 PKSIN 35 S9600 34 RXD(PC) 33 TXD(PC) 32 FLS_SW 31 CLKFLS 30 RxD 29 TxD TXD(TNC) 28 RXD(TNC) 27 GREEN EEPCS DA_EN INTRA EEPSI 26 BEEP LCD_CS0 LCD_WR LCD_RD CP11 RK74HB1J473J C34 CP12 RK74HB1J473J TNCRTS R30 1k TNCCTS MALED C100 100p R27 10k BT R28 10k PKSIN S9600 R26 R25 1k RXD(PC) 1k TXD(PC) R24 R23 R22 R21 R20 1k 1k CP4 RK75HA1J103J RXD TXD 1k RXD(TNC) 1k TXD(TNC) 100 GREEN DATA VCC VSS NMI XIN C36 C35 C37 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 INT 19 NC 20 21 22 23 24 25 R175 R176 C32 10k R15 FW MBLED R14 R16 R17 R18 5V 470p 0. 1u RTC_SCL PKSOUT 0. 1u R11 2099EN AMBER CLOCK ENC_2 EEPCS R19 DA_EN ENC_1 SQCIN EEPSI BEEP DATA C29 32K_SW RTC_SDA RTC_SCL R9 1k R10 0 C27 22p X1 L77-1950-05 11. 0592MHz C28 22p NORMAL:5V TEST RTC ON:1. 1V R275 150k SW Q9 DTA123JUA R118 R117 RTC IC25 RV5C386A 6 INTRA VSS 4 CLKC 8 OSCOUT SDA 9 OSCIN SCL 1 VDD 32KOUT 2 10 INTRB 3 5 C30 R8 390k 150k R5 330k VOLTAGE DETECT IC24 BD4840FVE 5 VDD 39k R7 4 GND NC VoUT SUB 2 1000p 1000p C24 0. 1u C26 C23 3 2 SUB 3 NC GND 4 1 1 VoUT VDD 0. 1u C80 VOLTAGE DETECT IC3 BD4840FVE 5 150k CLK 7 C126 C127 C128 32K 10V L4 0. 1u 39k C25 R6 X2 32768Hz L77-1802-05 0. 1u 4p 4p GR:9. 7V AM:2. 4V C65 100u16 C63 1u 1u GR:2. 4V AM:9. 7V C31 D30-32, 36, 38, 42, 43 LED(AMBER) D33-35, 39, 41, 44, 45 LED(GREEN) 0. 1u 47k 10k 100 10k 10k 1k 1k 47k D46-48, 52-54 LED(AMBER) D49-51, 55-57 LED(GREEN) 9. 7V AMBER GREEN C6 B30-2290-05 D46 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D52 B30-2290-05 D30 B30-2290-05 D42 B30-2281-05 B30-2293-05 B30-2293-05 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D47 B30-2290-05 D31 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D53 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D48 B30-2290-05 D32 B30-2290-05 D43 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D54 B30-2293-05 B30-2281-05 B30-2293-05 D38 D41 SW D35 D45 R273 0. 1u R65 R66 R74 R77 R78 D51 R79 C62 C64 R69 0. 1u R70 R80 270 270 120 120 270 270 270 D57 270 Q4 DTC144EUA 120 R57 R61 0 0 120 B30-2293-05 67 X54-362 (A/4) 2/4 B30-2293-05 GR:0V AM BRIGHT LV8:2. 5V LV4:0. 9V OFF:0V SW Q6 DTC144EUA B30-2293-05 AM:0V GR BRIGHT LV8:2. 49V LV4:0. 9V OFF:0V R60 R64 1k 1k Q5 CPH6122 SW Q7 CPH6122 SW R71 R72 R75 R76 470 470 470 R58 R59 R62 R63 1k 1k 1k 1k D34 470 D50 D56 B30-2293-05 D36 D39 D44 D33 D49 D55 5V LCD_VDD 68 DTMF SW DATA CLOCK PKTSW 2099EN Q1 DTA123JUA PKTSW DA_EN CLOCK TNC_SEL TNC_CAR PWR ON:5V OFF:1. 4V R51 R50 1k 1k R161 R160 R52 R180 CP7 4. 7k 2. 2k TDATA 1k 1k 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 RK74HB1J473J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0. 1u C59 SW DI LD CLK VDD VIN4 VIN3 VIN2 VIN1 2 oUT_IN1 1 IN_oUT1 VoUT4 VoUT3 VoUT2 VoUT1 Q4 Q3 Q2 Q1 Q0 NC LCK CLK VSS DATA IC19 TC7W66FK-F IC20 M62364FP-F VCC RESET VIN7 VIN8 VDAREF VoUT7 VoUT8 D/A CONVERTER VoUT5 VoUT6 VIN5 VIN6 GND D0 C58 CoNT1 3 CoNT2 6 oUT_IN2 4 5 GND IN_oUT2 7 8 0. 1u IC8 BU2099FV 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 VDD Q10 Q11 OE SO Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 OUTPUT EXPANDER 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 R55 1. 2k 27k R53 1k S5M_C SW R163 100k C99 SW 1u 820 0. 1u 10k 47k R164 R179 R56 C60 47k R162 R165 47k R54 Q3 2SA1162-F(Y) Q16 2SK1824-A TNC ON:4. 9V OFF:2V L11 4. 7u 32K_SW 1200bps:0V 9600bps:4. 9V C61 C4 RDATA 0. 1u 10u16 0. 1u C5 10u16 C101 C123 1500p R155 27k R154 22k C122 C121 0. 068u R151 27k 2. 7k 2. 7k R152 R150 1500p R153 27k TX:1200bps VOL_A VOL_B SQL_A SQL_B TX:9600bps CP5 CP6 RK74HB1J102J RK74HB1J102J R81 B30-2290-05 D60 B30-2290-05 D59 B30-2290-05 D58 D58-60, 64-66 LED(AMBER) 270 K R82 D63 D62 D61 270 R83 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D66 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D65 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D64 D61-63, 67-69 LED(GREEN) 270 R84 D69 D68 D67 270 B30-2293-05 DISPLAY UNIT (X54-3620-00) (A/4) R85 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D72 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D71 B30-2290-05 D70 D70-72, 76-78 LED(AMBER) 270 R86 D75 D74 D73 270 R87 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D78 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D77 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D76 D73-75, 79-81 LED(GREEN) 270 TM-D710GA/D710E X54-362 (A/4) 3/4, X54-362 (C, D/4) 1/1 A B 0. 1u 1000p C118 C117 L17 36 35 34 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 CN2 1 5 4 3 2 5 4 3 2 1 CN3 NC8 NC7 NC6 NC5 NC4 MCIN VSS6 VSS5 CN12 CN11 38 WAY2 39 SPEED 40 LooP 41 S9600 S9600 42 L16 43 VDD8 44 TXX 45 SQIN 46 NC10 47 C120 48 0. 1u CLKIN VSS8 R9600 VSS3 13 I9600 14 C115 1000p C116 12 0. 1u C113 0. 1u C114 0. 1u C90 C89 C87 C94 C93 C96 C95 R1200 15 VR1 R31-0629-15 VR2 R31-0629-15 VDD7 MoUT 19 VDD4 18 VDD3 17 I1200 16 2 3 5 6 8 1 4 7 NC2 20 NC3 21 0. 1u C119 VSS7 VDD6 VDD5 T9600 T1200 37 24 VSS4 23 PLLLoCK 22 1 GND 1 GND 2 SW5V 2 SW5V 3 KEY13 3 KEY12 4 VOL_B 4 VOL_A 5 SQL_B 5 SQL_A R88 D81 D80 D79 L 270 R89 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D84 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D83 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D82 D82-84, 88-90 LED(AMBER) 270 R90 D87 D86 D85 270 R91 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D90 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D89 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D88 D85-87, 91-93 LED(GREEN) 270 R92 D93 D92 D91 270 R93 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D96 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D95 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D94 270 D94-96, 100-102 LED(AMBER) R94 D99 D98 D97 270 M R95 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D102 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D101 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D100 270 D97-99, 103-105 LED(GREEN) R96 D105 D104 D103 270 R97 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D108 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D107 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D106 270 D106-108, 112-114 LED(AMBER) R98 D111 D110 D109 270 R99 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D114 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D113 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D112 270 D109-111, 115-117 LED(GREEN) R100 D117 D116 D115 270 B30-2293-05 B30-2293-05 B30-2293-05 N X54-3620-00 (C/4) X54-3620-00 (D/4) R166 B30-2290-05 D120 IC12 TGT0210Q B30-2290-05 D119 B30-2290-05 D118 2 3 5 6 8 1 4 7 D27-29 D24-26 TNC ASIC 270 OVER VOLTAGE PREVENTION OVER VOLTAGE PREVENTION RX:9600bps RX:1200bps D118-120, 124-126 LED(AMBER) R167 D123 D122 D121 SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM 270 R168 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D126 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D125 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D124 270 D121-123, 127-129 LED(GREEN) R169 D129 D128 D127 D29 D26 D24 C88 D27 DA221 DA221 DA221 DA221 VDD2 11 EN 10 FLAG 9 SCLKT 8 STX 7 VSS2 6 VSS1 5 SCLK 4 SRX 3 NC1 2 RESET 1 VDD1 270 470p 470p 470p 470p 470p 470p 470p 470p R170 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D132 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D131 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D130 270 D130-132, 136-138 LED(AMBER) R171 D135 D134 D133 C98 C92 C91 D28 D25 C97 DA221 DA221 270 470p 470p 470p 470p R172 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D138 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D137 B30-2293-05 B30-2290-05 D136 O 270 D133-135, 139-141 LED(GREEN) R173 D141 D140 D139 270 MOUT TNC_5V_1 TNC_5V_2 B30-2293-05 B30-2293-05 B30-2293-05 CLKIN WAY2 PLLLOCK LOOP PLLCNT R9600 R1200 SCLK SRX TXX MCIN TNCWR FLAG SCLKT STX SQ 5V P Q R S T SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM DISPLAY UNIT (X54-3620-00) (A/4) 22k FILTER Q15 2SC4617(R) 3. 4V R144 5 VCC R149 10k 4 oUT IN+ 0. 022u FILTER 0. 01u 3. 3k 22k Q14 2SA1774(R) 6800p C148 2. 9V R141 12k R140 12k R139 R138 12k 10k C143 0. 022u 6800p C146 C144 1u 4 IN2 VEE 3 10k 2. 8V C147 3. 5V R137 10k 1 R146 12k 12k 0. 022u 1 R143 2. 2k COMPARATOR IC18 TA75S393F-F R147 R142 TM-D710GA/D710E 1 TNC_5V C142 1000p COMPARATOR IC17 TA75W393FU-F 8 7 IN-A 3 IN+A VEE IN-B 5 0. 01u R135 10k R134 100k C141 IN+B oUTB 6 4. 7k R133 R132 oUTA 2 VCC FILTER Q13 2SC4617(R) 10k 1. 6V R130 39k 1. 1V C139 220p R129 82k R136 C145 C151 C149 R148 0. 1u C150 470p R145 10k C140 R131 0. 1u 3. 3k C138 1000p 2 C134 1000p FILTER Q12 2SC4617(R) 1. 7V R127 1. 2V C136 TNC_5V_2 0. 01u 2200p R128 3. 3k C137 10k R126 10k 6800p C135 R125 10k C133 R120 470p 150k 1 oUT1 2 IN13 IN1+ 4 VEE R119 47k IN2+ IN25 oUT-B 6 100p R123 1u R122 R124 150k C131 100k 56k VCC 7 OP AMP IC10 TA75W01FUF 8 4700p C132 C130 R1200 R9600 1200bps 1u C129 TNCWR 47k MCIN R121 9600bps PLLLOCK MOUT TNC_5V_1 FLAG SCLKT STX SCLK SRX TXX LOOP PLLCNT WAY2 CLKIN 4. 2V R111 R112 SW Q11 DTC144EUA 100 10k 3 1000p TNC_SEL C106 TNCRTS S9600 C105 10k 10k 0. 1u FLIP FLOP IC16 TC7W74FU-F L15 1 CK 2 C112 0. 1u D 3 Q 4 GND Q CLR 5 PR 6 VCC 7 8 0 0 L12 R109 R107 RESET C102 1000p TNCCTS 3 4 PKSIN 5 6 1 2 100 HOSTRTS 99 PLLCNT 98 LOOP 97 NC 96 WAY2 95 S9600 94 TXX 93 SOUT 92 VSS 91 NC 90 IOEN 89 IOCLK 88 SCLKT 87 SCLKR 86 VSS 85 IODATA 84 SIN 83 FLAG 82 CLKEN(VSS) 81 PLLOCK 80 GPS_SEL(VSS) 79 SPEC(VSS) 78 TNC_SEL(VSS) 77 VREF 76 VCC R108 R106 4 75 74 73 72 NC 71 R105 R104 10k 10k VCC MD2 MD1 MD0 HOSTCTS SQ PTT(PKSIN) NC NC 7 HWR 70 RD(OE) 69 NC 68 C104 0. 1u L14 WE R114 330k VOLTAGE DETECTION IC14 BD4840FVE 1 VoUT VDD C110 4 NC GND 0. 1u 2 SUB C108 1000p C109 3 5 CONLED 8 STALED 9 10 CONLED STALED NC FWE(RESOUT) 11 VSS 12 R103 0 R102 9p 0 C107 X3 9p 15. 9744MHz VCC 67 X1 66 X2 65 VSS TNC MPU IC11 3048BTE25KBYB 64 SLEEP 63 RESET 62 STBY 61 CLKOUT(NC) (CARRIER) 60 MAILLED 59 1 MBODLED 58 2 L18 A19 55 A18 54 A17 53 A16 52 A15 51 VCC VSS A14 1 C7 10u16 C124 0. 1u S-RAM IC13 R1LP0408CSB5S 32 A18 2 A16 0. 1u 3 MBLED MALED A14 4 A12 5 A7 6 A6 7 A5 8 A4 9 PWR ON:4. 8V OFF:2. 8V A3 10 A2 11 A1 12 A0 D2 R115 3. 9k 1SS388F D4 D3 1SS388F R116 5. 6k CN5 W09-0971-05 1SS400 D2-4 REVERSE CURRENT PREVENTION 13 D0 14 D1 15 D2 16 VSS I/o3 I/o2 I/o4 17 D3 I/o1 I/o5 18 D4 I/o0 I/o6 19 D5 A0 I/o7 20 D6 A1 CS 21 D7 A2 A10 22 A3 oE 23 A10 A4 A11 24 A5 A9 25 A11 A6 A8 26 A9 A7 A13 27 A8 A12 WE 28 A13 A14 A17 29 WE A10 A11 A12 A13 A16 A15 30 A17 VCC 31 A15 A19 A18 WAIT 57 VSS 56 A19 A18(NC) A17(NC) A16 A15 A14 A10 A11 A12 A13 A8 A9 D10 D11 D12 D13 D14 D15 3 RESET SQ GPSTX GPSTX 13 HOSTTX 14 GPSRX 15 HOSTRX NC GPSLED 18 ABAUD1 19 ABAUD2 20 ABAUD3 21 16 17 5 IC15 TC7S00FU-F 5 INB INA 4 GND oUTX C125 0. 1u VCC TXD(TNC) GPSRX RXD(TNC) GPSLED TNC_CAR 22 23 CARRIER(D3(NC)) VSS NC 24 NC INPUT NAND GATE R101 5V 10k 25 B_SEL NC D8 D9 A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 42 43 A7 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 44 45 46 47 48 49 L13 50 D0 D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 C103 6 A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 A9 2. 8V 7 Note : The components marked with a dot (·) are parts of layer 1. 69 X54-362 (A/4) 4/4 A B C D E TM-D710GA/D710E TX-RX UNIT (X57-731X-XX)(A/6) : TX-RX SECTION SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM 5C 1 CN642 VGS-1 NC 25 NC 23 NC 21 NC 19 NC 17 NC 15 AGND 13 VAI 11 DGND USEL CLK SO VBSY 9 7 5 3 1 26 24 22 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 NC NC NC NC NC NC 5C VAO AGND VRST VEN DATA VPLY C660 1u R649 150k RST VRST DRE VEN DATA TR_DT PLAY VPLY BUSY VBSY CLK TR_CLK AO VGSPLAY 10u10 22k 10k 47p 47p 47p 47p 47p 47p 47p 47p 22k 1u C531 TCXO_A C1 C2 C532 4. 7u 1000p 470p 4. 7u VC VCC 12. 8MHz X1 L77-3018-05 Vcc 5C AI VGSREC VGS-1 I/F A BAND R8 22 5C 22 0. 1u C69 0. 1u C4 C3 GND oUTPUT 5C 100k 10k R2 R4 0. 01u R73 2 C642 C645 C646 C649 C650 C652 C656 C659 C661 R647 R650 R651 C665 COOLING FAN T:13. 7V CN641 1000p 1 SB FAN_C L641 C644 F641 0. 5A SB 47u16 C651 0. 01u C655 F53-0128-05 R1 TCXO_A_REF 100k 33k (D) R3 A_PLLUL R652 FAN_C C664 R648 1k 1000p 2. 2k FAN 2 T:1. 8V SW R646 22 1/2 Q641 2SC4617(R) L642 1000p C643 AUX POW SW IGN SW 3 IGN IGN(GND) R641 1000p 0. 01u C647 R644 100k 1/4 C653 C662 470p 1M 1/4 Q642 DTC144EE TX-RX UNIT (X57-731X-XX)(D/6)-CN961 SIM0 SIM1 SIM2 * W601 * R654 * R656 * R658 B BAND CN676 CB GND 2 1 CB CB GND 16. 8MHz X66 L77-3017-05 C533 CN677 S5M NC 1 S5M 2 3 8C 100k R67 R69 5C NC SB_C ILLM IGN TXD(PC) RXD(PC) RTS(PC) CTS(PC) SQC(EXT) PKS(EXT) PKD(EXT) PR1(EXT) GND SM_A 5 47k 6 7 8 ILLM 9 IGN 10 TXD(PC) 11 RXD(PC) 12 RTS(PC) 13 CTS(PC) 14 SQC(EXT) 15 PKS(EXT) 16 PKD(EXT) 17 PR1(EXT) 19 SM_A 20 SQ_A 21 VSF TEMP SM_B SQ_B GND DET_A PR(PNL) DET_B GND VBSY VPLY VEN VRST DA2_EN 2099_EN TR_CLK TR_DT 22 TEMP 23 SM_B 24 SQ_B 25 26 DET_A 27 PR(PNL) 28 DET_B 29 30 VBSY 31 VPLY 32 VEN 33 VRST 34 DA2_EN 35 2099_EN 36 TR_CLK 37 TR_DT B_PLLEN A_PLLUL A_PLLEN B_PLLUL VGSPLAY TCXO_A VCO_B VCO_A TCXO_B VGSREC SIM0 SIM1 SIM2 38 B_PLLEN 39 A_PLLUL 40 A_PLLEN 41 B_PLLUL 42 VGSPLAY 43 TCXO_A 44 VCO_B 45 VCO_A 46 TCXO_B 47 VGSREC 48 SIM0 49 SIM1 50 SIM2 DA2_EN TR_CLK TR_DT CP667 RK74HB1J102J TCXO_A_REF 7 NC1 NC2 R672 47k TCXO_B_REF 6 Ao6 VDD 8 BPF_A 5 Ao5 CSB 9 BPF_B 4 Ao4 CLK 10 REV_REF 3 Ao3 DI 11 FWD_REF 2 Ao2 VFS 12 1 Ao1 VSS 13 5C TCXO_B BPF_A BPF_B TCXO_A REV_REF FWD_REF 220 1000p C669 10u10 C667 0. 1u C668 D/A IC667 BH2228FV 14 R685 5C RK75HA1J472J C666 0. 1u CP666 7 VEE 8 VSS C B 9 6 INH A 10 5 Z0 X0 11 3 Z1 4 Z X 13 X1 12 2 Y0 Y 14 DET_A PR9(EXT) DET_B PR(PNL) PR(PNL)_SEL PR9_SEL 5RAM_C 4CH MULTIPLEXER IC666 BU4053BCFV 1 Y1 VDD 15 16 5C 18 TEMP B_PLLUL R665 5C TCXO_B_REF 100k R68 SB_C 33k (D) R66 10k NC 4 5C TCXO_B C66 C67 C534 4. 7u 1000p 470p 4. 7u VC VCC C673 27p L607 390n C68 GND oUTPUT 0. 01u 4 8C TX-RX UNIT (X57-731X-XX)(D/6)-CN960 5 SQ_A VSF 1u C671 0 R663 6 7 X57-731X-XX 0-11 2-71 0-21 K E M4 R654 0 NO NO R656 0 NO 0 R658 NO 0 NO W601 YES NO YES 70 X57-731 (A/6) 1/8 R664 0 F G H I J TX-RX UNIT (X57-731X-XX) (A/6): TX-RX SECTION SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM 5C 8C VU_SEL_A TM-D710GA/D710E 5C R115 47k SHIFT_A C58 7p L10 R111 2. 2k 1000p 18n C30 R116 C27 4p 10p 2. 2k SW D20 HSC277 C57 C59 2p L11 R108 2. 2k C113 5C 2. 2k C114 R541 2. 2k 10k 2. 2k 22n SW D21 R117 2. 2k HSC277 1k 470p 470p 5C SW C34 15p R119 C35 12p D10 HSC277 1k D11 R109 0. 1u R112 R110 HSC277 SW L12 8. 2n C63 C64 C65 4p 10p 10p 27p R118 C31 SW Q74 DTC144EE CV_A R25 0. 22u35 C26 10k 470p C123 7p L13 1000p C121 18n 2. 2k R46 C23 SHIFT_B C124 2p L14 22n SW D35 HSC277 27p R56 C97 2. 2k R55 1k C96 4p 2. 2k C93 R54 10p SW D34 HSC277 C100 C101 12p 15p R57 1k SW D30 HSC277 D31 HSC277 SW L15 8. 2n C91 C129 C130 4p 10p 10p SW Q9 DTC144EE CV_B R90 0. 22u35 C92 10k 470p C89 5C 8V C115 470p 2. 2k R28 SW D12 RIPPLER FILTER C22 R53 1000p C56 2. 2k R31 1000p 56 7. 5V Q1 2SC4617(R) 1SS400 0. 01u C119 C15 SW Q73 DTC144EE C117 470p HSC277 D13 HSC277 SW R113 1000p R13 C10 0. 1u R11 3. 3k C11 SW D3 22u10 C12 C13 PLL IC C674 47p L608 390n 4. 8V R7 1k 1 oSCIN 2 NC1 3 oSCoUT 4 VP 5 VCC 470p C9 6 Do 7 GND 8 LD 1SS400 C6 470p 0. 1u 47p C7 C5 9 NC2 10 FIN CLoCK NC3 11 DATA 12 CP1 RK75HA1J103J LE 13 R12 10k FC 14 150k R9 NC4 15 FoUT 16 P 17 VOLTAGE SHIFT NC5 18 R IC1 MB15A02PFV2E1 20 0. 01u 470p 22 C120 R18 0. 047u 1000p C16 0. 01u 100 C17 C19 SW D5 MA2S077-F D6 MA2S077-F 1000p C14 SW 19 R24 3. 3k R16 D2 DA221 3. 3k R14 10k SW Q2 2SA1774(R) Q3 2SC4617(R) R19 1. 8k UL_A D1 470p 2. 2k R20 R21 1. 5k 0. 47u35 C18 390 5C R48 SW D32 47k 10u10 390 10u10 R22 1k SW R15 4. 7k 6. 8k R17 REVERSE CURRENT PREVENTION 5C 5C TR_CLK D1 TR_DT A_PLLEN 8C C116 470p 2. 2k R96 8V C122 1000p R58 56 C88 1000p 2. 2k R93 RIPPLER FILTER 1000p R78 7. 5V Q66 2SC4617(R) 1SS400 0. 01u D68 C81 SW C49 470p C50 Q8 DTC144EE 470p VU_SEL_B HSC277 D33 HSC277 SW R50 0. 1u R76 C75 3. 3k C77 22 SW 22u10 0. 01u C78 C79 4. 8V R72 1k 1 IC66 MB15A02PFV2E1 20 oSCIN 2 NC1 3 oSCoUT 4 VP FoUT 16 VCC 470p C74 6 Do 7 GND 8 LD DATA 12 NC2 10 470p FIN C72 NC3 11 CLoCK 9 LE 13 R77 10k CP66 RK75HA1J103J FC 14 NC4 15 P 17 NC5 18 R R83 0. 047u 1000p C82 0. 01u C84 C83 100 470p C53 PLL IC 2. 2k 19 SW D70 MA2S077-F SW D71 1000p MA2S077-F R89 3. 3k R81 D67 DA221 VOLTAGE SHIFT R79 10k SW SW R80 4. 7k B_PLLEN TR_CLK 6. 8k R82 TR_DT Q67 2SA1774(R) Q68 2SC4617(R) R84 1. 8k 0. 47u35 C85 3. 3k C80 1000p C76 5 150k R74 UL_B SW D66 1SS400 C71 R85 1. 5k R86 C20 R87 1k 0. 1u 47p C70 WN_A 5RAM 5RA SM_A SQ_A R525 R494 22 SQ_A SM_A FM IC IC486 TA31136FNG 1 oSCIN MIXIN 15 oSCoUT C679 0. 1u 3 4 VCC C680 C486 0. 1u 0. 1u 5 IFIN 6 DEC 7 FILoUT QUAD 1u AFoUT CD486 C495 R504 1000p C493 10u10 R505 C496 L79-1701-05 0 C505 9 FILIN 2. 7k R498 3900p C487 C488 390p 120k 8 IFoUT 10 R516 RSSI 11 C498 82p MIXoUT GND 14 N-REC N-DET 12 C501 0. 1u 13 C571 0. 1u R512 1. 8k 2 16 C507 0. 1u 0. 1u 0. 1u AMP Q493 DTA114EUA R:3. 6V T:0V 100 C86 R499 C491 5. 6k 18p A BAND IF 0. 1u R524 R518 1k R527 100k Q495 2SC5636 AMP R:0. 93V T:0V C514 0. 1u L500 470n R483 150 R533 390 TH485 11p -t C542 X486 L77-3021-05 9p C570 C500 10k C574 45. 05MHz XF486 L71-0642-05 R536 820 TH486 C519 -t R484 150 C521 C681 0. 1u NCP18XQ102J0S C527 0. 1u R544 R:0. 2V T:0V 47 NCP18XQ102J0S DETECTION D488 RB706F-40 R529 47k 1000p R491 1k R487 WIDE CF486 L72-1035-05 R489 10k 10k 1000p C512 R532 C515 100k IC487 TC75W51FUF IN+B R534 6 IN-B IN+A 2 oUTB 0. 1u 8 VDD oUTA IN-A 1 C518 7 VSS 3 1k C523 0. 1u AGCA 5 4 R543 0. 1u R495 R500 R506 R513 100 100 R519 10k R522 C509 R526 D486 DAN235E D487 DAN235E 120k SW SW 82 2. 4V C511 0. 01u 1u R507 R510 330k C502 330k 1k R486 C489 R496 R657 4. 7k 47k CF487 L72-1036-05 100p 10k 1k 2. 4V 1u R514 2. 4V SW Q496 2SK1830F 1k 100k 220 56p OP AMP C516 R537 100k R539 15k R540 C522 100k 18k 0. 1u R501 3. 3k AMP Q489 2SC4617(R) C497 C499 0. 1u 0. 1u AMP C504 0. 1u R684 C503 AMP DETECTION HSC277 D489 Q494 2SC4617(R) 3. 3k 0. 022u R523 C545 1. 3V 33 R488 R490 10k SW Q486 2SK1830F 0. 1u NARROW C682 0. 1u Q487 2SK1830F SW 10k Q491 2SC4617(R) 1. 3V R515 560 1000p R492 R497 1k 5. 6k R502 10k C494 0. 1u 1. 3V R508 560 C525 0. 1u R538 Q488 2SK1830F SW R511 DET_A Q490 2SK1830F SW R521 Q492 SW 2SK1830F 1000p R531 10k 10k C513 100k C524 5RAM_C 71 X57-731 (A/6) 2/8 K L M N O TM-D710GA/D710E X57-731X-XX (B/6, E/6) : VCO A R703 1k Q703 SSM6L05FU-F 8C 470k C708 470p R710 470k C704 470p R705 C712 470p SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM R728 C734 1000p C714 Q704 2SJ347F SW R713 100k C715 470p 470p 100 TX-RX UNIT (X57-731X-XX) (A/6): TX-RX SECTION 8C R721 C731 C735 L709 1. 0u L712 150n 0. 1u 680 470p CN702 8C 3 E2 OUT 1 1000p R23 8V Q4 2SC4617(R) 1SS400 0. 01u 0. 01u 7V RIPPLER FILTER UHF R714 L701 47k 1. 0u 1SV325F D703 D705 1SV325F VARICAP 1SV278F D710 C713 1000p C736 0. 5p C725 4p C721 0. 5p L708 18n 3. 3k D4 C21 3 CV 2 V/U 1 SHIFT R704 0 R708 15k C729 0. 5p L711 1. 0u R725 R727 47 3. 9k Q707 2SC5108(Y)F AMP VARICAP C711 1000p HSC277 D701 1000p 22u10 C28 R706 47k SW C719 C722 C727 C732 470p R730 5p 3p 5p R35 33 47 L704 R709 15k L703 SW Q701 DTC114YE R701 1000p C702 0 SW 12n 1. 0u R724 C710 VARICAP R720 R722 680 R717 R707 C720 1SV323F D709 0. 5p 0 SW 470k 100p C29 1u R29 C33 Q702 DTC114YE R702 1000p C701 0 R30 15k R27 12k VHF L702 1. 0u VARICAP D704 1SV325F VARICAP D707 R715 1SV325F L705 47k VARICAP C717 2. 2k 39p 47k Q705 2SK508NV(K52) L706 C723 33n C728 OSCILLATOR 6p C730 0. 5p L710 1. 0u 1000p 1. 0u C718 0. 01u HSC277 R711 R716 D708 2. 2k 0 C724 L707 SW C716 22n 12p R723 SHIFT_A VCO_A 0. 01u 330 150 X57-731X-XX (C/6, F/6) : VCO B R778 C784 R753 1k 8C C754 470p R755 470p R760 470k C758 470k R763 100k C765 470p Q753 SSM6L05FU-F Q754 2SJ347F SW 1000p 470p C764 R771 C781 C785 L759 1. 0u L762 150n 0. 1u 680 470p 100 CN752 8C 3 E2 OUT 1 7V 8C RIPPLER FILTER 8V Q69 2SC4617(R) 1SS400 C98 10k 0. 01u C762 470p UHF R764 L751 47k 1. 0u 1SV325F D753 D755 1SV325F VARICAP 1SV278F D760 C769 C763 1000p C786 0. 5p C775 R776 1000p R88 4 MOD 3 CV 2 V/U 1 SHIFT R756 47k R754 0 SW C771 0. 5p L758 18n 10k CN751 4p OSCILLATOR Q756 2SK508NV(K52) L761 C783 22p Q757 2SC5108(Y)F 3. 9k AMP C779 0. 5p 1. 0u R775 R777 47 C761 1000p HSC277 D751 1000p SW C782 470p R780 R100 33 47 C772 C777 L754 1. 0u 5p 3p R759 VARICAP SW Q751 DTC114YE R751 1000p C752 0 15k L753 12n SW 5p R774 C760 R770 R772 680 R767 R757 C770 1SV323F D759 0. 5p 0 SW 100p 470k C99 C95 1u R94 Q752 DTC114YE R752 1000p C751 0 R95 15k R92 12k VHF L752 1SV325F 1. 0u VARICAP D754 VARICAP D757 R765 47k VARICAP C767 2. 2k 39p 47k Q755 2SK508NV(K52) C773 C778 L756 33n 6p OSCILLATOR C780 0. 5p L760 1. 0u 1000p 1SV325F L755 1. 0u C768 HSC277 0. 01u R761 R766 D758 2. 2k 0 C774 L757 22n SW C766 0. 01u 12p R773 VCO_B SHIFT_B 5RB 5RB WN_B R549 100 R558 SM_B SQ_B SQ_B SM_B C561 C573 C551 FM IC IC546 TA31136FNG 1 oSCIN R562 C683 1k 0. 1u 2 oSCoUT GND 3 MIXoUT N-REC 4 N-DET VCC 5 RSSI IFIN 6 IFoUT DEC 7 FILoUT QUAD 8 FILIN AFoUT 3900p C556 1000p C562 10u10 R659 R564 47k 0 MIXIN 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 C569 C559 C557 0. 1u R565 0. 1u 91p 1. 8k SW Q550 DTA114EUA 16 C572 C568 C558 0. 1u 10k 0. 1u 0. 1u 0. 1u R:3. 6V T:0V R567 R569 330 100 22 150 0. 01u C539 C546 L546 330n 22p R:0. 6V T:0V R:3. 9V T:0V R548 470k B BAND IF 0. 1u R568 1k R570 100k Q551 2SC5636 AMP R:0. 93V T:0V C563 0. 1u L501 390n R481 47 R572 390 TH545 NCP18XQ102J0S R:0. 2V T:0V C528 0. 1u R545 12p -t C538 C548 22p L547 330n 5p Q547 2SC4649(N, P) TRIPLER 9p R546 1. 5k 49. 95MHz XF546 L71-0641-05 R573 820 TH546 C565 -t R482 47 C90 15k VARICAP C567 0. 1u R574 NCP18XQ102J0S C685 C684 0. 1u WIDE CF546 L72-1034-05 R554 R552 1k 10k SW D547 DAN235E R559 C552 390p C553 120k C549 0. 1u 0. 1u R550 R566 C560 2. 2k CD546 L79-1582-05 1u 10k SW D546 DAN235E R557 R547 10k R556 10k R561 C554 C686 SW Q546 2SK1830F NARROW Q548 2SK1830F SW 0. 1u R555 1k 3. 3k 100p R551 R553 10k 10k 120k CF547 L72-0999-05 R560 82 Q549 2SK1830F SW DET_B 72 X57-731 (A/6) 3/8, X57-731 (B, C, E, F/6) 1/1 47 22u10 C94 R758 D69 3. 3k D69 C87 0. 01u C24 D4 C32 OSCILLATOR Q706 2SK508NV(K52) 10k SW R726 CN701 4 MOD C733 22p P Q R S T TX-RX UNIT (X57-731X-XX) (A/6): TX-RX SECTION SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM 8TVA 8TUA TM-D710GA/D710E 8TV 1000p R133 R693 100 C133 8. 2k 8C 470p R32 C36 100 6. 9V C37 470p Q5 2SC5636 AMP R60 0. 35V 33 R33 82k 0. 85V C25 1000p 470p R65 470p 470p 2. 2k C61 2. 2k C40 R64 R37 C43 C62 100 4p T:0. 3V R:0V C131 1000p R131 2. 2k R587 R132 47 56n 0 R689 10 2. 2k 47p T:0. 6V R:0V 1000p R134 470p R168 AMP Q644 2SC3356-A(R24) T:4. 2V R:0V C605 T:1. 2V R:0V 470p R26 C38 L16 39n 1k 8C AMP Q131 2SC3357-A(RF) T:7V R:0V SW D14 470p HVC131 C52 4. 7k R36 R40 C44 47n L2 1k L21 39n C275 15p L22 39n C276 27p 15p SW D18 HVC131 C157 SW D16 HVC131 D19 HVC131 C158 C55 3p SW D17 HVC131 SW SW D130 HVC131 5p 1SS355 C134 R692 R38 68k 6. 5V C45 15p R43 330 R41 18 R39 C60 1000p C46 1p R42 330 SW D15 HVC131 2. 2k SW D131 HVC131 R691 1. 2k 5p R690 6. 8k 0. 85V C41 1. 5p Q7 2SC5636 R59 AMP 4. 7 C604 470p C39 R123 Q6 DTC144EE 470p C42 SW 0 R124 VU_SEL_A 0 R125 0 470p TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION 8TU 1000p D132 L623 C132 C102 470p R97 100 C104 6. 9V C103 470p Q70 2SC5636 AMP R61 0. 35V 33 R98 1000p R165 C163 R129 2. 2k C127 470p R130 2. 2k C128 100 C166 470p R167 470p 8. 2k 82k 0. 85V C544 1000p C109 470p C106 R102 100 4p 470p L17 39n R91 1k 8TUB 8TVB 8TU 8C 8C T:0. 6V R:0V SW D22 C110 470p HVC131 C47 SW D26 HVC131 C159 C156 15p R121 R122 10k 10k SW D24 HVC131 D27 C253 C254 470p 470p HVC131 C51 3p SW D25 HVC131 D28 SW D29 HVC131 SW HVC131 SW C160 SW D160 HVC131 R161 2. 2k 5p AMP AMP Q161 2SC3356-A(R24) T:5. 3V R:0V T:1. 2V R:0V C165 R166 2. 2k 15p T:0. 5V R:0V Q162 2SC3357-A(RF) L19 39n C54 15p L20 39n 27p C161 470p R164 47 L161 22n R101 R105 4. 7k L67 47n 1k 1SS355 C167 R103 68k 6. 5V C111 15p R114 330 R104 18 R106 C125 1000p C112 R107 330 1p SW D23 HVC131 2. 2k SW D161 HVC131 R162 1. 2k 5p R163 6. 8k C162 470p 0. 85V C107 1. 5p Q72 2SC5636 AMP C164 TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION R120 C105 470p Q71 DTC144EE C108 VU_SEL_B SW 470p 4. 7 CONTROL PORT 5C RK74HB1J472J RK74HB1J472J CP578 RK74HB1J472J C576 C577 0. 1u 0. 1u IC576 BU2099FV 1 VSS 2 NC 3 DATA 4 TR_CLK 5 TR_DT 6 WN_A 7 VU_SEL_A 8 Q2 9 Q3 10 VAIP UAIP SHIFT_A 8TVA_C 5RUA_C 8TUA_C 5RVA_C 5RAM_C BP_SFT_A_I BP_SFT_B_I BP_SFT_A BP_SFT_B R583 22k R584 22k Q4 Q5 Q6 11 PR9_SEL Q7 12 5RUB_C 10 Q4 Q5 Q1 Q8 13 8TUB_C 9 Q3 Q6 11 Q0 Q9 14 VU_SEL_B 8 Q2 Q7 12 LCK Q10 15 WN_B 7 Q1 Q8 13 6 Q0 Q9 14 CLK Q11 16 5 LCK Q10 15 SO 17 4 CLK Q11 16 OE 18 VDD 19 20 R575 IC576 SHIFT REGISTER 4. 7k CP579 IC577 BU2099FV 20 VSS 2 NC 3 DATA SO 17 OE 18 VDD 19 IC577 SHIFT REGISTER CP577 1 2099_EN CP576 RK74HB1J102J PR(PNL)_SEL SHIFT_B 8TVB_C 5RVB_C 5R8B_C Q572 DTA114EE SW Q573 2SK1830F SW SW Q574 DTA114EE SW Q575 2SK1830F SW Q576 DTA123JUA 5C FAN_C 470p D162 73 X57-731 (A/6) 4/8 10 10 T:7. 2V R:0V U V W X Y TM-D710GA/D710E APCV 8TV_I 8TV B SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM TEMP 8TV 5C D136 TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION 1SS355 TX-RX UNIT (X57-731X-XX) (A/6): TX-RX SECTION VHF TX 1000p 5T C143 470p C146 100 C153 R142 R141 D136 L133 10k POWER MODULE L132 IC131 RA60H13171123 2. 2u C154 C155 C226 3p L192 2. 5T TH131 1000p 0. 01u 0. 01u C150 C152 C145 RF_oUT RF_IN VGG VDD H:4. 6V M:4. 1V L:4V 1 APCV 10. 5T L136 R137 C139 470p R135 10 C135 C136 SW L135 5T D134 L407CDB D135 L407CDB C186 2p L186 C151 15p 5T SW C144 15p 470p 2 3 4. 7u 4 EDZ5. 1B C138 470p R138 R136 L131 2. 2k 56n 270 R139 18 R147 H:12. 4V M:13. 2V L:13. 4V 470p 0. 1u 0 C149 4p C191 1000p C193 15p 470p 47 10k -t 470p L195 C197 2. 5T C227 3. 5p L190 C359 HVC131 1000p C360 D356 D133 C141 R140 C142 270 Q132 2SK1830F SW 15p VHF RX C137 470p MA4PH633 HVU131-E 33n 10p SW C188 D186 5. 1V ZENER DIODE SW SW APCU 8TU_I TEMP 8TU 8TU 5C B UHF TX L163 POWER MODULE D166 TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION 1SS355 1000p C270 D188 22p 100 C182 R176 R175 D166 100p C183 470p IC161 RA60H40471101 TH161 1000p C181 10. 5T 0. 01u L166 C179 0. 01u R169 10 C168 R171 C172 5T C176 RF_oUT C169 4. 7u APCU 1 DRAIN RF_IN GATE H:4. 1V M:2. 7V L:2. 5V C177 470p SW D164 L407CDB D165 2 3 4 C184 470p 470p L164 10k 47 -t 470p 10k C194 3p C195 4p L193 1. 5T C198 3p C199 2p L196 1. 5T 18n C173 3p C201 3p 470p 0. 1u 10p R172 L162 R170 2. 2k 22n 270 18 R174 270 Q163 2SK1830F SW EDZ5. 1B C171 R173 C178 H:12. 4V M:13. 2V L:13. 4V 3p C225 5p C540 68p C593 C185 5p C555 5p L188 1. 5T L189 1T C192 6p SW D163 C174 C175 *C190 L407CDB L187 2. 5T 1. 5p C170 470p C196 0. 75p L194 1. 5T C200 0. 75p L197 L165 5. 1V ZENER DIODE 1. 5T L191 MA4PH633 HVU131-E HVC131 12n C455 SW D451 2p C452 470p UHF RX C189 D187 SW SW A BAND DC B BAND DC D578, 580 D189 7p 5C REVERSE CURRENT PREVENTION 5RA 4V D576 DAN222 5V 5RA 5RB 5RB REVERSE CURRENT PREVENTION 4V D580 DAN222 5V 5RVA 4. 75V Q578 DTA123JUA 5RVB D578 4. 75V 1SS400 Q582 DTA123JUA SW SW 5RVB C583 5RVA C579 1u 5RUA 4. 75V Q579 DTA123JUA 5RUB 1u 4. 75V SW 5RUB C584 Q583 DTA123JUA SW 5RUA C580 1u 4. 75V 5RAM C581 1u Q580 DTA123JUA 5R8B 1u 4. 75V SW 5R8B C585 1u Q584 DTA123JUA SW 5RVA_C 5RUA_C 5RAM_C 5RVB_C 5RUB_C 5R8B_C X57-731X-XX 0-11 2-71 0-21 K E M4 C190 4p 5p 4p 74 X57-731 (A/6) 5/8 5C Z C355 7p BPF_B BPF_A 10k -t V_B_BPF BPF_B SW SW D227 D226 HSC277 HSC277 V_A_BPF SW SW D457 SW D361 D291 D362 TH103 HSC277 HSC277 HSC277 HSC277 TH102 10k R405 D292 10k R360 C419 10k R293 0 10k -t D407 D406 SW D456 B BAND VHF A BAND VHF B BAND UHF A BAND UHF B BAND 1. 2G TX-RX UNIT (X57-731X-XX) (A/6): TX-RX SECTION C457 5R8B C409 5RUB 5RUA 10p 7p C295 4p 3. 3k C365 47n 18n L362 C296 L293 470p 4p 1000p 3. 3k 5RVB 10p 3. 3k C410 L407 18n C366 470p 3p R407 C364 C294 R362 R292 HVC131 SW SW SW SW C361 10k R406 C407 0 0 R291 R226 7p 82k 0. 1u 3p C228 47n 47n L292 L406 L361 12n 12n 2p 2p 3p 82k C367 C293 47p C229 7p C292 C408 C363 0 R361 0. 1u R331 0. 1u R332 C224 0. 1u L227 R227 3. 3k C230 L228 47n C231 1000p 3p C411 5R8B C297 SW D363 D408 4p C697 7p SW C232 4p C541 7p HSC277 HSC277 R408 10k 10k 100p 470p C298 C368 1000p 100n 470p C413 R363 C619 L625 C610 120p L624 100n C233 1000p L408 150n L295 470n L364 470n R:4. 7V T:0V R:4. 7V T:0V R365 R:0. 25V T:0V 100 C370 C369 5RUA 0. 1u MIXER 1000p 18p C372 0. 1u 1000p C677 0. 1u 270n C371 11p C302 0. 1u C676 C317 100p C303 2p R297 22k R299 5RUA 22k 47k C373 470p 0 0 R:1. 5V T:0V R370 22k 22k C306 1000p R296 1000p 5RVB 22k R298 5RVB 22k R:2. 4V T:0V 270n C301 Q291 3SK294-FP MIXER 1000p C300 5RUB L365 33 R295 150n 470n R294 1k C299 L296 5RVB 0. 1u 11p C237 0. 1u C675 C262 R:2. 4V T:0V 2p R232 22k R234 C240 100p R:2. 4V T:0V R230 33 C235 L409 L363 L294 L230 560n L229 560n R244 1k C234 R:4. 7V T:0V 470nR:0. 25V T:0V R:0. 27V T:0V R:0. 27V T:0V U_B_BPF U_A_BPF R410 100 C415 C414 15p C417 1000p C678 1000p 0. 1u C406 R:1. 9V T:0V 270n C416 Q361 3SK294-FP MIXER L410 5R8B 0. 1u Q226 3SK294-FP MIXER Q406 3SK294-FP 5R8B C449 R411 R366 5RUA 22k R369 5RUB 22k 47k C418 470p 12p R:1. 5V T:0V R415 0 33k R368 5RUB 22k R414 33k R413 R:1. 9V T:0V R:2. 4V T:0V 2p R412 2p R367 5R8B 1000p C305 0 R300 R235 1000p R301 BP_SFT_B_I 3. 3k SW D294 HSC277 1000p C309 0 R371 L297 110n C308 1000p R302 BP_SFT_B 3. 3k C307 1000p D296 R372 100k R376 270n L613 1. 5k C690 C376 470p L298 56n 0 3p L368 15n 330n D295 1SV325F 1SV325F L324 12n C310 1000p R304 100k 1000p HSC277 C243 110n C242 1000p 3. 3k C241 1000p D231 D230 1SV325F 1SV325F C244 L260 12n VARICAP VARICAP 1000p R239 L233 56n 0 R303 C316 L299 330n 1000p R305 0 BP_SFT_B_I SW D368 R420 100k C423 470p C383 1. 5p L370 15n R422 R377 0 0 VARICAP VARICAP VARICAP VARICAP D367 BBY65-02V BBY65-02V R375 3. 3k D297 HSC277 1000p 270n L614 C314 L301 56n 100k C378 470p C379 47p C313 1000p 3. 3k SW L236 R306 BP_SFT_B 3. 3k C312 1000p C311 2p L302 56n L323 12n VARICAP VARICAP HSC277 C249 1000p 56n C248 1000p 3. 3k C247 1000p C246 2p L237 56n D232 R374 100k C251 R238 1000p C245 L234 1000p R240 3. 3k SW D229 L232 R237 C239 1000p R236 12p C420 C375 C693 C689 1. 5p L366 15n 1. 5p L411 15n 0 VARICAP VARICAP R416 VARICAP VARICAP D410 D365 R417 100k C421 L617 470p 270n BBY65-02V BBY65-02V D364 BBY65-02V BBY65-02V D409 VARICAP VARICAP R418 1. 5k C694 3p L413 5R8B 15n 0 R419 VARICAP VARICAP VARICAP VARICAP D413 BBY65-02V BBY65-02V D412 R241 270n L618 C428 5R8B 1. 5p L415 15n VARICAP C255 L259 12n 1000p C250 D371 R423 100k C425 470p C426 470p D370 BBY65-02V BBY65-02V R378 100k C380 C381 470p 470p C391 47p D299 D298 1SV325F 1SV325F R308 100k C315 R307 0 1000p 1000p C321 D234 D233 1SV325F 1SV325F 1000p R243 100k R242 0 VARICAP D416 D415 BBY65-02V BBY65-02V HSC277 HSC277 HSC277 BPF_A R695 R229 3. 3k C450 0. 01u 0 R696 R462 220 C470 0. 01u R457 5RVA 2p 3. 3k C469 100p R:0. 7V T:0V R460 R459 150k 1k L457 R461 6. 8n 100 2p R:4. 3V T:0V R464 R:4. 7V T:0V 33 C461 100p C463 1000p Q456 2SC5636 SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM AMP C458 AA C459 100p L458 6. 8n C464 C460 R467 R:1. 5V T:0V R:0. 25V T:0V 15k R468 AB 39k R:0. 73V T:0V AD L421 10n 100p 100p L460 820n 820n L461 C462 R:4. 7V T:0V 2p MIXER Q457 3SK318 R465 L462 L231 5RVA 270n C236 1000p 10k C465 470n 2200p R466 33k C466 R:2. 6V T:0V 100p R470 R231 5RVA 22k R233 5RVA 22k 33k C467 100p C468 100p L622 8. 2n C480 5p BP_SFT_A_I L626 5. 6n L465 BP_SFT_A 2. 2n R474 R:3. 62V T:0V 2. 2k C472 3p 4 3 GND RFoUT AMP IC668 TA4002F-F +B RFIN AC 1 2 C473 R475 100p C471 10 R:0. 85V T:0V R:4. 65V T:0V 1000p BP_SFT_A_I C477 C474 3p 100p C475 BP_SFT_A 22 R:4. 22V T:0V R477 470p R478 1k L468 R479 10n 100 100k R480 10p Q459 2SC5066-F(O) AMP C478 R697 1. 2G RX 0 TM-D710GA/D710E X57-731 (A/6) 6/8 75 C256 1000p R:4. 7V T:0V 76 R:4. 7V T:0V C322 C257 1000p R251 C252 1000p L242 5RVA 270n C260 R253 1000p AGCA 1000p 5RVB 33k C264 R:1. 9V T:0V 1000p R266 2. 2k 0 R257 1000p R258 BP_SFT_A_I 3. 3k L244 100n SW C263 22k 33k C330 1000p R:1. 9V T:0V R256 R255 5RVA 100k 150 L621 560n R:4V T:0V 1000p R316 C325 R:0. 3V T:0V 1000p L307 C259 R228 27 Q227 3SK294-FP AMP 5RVB 270n 1000p C326 R318 1000p C261 5RVB 100k R321 R320 22k R333 R429 R384 5RUA 10k 0 C433 C437 C390 470p 470p 470p R393 SW 560 L375 BP_SFT_B HSC277 C392 C333 C332 C267 1000p D240 R326 100k 12n C334 1000p C335 390n 1000p R327 BP_SFT_B_I 3. 3k L313 R328 BP_SFT_B HSC277 C339 C338 1000p 1000p 1000p 68n 3. 3k C337 HSC277 C273 1000p 3. 3k SW L248 D241 68n C272 1000p SW 5p C395 L245 56n 0 L322 12n 0 R390 1000p 1000p 1000p 100n 3. 3k C331 HSC277 3. 3k C265 C266 1000p C268 D239 1000p R261 100k L257 12n D303 L309 R324 D238 3. 3k 470p BP_SFT_B_I C388 1000p R323 R322 15k 2. 2k C329 5RUB 10k 15k R385 12 R252 150 L308 560n R:4V T:0V R:4. 7V T:0V R:4. 7V T:0V C435 C427 C430 C385 R:0. 3V T:0V 12 C324 R344 27 5RUA 1u 1000p C327 Q292 3SK294-FP AMP 1000p R319 AGCA 470p 10 R386 R:1. 9V T:0V 100k 560k C386 470p R:0. 46V T:0V 470p L416 1u 470p R:4V T:0V AMP Q362 3SK318 C431 R389 10 R427 5RUB 560k 100k R:1. 9V T:0V R431 10 470p C387 R382 5RUB 220n 33 C384 470p L371 390 L372 470p R381 470p R380 R317 C393 C382 470p R426 R:0. 46V T:0V 390 L417 220n R:4V T:0V Q407 3SK318 AMP 33 C429 470p C432 R432 10 470p R428 470p R425 R430 R438 560 L420 12n C436 0 R435 470p C438 D376 D305 470p R391 1SV325F 1SV325F 100k R392 100k 56n 0 R325 L376 220n 390n L311 L310 D304 470p R436 BBY65-02V BBY65-02V 100k R437 100k L419 220n D375 47p C394 1000p VARICAP VARICAP VARICAP VARICAP VARICAP VARICAP VARICAP VARICAP R259 BP_SFT_A D421 BBY65-02V BBY65-02V D420 1SV325F 1SV325F R260 VARICAP D419 BBY53-05W C269 L246 1000p R262 BP_SFT_A_I VARICAP D377 BBY53-05W C434 4p 4p D306 C439 5p C399 R263 BP_SFT_A 3. 3k C271 1000p L249 68n C279 L258 15n C340 1000p R330 100k R329 0 0 C347 C346 C350 R339 39 C349 5RUA 470p R:4V T:0V C403 470p R398 AGCA 100k R401 22k 100k R400 5RUA 33k C404 470p UAIP 43n L380 330n L321 R:1. 9V T:0V 82k R343 22k C344 0. 5p 100k R342 5RVB 33k R:1. 9V T:0V C353 1000p VAIP 33k R:1. 9V T:0V C287 0. 5p 330n L256 1000p VAIP 22k C343 C402 220n 1u 1000p C352 1000p R345 560k R341 560n R:4V T:0V 270 L320 AMP 1000p L319 270n C351 1000p R340 5RVB 5RVB 1000p L312 15n VARICAP VARICAP VARICAP D423 D378 BBY65-02V L314 68n VARICAP VARICAP BBY65-02V VARICAP VARICAP VARICAP D424 L422 C440 15n 470p R394 100k 470p R:4. 73V T:0V C398 C397 D308 470p R439 BBY65-02V C389 6p 100k 470p R:4. 73V T:0V C442 C401 470p L378 C441 D379 C396 15n L377 1000p C274 D243 D242 1SV325F 1SV325F R264 1000p R265 100k C281 C280 1000p R273 R274 39 C283 Q228 3SK318 AMP 270 L255 560n R:4V T:0V D307 BBY65-02V C443 6p 1SV325F 1SV325F R442 R:0. 46V T:0V R:0. 46V T:0V 33 AMP AMP C444 L423 5RUB 470p R444 R:4V T:0V C445 470p R443 5RUB 470p R445 5RUB R446 R:1. 9V T:0V 22k 470p UAIP L425 43n C447 33k SW Q400 DTC144EE 100k 470p R399 Q408 3SK318 Q363 3SK318 560k R447 82k C446 220n 1u L424 C400 L379 470 33 470 470p R441 R397 470p R396 1000p R338 C284 1000p L254 5RVA 270n C285 C286 1000p R276 100k R278 R275 AGCA 100k R277 5RVA 1000p Q293 3SK318 Q294 DTC144EE SW Q229 DTC144EE SW 1000p R:4. 7V T:0V R:0. 5V T:0V 1000p R:4. 7V T:0V R:0. 5V T:0V SW Q450 DTC144EE AE TM-D710GA/D710E X57-731 (A/6) 7/8 A BAND A BAND 1000p 1000p 470p 470p C448 C405 C354 C288 AF AG AH SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM B BAND B BAND C356 82p C476 82p L451 C345 12n 4p 1. 5p L452 C699 7p L454 15n 15n C422 C358 180p L356 56n L357 390n C357 L358 56n 15p 27p C698 AI L359 330n TX-RX UNIT (X57-731X-XX) (A/6): TX-RX SECTION UHF RX VHF RX AJ AK AL AM AN TX-RX UNIT (X57-731X-XX) (A/6): TX-RX SECTION SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM 8C TM-D710GA/D710E 1 RECTIFICATION D192 C221 R197 470p 82 R199 100 MA3J742 R211 ANT 12. 5T L198 0 C216 R204 470p 82 C222 470p 8V DC 8TV SW Q585 12A02CH R576 10k T:7. 9V REV 8TV C586 1u R578 1. 8k 8V FWD RECTIFICATION 8TV_I 100 T:7. 9V R198 8TU SW Q586 12A02CH 8TU C587 REVERSE CURRENT PREVENTION R579 1. 8k 8TU_I 8TVA T:7. 95V SW Q587 DTA123JUA DAP202K D584 APCV 1000p C202 1000p 1u 8C 8TU 1000p C204 8. 0V H:5. 6V M:2. 5V L:1. 5V R208 D191 MA3J742 C220 470p R202 470k EDZ5. 1B C126 R209 150k C180 470p D193 150k 1u R577 10k R186 C207 47 8 7 6 5 R191 220k C212 0. 022u R195 1000p R200 C218 27k 10k 5. 1V ZENER DIODE 2 8TVA C588 R588 10k 1u IC186 TC7W66FK-F 1 2 3 4 2CH ANALOG SW APCU 8TUA SW Q588 DTA123JUA 1000p C203 R189 1000p C214 8 7 6 5 27k REVERSE CURRENT PREVENTION 1SS400 1000p C205 D190 R213 5. 6k T:7. 95V BoUT C589 R589 C223 AoUT A+IN GND A-IN 1000p C217 C215 8TVB T:7. 95V SW Q589 DTA123JUA 1 2 3 8TV 0. 01u R187 3. 9k C208 C210 0. 022u R190 1000p C209 R196 1000p C219 R201 8. 2k 27k R203 100k 8TVB C590 R590 10k 1u 4 0. 1u 470p OP AMP IC187 NJM2904V-ZB B+IN V+ B-IN 8TUA 10k 1u 1000p C206 Q186 DTC144EE SW 3 8TUB T:7. 95V SW Q590 DTA123JUA R188 FWD_REF 6. 8k 390k 8TUB C591 R591 10k 1u R212 0 R192 D582 8TVA_C DAN222 REVERSE CURRENT PREVENTION 8TVB_C DAN222 8TUA_C 8TUB_C REVERSE CURRENT PREVENTION D583 REV_REF 1000p 0. 01u C211 C213 R194 33k 8. 2k VSF VFS 4 AVR B 22ZR-10D 470u25 470u25 D610 SURGE ABSORBER F576 3A CB F53-0392-05 D607, 609 SB 13. 75V SW Q592 CPH6122 R581 10k F577 3A F53-0392-05 5C 1SS400 D606 15k C687 PKD(EXT) 1u R608 REVERSE CURRENT PREVENTION R619 1SS400 R616 D608 4. 7k C670 SW Q591 DTC144EE R606 C596 1000p PR9(EXT) 5. 6k C606 4. 7u C672 100p R612 220k Q606 2SC4617(R) AMP C600 C602 0. 1u 1u 1. 5V R618 1k 1. 2V 47p R611 220k Q607 2SC4617(R) 1k 3. 5V AMP 10k 2. 2V C613 10u10 0. 6V R617 1k REVERSE CURRENT PREVENTION C621 C627 R625 100p 100p D607 D609 1u 10 10k SQC PR9 GND PR1 PKD PKS GND 6 4 2 5 1 3 7 J607 E56-0405-05 LIMITER 470u25 1000p D612 C617 C620 C625 C626 DC SUPPLY DSM3MA1-RPB 13. 8V B DSM3MA1-RPB B+ B- SW SW PC/TNC I/F C618 R620 SB C592 C597 1u 1u R580 1k R582 DA221 DA221 C622 100p 1k R621 C628 R626 100p 1k 100k PKS(EXT) D611 DATA 5 SB_C R615 8V AVR 8C 8C 3 47u16 IC578 KIA7808API oUT IN GND 2 1 SB PR1(EXT) 2. 1V C607 0. 1u C614 C623 100p 0. 047u R622 C629 R627 C632 100p 100k 100p 1k 8C C594 C598 0. 1u R623 SQC(EXT) C624 R624 100p 100k 1k J606 E56-0411-05 NC RxD NC CTS GND RTS TxD NC GND L606 330n 8 5 7 2 4 1 3 6 9 8V 5V AVR 5V 5C 47u16 C595 C599 5C 5C 2 IC579 TA7805FQ oUT IN GND 3 1 8C CTS(PC) C601 C603 0. 1u 1u RTS(PC) 11 TXD(PC) 12 RXD(PC) RK74HB1J102J R1oUT 13 R1IN 14 T1oUT 15 C608 0. 1u C609 1u S5M 0. 1u IC606 ADM202EARUZ C611 IC606 RS-232C DRIVE IC GND 16 VCC C1+ V+ 1 C12 0. 1u C2+ 3 C24 0. 1u C616 T1IN V5 CP606 9 R2oUT 10 T2IN T2oUT 6 C615 R2IN 7 C612 100p C631 100p C633 C630 100p C634 100p 0. 1u 8 R635 R636 100 100 6 PC 0. 1u 7 Note : The components marked with a dot (·) are parts of layer 1. 77 X57-731 (A/6) 8/8 A B C D E TM-D710GA/D710E TX-RX UNIT (X57-731X-XX)(D/6) : CONTROL SECTION SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM RXD(PNL) RXD(PC) SQC(PNL) 5M SIM3 SIM4 EEPSI EEPSI INT MODAMP_OUT C860 R856 1200p C859 47k R863 C862 47k 1200p 1000p FLS_SW PKD96_MUTE PKD96_MUTE MOD AMP 8 V+ A-INPUT BoUTPUT A+INPUT B-INPUT VB+INPUT C855 C856 1000p C847 C857 0. 1u 1000p R866 100k R869 100k R868 0. 1u 56k 7 6 R867 100k C868 5 220p C869 SW Q812 2SK1830F 1. 8M R870 47k R871 1u C861 1000p C858 1u C870 1000p MIC_MUTE2 TXD(PNL) MIC_MUTE2 TXD(PC) PKS(PNL) XSW_LD EEPSO BEEP FLS_SW TR_CLK EEPSO EEPCS EEPCK S5M EEPCK EEPCS PTT TR_DT 1 5M FLS_SW C954 1000p R950 1k * R967 * R971 5M RK75HA1J473J CP951 PKS(PNL) 1 R916 47k EEPROM IC916 AT25256A10TU27 8 CS VCC 7 So 3 WP 4 GND SI HoLD 6 SCK 5 EEPSO CNT_CLK CNT_DT 47k R921 BUFFER IC951 TC74HC4050AFT 1 16 VCC NC2 15 1Y 3 1A 4 2Y 5 2A 6 C957 3Y 7 3A 1000p C958 0. 1u TXD(PNL) 8 GND 4A 4Y 9 SQC(PNL) 5A 10 5Y 11 NC1 12 RXD(PNL) 6A 13 6Y 14 2 R922 47k EEPCS RK74HB1J102J RK75HA1J102J RK75HA1J102J RK74HB1J102J 100p C924 47k 100k CP918 47k CP916 PANEL I/F R952 0 1k 0 0 1k 0 2 R923 R924 DISPLAY UNIT (X54-3620-00)(B/4)-J1 J952 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 SQC(PNL) RXD(PNL) PKD(PNL) PKS(PNL) TXD(PNL) GND PB PR(PNL) R951 R953 R954 R955 R956 R957 C917 1000p 2 0 C952 PKD(PNL) 1u C953 4. 7u R880 C991 220k SW Q955 2SC4617(R) 0. 8V R872 1k 47p R918 C919 R816 PR(PNL)_OUT 1. 4V 4. 7u 5. 6k SW 0 22p 2. 3V R995 5C 3. 3k R917 0 X916 L77-3022-05 11. 0592MHz R920 0 C922 22p SW Q917 DTC144EE C808 22p C921 PB R980 5M 1000p C964 0 1000p BSHIFT 1000p C918 C923 D951-953 DA221 MIC I/F J951 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 CM(DWN) HOOK MIC ME PTT GND 8C MBL(UP) F53-0323-05 R958 R959 R960 R961 R962 R963 0 0 0 0 0 0 DA221 3 LIMITER D951 D953 DA221 D952 PTT REVERSE CURRENT PREVENTION D954 1SS355 C967 8C 33 C966 0. 01u 1000p 0. 01u C968 RK74HB1J473J 5M MIC R981 1000p 1000p F951 2A 1000p C951 C955 C960 MIC C988 1000p R979 R965 1. 2k R968 C962 1. 2k 6. 8k 0. 1u R982 R983 R984 0 1k 100 1k CP952 MIC_DW PTT MIC_UP 4 ALC_OUT PKD_SEL_OUT TONE PRE_EMP_IN MIC_MUTE1 5C 8C MIC AMP &ALC OP AMP C814 560p R811 1M 1 2 3 4 IC802 NJM2100V-ZB AoUTPUT V+ A-INPUT BoUTPUT A+INPUT B-INPUT VB+INPUT C818 C819 SW AMP Q801 2SC4919 R806 100 2. 2u10 C813 820 DAN222 SW D802 C816 0. 1u 1SS372F C830 0. 1u R826 47k D801 R809 C820 C865 0. 1u 1000p C826 0. 1u 4. 7u10 4. 8V 1. 8M R828 47k C831 3300p C832 4. 7V R831 560p 10k 0. 1u 8 R825 7 C825 R911 120p 220k 6 5 8. 2k R827 C843 220p R847 100k 4. 7k C838 8200p 2700p C827 R822 47k 47k R830 R838 3. 9k R852 1 2 3 4 AVREF 5C R985 22p Q916 DTC144EE C920 PRE-EMP &IDC OP AMP IC803 NJM2100V-ZB AoUTPUT C812 0. 047u R810 C815 0. 039u 10k R819 33 7. 95V 7. 95V 1000p C833 R829 ACTIVE FILTER R848 4. 8V 1. 8M R839 47k R840 47k C842 3300p C844 4. 7V R851 560p 5 Q805 2SC4617(S) C839 0. 1u SPL FILTER 33 ACTIVE FILTER Q808 2SC4617(S) C848 1u 10k R853 1. 8M MIC MUTE Q809 2SK1830F TONE SCB AF_MUTE1 SPAF_2 AF_MUTE2 SPAF_1 AMP_MUTE AF_B AF_A AMP_STB R925 C916 0. 1u CP917 CP919 R919 22k 5C PKD(EXT) 8 7 6 5 INTSP AUDIO AMP IC801 LA4629 PoWERGND PKD_SEL_OUT PKD SEL MULTIPLEXER IC917 TC4W53FU-F 1 CoMMoM VDD 2 INH 3 VEE 4 VSS A 0. 1u 1000p CH1 CH0 13. 75V C821 PREGND 1000p R814 33k R996 22k C914 56k R817 33k 6800p R820 10k C828 1u De-emp_A R854 1000p R998 33 R841 C851 470 4. 7V R845 680k 4. 7u10 AF_A C840 3V C845 4700p Q806 2SC4617(R) R849 2. 5V 4. 7k Q806 ACTIVE FILTER De-emp_B R855 27k C849 4700p 0. 047u R858 C852 R857 0 STBY oUT2 oUT1 C817 R805 VCC NC1 NC2 6 1 6. 6V J801 SP1 J802 SP2 C805 0. 1u C803 330u25 C804 330u25 R803 R804 100k 0. 47u IN1 IN2 PP RF 10k 1. 9V R861 820k DET_A 0. 85V C863 R913 5. 6k 5600p Q803 DTC363EU L921 330n L922 6. 6V 1000p C823 SW 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 C822 0. 47u R815 R997 18k C915 33k R818 8200p R821 33k 10k C829 1u R832 C834 0. 01u Q804 DTC363EU 1000p C824 SW C836 68k R836 0. 01u C866 1k 1. 5V 330n 1. 5V Q810 0. 01u 2SC4617(R) 0. 3V ACTIVE FILTER C929 C930 2. 2k R813 R812 330u25 330u25 390 4. 7k 33 1000p R843 C853 R859 470 R999 Q816 DTC363EU SW 4. 7V R846 680k 4. 7u10 Q802 KRC102S-P SW AF_B C841 3V C846 4700p Q807 2SC4617(R) R850 2. 5V R844 4. 7k Q807 ACTIVE FILTER 27k C850 4700p 0. 047u R860 10k 1. 9V R862 820k DET_B 0. 85V C864 0. 01u Q811 2SC4617(R) 0. 3V 1k ACTIVE FILTER R912 5. 6k 5600p 4. 7u10 1000p 47u16 R842 4. 7k C806 C809 C810 C807 C811 C835 0. 01u R833 C837 68k R837 4. 7k 0. 01u 7 X57-731X-XX 0-11 2-71 0-21 K E M4 R967 NO NO 0 R971 NO 0 NO 78 X57-731 (D/6) 1/2 C854 C867 0 PKD(PNL) PKD_SEL DET_A DET_B 5C F G H I J TX-RX UNIT (X57-731X-XX) (D/6): CONTROL SECTION SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM AF_CAL SM_A SM_B PKD_SEL DTMFPD DTMFDT SQ_A SQ_B AF_MUTE1 AF_MUTE2 DTMFDET DTMFCLK MIC_DW S5M_C SCB_C TOIN_A TOIN_B MIC_UP VU_TX SB_C ILLM IGN BATT 5M L917 1000p C944 C943 1u TM-D710GA/D710E 1 5M S5M S5M 1000p C947 C948 1u 49 8C L951 8C 47 5C L952 5C 46 45 44 SB_C 5C NC SB_C ILLM IGN TXD(PC) RXD(PC) RTS(PC) CTS(PC) SQC(EXT) PKS(EXT) PKD(EXT) PR1(EXT) GND SM_A SQ_A NC NC 8C AMP_STB RESET DTMF TONE AMP_MUTE CN960 50 5M S5M 48 DTMF L916 5M TOIN_A RK74HB1J473J ILLM 1000p CP921 680p IGN 43 42 41 TXD(PC) 40 RXD(PC) 39 RTS(PC) 38 CTS(PC) 37 SQC(EXT) 47k 82k 1000p C932 C931 R927 R928 C926 C928 1u TOIN_B 100 AMP_MUTE 99 AF_MUTE1 98 AF_MUTE2 97 AVCC 96 VREF 95 AF_CAL 94 AVSS 93 DTMFDET 92 DTMFCLK 91 DTMFDT 90 DTMFPD 89 BATT 88 S5M_C 87 SCB_C 86 TOIN_A 85 TOIN_B 84 SM_A 83 SM_B 82 SQ_A 81 SQ_B 80 MIC_UP 79 MIC_DW 78 CM 77 VU_TX PKD_SEL 76 R931 0 1 2 3 4 5 R930 47k 6 75 SB_C 47k 47k NC 73 NC 72 R937 R936 74 R938 R939 S5M 47k 47k 36 PKS(EXT) 35 PKD(EXT) 34 PR1(EXT) 33 DTMF/1750 TONE AMP_STB BSHIFT NC BYTE CP922 RTS(PC) RTS(PC) 71 CTS(PC) 70 SQC(EXT) 69 PKS(EXT) 68 TEMP 67 VSF 66 RK75HA1J102J VBSY 65 VPLY 64 MPU VEN 63 VRST 62 VSS2 61 CP920 NC 60 VCC2 59 NC 58 DA2_EN 57 2099_EN 56 B_PLLEN 55 A_PLLUL 54 A_PLLEN 53 B_PLLUL 52 SIM0 SIM1 51 1000p 1u C934 RK74HB1J102J RK74HB1J473J CP924 RK74HB1J102J CP923 32 CTS(PC) SQC(EXT) PKS(EXT) TEMP VSF VBSY VPLY 25 VEN VRST DET_A 24 PR(PNL) 23 DET_B 22 21 VBSY 20 VPLY 19 DA2_EN 2099_EN B_PLLEN A_PLLUL A_PLLEN B_PLLUL SIM0 SIM1 VEN 18 VRST 17 DA2_EN 16 2099_EN 15 TR_CLK 14 TR_DT 13 B_PLLEN 12 A_PLLUL 11 A_PLLEN 10 B_PLLUL 9 VGSPLAY 8 TCXO_A 7 VCO_B 6 VCO_A 5 TCXO_B 4 VGSREC 3 SIM0 2 SIM1 1 CP925 DA1_EN TCXO_A_MUTE TCXO_B_MUTE RK75HA1J102J SIM2 SM_A 31 SQ_A 30 VSF 29 TEMP 28 SM_B 27 SQ_B 26 2 TX-RX UNIT (X57-731X-XX)(A/6)-CN677 7 NC 8 NC 9 NC 10 RESET 11 XoUT 12 VSS 13 XIN 14 VCC1 VSF TEMP SM_B SQ_B GND DET_A PR(PNL) DET_B GND VBSY VPLY VEN VRST DA2_EN 2099_EN TR_CLK TR_DT B_PLLEN A_PLLUL A_PLLEN B_PLLUL VGSPLAY TCXO_A VCO_B VCO_A TCXO_B VGSREC SIM0 SIM1 SIM2 * IC918 R932 47k 15 NMI 16 NC 17 SIS 18 INT 19 XSW_LD 20 PKD96_MUTE 21 EEPCS 22 EEPSO 23 24 25 MIC_MUTE2 EEPCK EEPSI 27 BEEP RXD(PNL) 28 TXD(PNL) 29 TR_DT 30 TR_CLK 31 NC 32 NC 33 TXD(PC) 34 RXD(PC) 35 PTT 36 PKS(PNL) 37 SQC(PNL) 38 CNT_DT 39 NC 40 CNT_CLK 41 TCXO_B_MUTE 42 TCXO_A_MUTE 43 DA1_EN 44 NC 45 MIC_MUTE1 46 SIM6 47 SIM5 48 SIM4 49 SIM3 50 SIM2 C933 3 26 R934 47k SIM2 SIM3 SIM4 SIM5 SIM6 MIC_MUTE1 R946 47k R935 47k CB GND GND INTSP CNT_DT INTSP 1000p C986 C982 0. 01u 2 3 4 CB TX-RX UNIT (X57-731X-XX)(A/6)-CN676 CNT_CLK CN961 1 CB CNT_CLK TCXO_B CNT_DT DA1_EN VCO_A VCO_B PKD_SEL_OUT PKD12_AMP_IN PR1(EXT) SPAF_1 SPAF_2 PKD12_AMP_OUT ALC_OUT BEEP DTMF AF_B TCXO_B_MUTE TCXO_A_MUTE CNT_DT PR(PNL)_OUT PRE_EMP_IN DTMF_IN AF_CAL VGSREC VGSPLAY PR(PNL) CNT_CLK XSW_LD AVREF VU_TX TCXO_A AVREF AF_A 5C 5C 5C 4 CB VOLTAGE DETECT R992 BATT 5. 1V ZENER DIODE 13. 75V EDZ5. 1B C979 270k 0. 1u R991 SW 100k SCB R969 0 1k C983 10k 1000p D955 R909 22k 10u10 C909 R908 10k 10k 2CH ANALOG SW IC807 TC7W66FK-F C889 680p R892 56k XSW CP803 CROSS POINT SW IC IC806 BU8241FS 24 VIN1 2 VoUT1 3 VoUT2 4 VIN2 5 VDD 6 LD 7 CLK 8 DI MODAMP_OUT 9 VIN3 10 VoUT3 11 VoUT4 12 VIN4 C874 C875 TCXO R891 SCB SP Q953 CPH6122 SCB C972 R993 R990 R994 1k 8 0. 1u RK74HB1J102J 1 RK74HB1J102J 2 ELECTORICAL VOLUME IC IC804 M62364FP-F 1 VIN8 23 VoUT8 1000p C893 C892 0. 1u 22 VoUT7 21 VIN7 20 GND 19 RESET 18 VDAREF 17 D0 16 VIN6 15 VoUT6 14 VoUT5 13 VIN5 0. 1u 1000p RK74HB1J473J C902 1u 12 C901 1u 11 C900 1u 10 CP802 C898 C899 1u 1u 8 9 C897 1u 7 C896 1u 6 C895 1u 5 C894 10u10 3 4 2 1 1000p C908 24 SOUT VDD VB GND IN1 IN2 IN3 IN4 IN5 IN6 IN7 IN8 PS 23 LATCH 22 CLK 21 DIN 20 OUT1 19 OUT2 18 OUT3 17 OUT4 16 OUT5 15 OUT6 14 OUT7 13 OUT8 C906 1u C905 1u C904 1u C903 1u 1000p C910 1000p C907 IN_oUT1 VCC 7 oUT_IN1 CoNT1 6 3 CoNT2 oUT_IN2 4 5 GND IN_oUT2 CP801 SW R823 R906 1. 5k 3. 3k SCB_C PB 13. 75V Q951 DTC144EE C978 1000p 10V AVR IC952 BAJ0CC0T 5 Q817 2SK1824-A SW VoUT GND VCC POLY-SW D956 MINISMDC110F16 1000p 1u25 C984 3 2 R987 PB 22u20 0. 01u C971 C969 1u25 C973 C980 0 1 10V 5M 5V AVR IC953 TA7805FQ 2 1000p C977 0. 1u 1 oUT IN GND 3 REVERSE CURRENT PREVENTION PKD12_AMP_OUT PKD12_AMP_IN DET_A DTMF_IN TOIN_A CB 5M TOIN_B AVREF DET_B INT CB DTMFCLK DTMFDET DTMFPD DTMFDT 5C 5C 5V R986 5M 47u16 C974 C963 0 INT R940 R942 RESET IC IC919 BD4840FVE 1 18V ZENER DIODE Q918 DTC144EE SW 1000p C935 OVER VOLTAGE DETECT VoUT 1000p C938 C936 0. 1u 2 SUB 3 NC GND 4 VDD 5 R945 15k C949 R944 330u25 330k 820 02DZ18F-X, Y AVREF C879 R878 R910 0. 1u 10k 10k R883 R886 10k D916 100 CP926 AVREF RK74HB1J102J PKD AMP INT 18k 1000p 0. 47u C985 C970 C981 1SR154-400 D957 6 SW Q954 DTA123JUA S5M C975 0. 1u S5M 0. 047u 4700p 0. 1u C950 C941 DTMF DECODER IC921 LC73881M-E 1 INPUT 2 PD 3 EST 8 oSCo 4 oSCI 5 VSS C945 STD 7 ACK 6 SD 0. 1u 1000p VDD 9 10 R882 1000p 10u10 C876 C872 R879 10k 4CH OP AMP C883 IC805 NJM2112V-ZB 1 AoUT 2 A-IN 3 A+IN 4 V+ 5 C873 1u B+IN R875 120k R876 C878 120k R877 C877 560p 330k 47p 6 B-IN 7 BoUT CoUT C-IN C882 8 120k 47p R885 C885 C+IN 9 R884 V10 D+IN 11 D-IN DoUT 13 12 R887 10k 14 560k 22p R889 C891 10k 1u SW S5M_C 1000p C976 Q952 DTC144EE RESET 5M 4700p C884 RESET IC R943 330k RESET IC920 BD4840FVE 1 VoUT VDD 4 NC GND 5 5M SUB 3 R888 C887 1000p C937 C939 120k 1u 0. 1u C946 2 X917 L78-0459-05 4. 19MHz C881 1000p 560p C880 0. 1u 390k X57-731X-XX R874 R890 10k TONE AMP_B TONE AMP_A 10k 0-11 2-71 0-21 K E M4 IC918 3062LFGPUKBVE 3062LFGPUKBWE 3062LFGPUKBWE 7 Note : The components marked with a dot (·) are parts of layer 1. 79 X57-731 (D/6) 2/2 TM-D710GA/D710E LCD Assy LCD DRIVER BLOCK DIAGRAM GPS TERMINAL COM TERMINAL TX-RX UNIT (X57-731) (A/6) TX-RX SECTION DISPLAY UNIT (X54-362) LEVEL CONVERTER IC7 ADM202EARUZ LEVEL CONVERTER IC23 ADM101EARMZ 15. 9744MHz DIVIDER IC16 TC7W74FU-F 7. 9872MHz TNC ASIC IC12 TGT0210Q TCXO A REF AMP, Filter X1 TCXO A TCXO 12. 8MHz 32. 768kHz TNC CONTROL IC25 RV5C386A RTC IC8 BU2099FV TNC MPU IC11 3048BTE25**** PLL A IC1: MB15A02PFV2E1 CHARGE PUMP Q2: 2SA1774(R) Q3: 2SC4617(R) D2: DA221 Q1, 4: 2SC4617(R) D3, 4: 1SS400 RIPPLE FILTER VCO Q705, 706: 2S Q704: 2SJ347 Q703: SSM6L Q701, 702: DT Q707: 2SC510 D703~705, 707 D710: 1SV278 D701, 708: HS D709: 1SV323 11. 0592MHz LCD, KEY illumination AMBER LED GREEN LED Q5, 7 CPH6122 Q4, 6 DTC144EUA PB 10V EEPROM IC2 AT25256A10TU27 Key, VR SQ input KEY, VR A, B INPUT MPU IC1 30626FHPG**** INT IC24 BD4840FVE RESET IC3 BD4840FVE SRAM IC13 R1LP0408CSB5S PB 10V IC10 TA75W01FUF IC17 TA75W393FU-F IC18 TA75S393F-F Q12, 13, 15 2SC4617(R) Q14 2SA1774(R) AF SW, VR IC19 TC7W66FK-F IC20 M62364FP-F X66 TCXO B TCXO 16. 8MHz RF AMP, SW Q5: 2SC5636 D10~13, 20, 21: HSC27 SW Q73, 74 DTC144EE PLL B IC66: MB15A02PFV2E1 CHARGE PUMP Q67: 2SA1774(R) Q68: 2SC4617(R) D67: DA221 Q66, 69: 2SC4617(R) D68, 69: 1SS400 RIPPLE FILTER V Q755, 756: Q754: 2SJ3 Q753: SSM Q751, 752: Q757: 2SC D753~755, D760: 1SV2 D751, 758: D759: 1SV3 5V AVR IC6 TA4805BF PB 10V BUFFER IC4, 5, 21 TC4S81F-F LPF IC22 TC75S51F-F 16. 8MHz TCXO B REF RF AMP, SW Q70: 2SC5636 D30~35: HSC2 TX-RX UNIT (X57-731) (D/6) CONTROL SECTION 11. 0592MHz Buffer IC951 TC74HC4050AFT 10V PB IC952 BAJ0CC0T 5V AVR IC953 TA7805FQ RESET IC920 BD4840FVE INT IC919 BD4840FVE SCB Q953 CPH6122 Q951 DTC144EE AMP Q955 2SC4617(R) SW Q8, 9 DTC144EE TUNE IC IC667 BU2228FV FWD REF REV REF BPF A BPF B TCXO A REF TCXO B REF EEPROM IC916 AT25256A10TU27 MPU IC918 3062LFGPU**** SB 45 AF SW IC666 BU4053BCFV SW Q486~488 2SK1830F Q493 DTA114EUA D486, 487 DAN235E IF DET IC486 TA31136F 4. 19MHz DTMF IC IC921 LC73881M-E CF486 455kHz WIDE/NA MIC AMP, ALC IC802 NJM2100V-ZB Q801 2SC4919 D801 DAN222 D802 1SS372F MIC Pre-EMP, Limiter MUTE SW DTMF IC803 NJM2100V-ZB Q805, 808 2SC4617(S) Q809, 812 2SK1830F TONE TONE FILTER IC805 NJM2112V-ZB AM DET Q489, 491, 494 2SC4617(R) Q490, 492 2SK1830F D489 HSC277 TRIPLER INT SP IC806 BU8241FS IC804 M62364FP-F AF control IC MOD A MOD B SW Q817 2SK1824-A 16. 8MHz SW IC807 TC7W66FK-F TCXO A TCXO B Q547 50. 4MHz 2SC4649 (N, P) IF D IC 546 TA31136F SW Q546, 548, 549 2SK1830F Q550 DTA114EUA D546, 547 DAN235E EXT SP1 AF AMP, MUTE SW IC801 LA4629 Q803, 804, 816 DTC363EU Q802 KRC102S-P De-EMP, AF AMP Q806, 810 Q807, 811 2SC4617(R) CF546 C 4 450kHz WIDE/NAR EXT SP2 LEVEL CONVERTER PC TERMINAL IC606 ADM202EARUZ AF AMP, LIMITER Q606, 607 2SC4617(R) D607, 609 DA221 D608 1SS400 DATA TERMINAL 80 BLOCK DIAGRAM TM-D710GA/D710E ANT ANT SW D134, 135 L407CDB D186 MA4PH633 D188 HVU131-E D356 HVC131 IC131 VHF POWER MODULE RA60H13171123 VCO A Q705, 706: 2SK508NV(K52) Q704: 2SJ347F Q703: SSM6L05FU-F Q701, 702: DTC114YE Q707: 2SC5108(Y)F D703~705, 707: 1SV325F D710: 1SV278F D701, 708: HSC277 D709: 1SV323F SW Q7 2SC5636 D14~19 HVC131 SW D130, 131 HVC131 RF AMP Q644 2SC3356(R24) RF AMP Q131 2SC3357-A(RF) D132 1SS355 LPF B APCV MOD A Q132 2SK1830F D133 EDZ5. 1B SW, Limiter POWER DET D191, 192 MA3J742 F AMP, SW 2SC5636 ~13, 20, 21: HSC277 SW Q73, 74 DTC144EE Shift Q6: DTC114EE APCV APCU SW IC186 TC7W66FK-F APC IC187 NJM2904V-ZB D190: 1SS400 FWD REF REV REF ANT SW D164, 165 L407CDB D187 MA4PH633 D189 HVU131-E D451 HVC131 IC161 UHF POWER MODULE RA60H40471101 ) VCO B Q755, 756: 2SK508NV(K52) Q754: 2SJ347F Q753: SSM6L05FU-F Q751, 752: DTC114YE Q757: 2SC5108(Y)F D753~755, 777: 1SV325F D760: 1SV278F D751, 758: HSC277 D759: 1SV323F SW Q72 2SC5636 D22~27 HVC131 SW D160, 161 HCV131 RF AMP Q161 2SC3356(R24) RF AMP Q162 2SC3357-A(RF) D162 1SS355 HPF LPF HPF B APCU MOD B RF AMP, SW Q70: 2SC5636 D30~35: HSC277 SW Q8, 9 DTC144EE Shift Q71: DTC114EE SW D227 HSC277 MIX Q226 3SK294 (F) D229: HSC277 D230, 231 1SV325F SW D292 HSC277 BPF A D232: HSC277 D233, 234 1SV325F BPF BPF Q163 2SK1830F D163 EDZ5. 1B SW, Limiter RF AMP Q227 3SK294 (F) D238: HSC277 D239, 240 1SV325F D241: HSC277 D242, 243 1SV325F RF AMP Q228 3SK318 BPF BPF Q229 DTC144EE AIP SW X486 45. 505MHz IF DET IC486 TA31136FNG RF AMP Q495 2SC5636 45. 05MHz SW D363 HSC277 MIX Q361 3SK294 (F) MCF MIX Q291 3SK294 (F) BPF BPF RF AMP Q292 3SK294 (F) BPF BPF RF AMP Q293 3SK318 D294: HSC277 D295, 296 1SV325F BPF B D297: HSC277 D298, 299 1SV325F D303: HSC277 D304, 305 1SV325F D306: HSC277 D307, 308 1SV325F Q294 DTC144EE AIP SW A CF486 CF487 455kHz 455kHz WIDE/NARROW BPF BPF BPF RF AMP Q362 3SK318 BPF BPF RF AMP Q363 3SK318 ET 491, 494 4617(R) 492 1830F 277 AGC IC487 TC75W51FUF Q496 2SK1830F D488 RB706F-40 D364, 365 BBY65-02V BPF A SW D407, 408 HSC277 D367, 368 BBY65-02V D370, 371 BBY65-02V D377 BBY53-05W D375, 376 BBY65-02V D378, 379 BBY65-02V Q400 DTC144EE AIP SW 50. 4MHz IF DET IC 546 TA31136FNG RF AMP Q551 2SC5636 49. 95MHz 49 A CF546 CF547 450kHz 450kHz WIDE/NARROW MCF BPF Q406 3SK294 (F) MIX D409, 410 BBY65-02V BPF B 8TV 8TU 8TV A 8TU A 8TV B 8TU B 5RA 5RB 5RV A 5RU A 5R AM 5RV B 5RU B 5R8B BPF BPF RF AMP Q407 3SK318 BPF BPF RF AMP Q408 3SK318 D412, 413 BBY65-02V D415, 416 BBY65-02V D419 BBY53-05W D420, 421 BBY65-02V D423, 424 BBY65-02V Q450 DTC144EE AIP SW 8V SW Q585, 586 12A02CH Q587~590 DTA123JUA 5V SW Q578~580 DTA123JUA Q582~584 DTA123JUA FAN SW Q641 2SC4617(R) COOLING FAN BP SFT B BP SFT A Q572 DTA114EE Q573 2SK1830F Q574 DTA114EE Q575 2SK1830F 5V AVR 5C IC579 TA7805FQ 8C 8V AVR IC578 KIA7808API SW SB Q592 CPH6122 Q591 DTC144EE DC 13. 8V CONTROL IC IC576, 577 BU2099FV Q576 DTA123JUA FAN Control 81 TM-D710GA/D710E LEVEL DIAGRAM Receiver Section Center Frequency ­123dBm ­121dBm D134, 135 D186, 188 ANT SW Q228 ­109. 5dBm ­105dBm 45. 05MHz ­110dBm XF486 BPF Q227 Q226 A Band VHF Receiver circuit 1st Local BPF MCF 16 IC486 FM IC CF Wide CF Narrow 49. 95MHz ­121dBm ­109. 5dBm ­105dBm ­109dBm XF546 MCF Q291 B Band VHF Receiver circuit ­121dBm D164, 165 D187, 189 ANT SW Q363 ­109. 5dBm 1st Local 16 IC546 FM IC CF Wide CF Narrow Note1: The 12dB SINAD levels were plotted using a standard signalgenerator through a 0. 01F ceramic capacitor at each point from the RF to the first IF. Note2: The AF levels were measured with an AF voltmeter when the ­73dBm (50V) standard signal generator signal modulated by a 1kHz modulation frequency and a 3kHz deviation was received and the AF output was adjusted to 0. 63V/8 by the AF VR. [. . . ]


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