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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Model DNX7190HD/ UBZ-AR14/ DNX6990HD/ DNX6190HD/ DNX6490BT/ DNX5190/ DNX5060EX Serial number US Residence Only Register Online Register your Kenwood product at www. Kenwoodusa. com © 2011 JVC KENWOOD Corporation 12DNXMid_IM345_Ref_K_En_03 (K/K2/R) 1 Contents Before Use How To Read This Manual Basic Operations 4 5 6 Radio, HD RadioTM tuner and SIRIUS XM Radio Operation 50 Radio/HD Radio tuner Basic Operation __ 50 SIRIUS XM Basic Operation____________ 53 Memory Operation __________________ 56 Selecting Operation _________________ 56 Traffic Information __________________ 58 Receive Mode ______________________ 59 iTunes Tagging _____________________ 60 Content alert_______________________ 61 Instant Replay ______________________ 62 SIRIUS XM Setup ____________________ 63 Remote Controller 104 Troubleshooting 108 Battery Installation __________________ 104 Functions Of The Remote Controller Buttons _________________ 105 Problems And Solutions______________ 108 Error Messages _____________________ 109 Resetting The Unit __________________ 111 Appendix 112 Functions Of The Buttons On The Front Panel ________________ 6 Turning On The Unit _________________ 10 How To Play Media __________________ 13 Operating With The Top Menu Screen ___ 14 Common Operations ________________ 16 Navigation Operation________________ 18 Playable Media And Files _____________ 112 Status Bar Indicator Items ____________ 115 Region Codes In The World ___________ 117 DVD Language Codes _______________ 118 Specifications ______________________ 119 About This Unit _____________________ 122 DVD/Video CD (VCD) Operation 20 DVD/VCD Basic Operation ____________ 20 DVD Disc Menu Operation ____________ 23 Zoom Control For DVD And VCD _______ 24 DVD Setup ________________________ 25 Bluetooth Control 68 Registering And Connecting Bluetooth Unit ____________________ 68 Playing Bluetooth Audio Device _______ 71 Using Hands-Free Unit _______________ 72 Bluetooth Setup ____________________ 75 Hands-Free Control _________________ 76 CD/Audio And Visual Files/ iPod Operation 28 Music/Video/Picture Basic Operation ___ 28 Search Operation ___________________ 34 Movie Control ______________________ 39 PANDORA® internet radio Operation____ 40 Aha Operation _____________________ 43 USB/iPod/DivX Setup ________________ 47 Setting Up 82 Monitor Screen Setup _______________ 82 System Setup ______________________ 83 Display Setup ______________________ 86 Navigation Setup ___________________ 89 Camera Setup ______________________ 90 Software Information ________________ 91 AV Input Setup _____________________ 91 AV Output Interface Setup ____________ 92 External Device Control __________________ 92 Controlling Audio 94 Setting Audio ______________________ 94 Controlling General Audio ____________ 98 Equalizer Control ___________________ 99 Zone Control _______________________ 101 Space Enhancer ____________________ 101 Listening Position ___________________ 102 2 3 Return to the Top page Before Use Return to the Top page How To Read This Manual Before Use 2 WARNING To prevent injury or fire, take the following precautions: · Topreventashortcircuit, neverputor leaveanymetallicobjects(suchascoinsor metaltools)insidetheunit. · Donotwatchorfixyoureyesontheunit's displaywhenyouaredrivingforany extendedperiod. · Ifyouexperienceproblemsduring installation, consultyourKenwooddealer. How To Read This Manual Lens fogging Whenyouturnonthecarheaterincold weather, deworcondensationmayform onthelensinthediscplayeroftheunit. Calledlensfogging, thiscondensationon thelensmaynotallowdiscstoplay. Insuch asituation, removethediscandwaitforthe condensationtoevaporate. Iftheunitstill doesnotoperatenormallyafterawhile, consultyourKenwooddealer. Return to the Top page CD, Disc, iPod, USB device Link header You can refer each section or top page with one-click. [. . . ] Artist list screen appears. 2 Touch [Type] to select the screen of the content you want to set up. Touching this allows you to switch among the Artist list, Song list, and Team list cyclically. Touch each content list and set ON or OFF. 3 NOTE · Touch "Delete" to delete the currently selected content from the Artist list and Song list. Team(s) cannot be registered or deleted manually. 66 67 Return to the Top page Bluetooth Operation Return to the Top page Bluetooth Operation Bluetooth Control UsingtheBluetoothfunction, various functionscanbeused:listeningtotheaudio file, making/receivingacall. Registering the Bluetooth Unit NOTE · Registering operation can be performed from the Bluetooth unit. · If registering cannot be completed even when the PIN code is correct, try Registering special Bluetooth unit (P. 70). Registering And Connecting Bluetooth Unit ItisnecessarytoregistertheBluetoothaudio playerorcell-phonetothisunitbeforeusing theBluetoothfunction. Youcanregisterupto5Bluetoothunit. 1 Touch [SET] of [Regist New Device]. Searched Device List screen appears. NOTE · A new device cannot be registered if there are 5 registered Bluetooth units. · If a Bluetooth unit cannot be registered by normal register (pairing) operation, touch [SP DEV]. · The Searched Device List screen cannot be displayed, when the receiving source is PANDORA internet radio, aha or Bluetooth Audio, About the cell-phone and Bluetooth audio player Thisunitconformstothefollowing Bluetoothspecifications: Version Bluetooth Ver. 3. 0 Certified Profile Cell-phone: HFP (Hands Free Profile) OPP (Object Push Profile) PBAP (Phonebook Access Profile) SYNC (Synchronization Profile) Audio player: A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) 1 Press the <TEL> button. 2 Touch [PIN Code Set]. Version Bluetooth Ver. 2. 0 Certified Profile Cell-phone: HFP (Hands Free Profile) NOTE · For the cell-phones verified for compatibility, access the following URL: http://www. kenwood. com/cs/ce/bt/. 3 Touch [ Call using call records 1 Touch [Incoming Calls], [Outgoing Calls], or [Missed Calls]. 2 Select the name from the list. *1*2 3 Select the number from the list. Call using the preset number 1 Touch [Preset #] to start calling the corresponding phone number. · Duringsearch, anon-accentcharacter suchas"u"issearchedforinsteadofan accentcharactersuchas"ü". *2 oucansetthelisttoarrangeintheorder Y oflastnameorfirstname. Fordetails, see Setting up the Hands-Free phone (P. 77). *3 fmorethanonenumberareassigned I toonename, saythekeywordforthe category, andthentouch[ ]tomake acall. Iftherearepluralnumbersunderonekey wordorifyoudonotregisterthekeyword voicetotheunit, touch[Phonebook]and selectthedesirednumberfromthelist. NOTE · While your car is moving, some functions are disabled for safety reasons. The keys associated with the disabled functions become ineffective if touched. · The status icons such as battery and antenna displayed may differ from those displayed on the cell-phone. · Setting the cell-phone in the private mode can disable the hands-free function. NOTE · If your cell-phone supports auto-download of phonebook but not downloaded automatically, follow the procedure above to download manually. [. . . ] · iPhone, iPod, iPod classic, iPod nano, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc. , registered in the U. S. · is a trademark of DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation registered in the U. S. , Japan and other countries. · This item incorporates copy protection technology that is protected by U. S. DTS, the Symbol, & DTS and the Symbol together are registered trademarks & DTS 2. 0 Channel is a trademark of DTS, Inc. · Sirius, XM and all related marks and logos are trademarks of Sirius XM Radio Inc. [. . . ]


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