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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Please note that these instructions apply to all wine coolers in this range. Illustrations and fittings may therefore not necessarily correspond exactly to your model. For your own safety and for the proper utilisation of the appliance, read this manual carefully, including the warnings and recommendations, before installing the appliance and using it for the first time. In order to avoid damage to the appliance and/or personal injury, persons using the appliance should be fully familiar with its operation and safety functions. [. . . ]  This appliance must be fixed at the top and the bottom using the rail provided for the purpose in order to avoid any risk of tipping when the shelves are slid out  Locate the Wine Cooler away from direct sunlight and sources of heat (stove, heater, radiator, etc. Direct sunlight may affect the acrylic coating and heat sources may increase electrical consumption. Extreme cold ambient temperatures may also cause the unit not to perform properly.  Plug the Wine Cooler into an exclusive, easily accessible plug socket. Any questions concerning power and/or earthing should be directed towards a qualified electrician or an authorized products service centre.  To prevent the appliance from heating up, ensure that an adequate ventilation gap is retained and install a suitable thermal insulation panel. An adequate flow of air to and from the cooling system must be ensured.  The appliance must be installed to all electrical, plumbing, water and drain connections in accordance with state and local codes. Please note in first time use, there will be alarming right after plugging which is caused by wrong humidity and temperature. Without running power, the humidity and temperature may be out of the setting range(40-80%, 5-20 degree). Wine coolers with winter position, however, function at room temperatures as low as 5°C. Climate class SN N ST T Optimum room temperature +10℃~+32℃ +16℃~+32℃ +18℃~+38℃ +18℃~+43℃ 34 HANDLE INSTALLATION Before installing the handle, you must remove the door seal on a game. Peel off the seal from the corner of the door to the level needed and turn it into the slot to get to the corner. Front Back Handle Handle Screws Screws ACTIVE CARBON FILTER When the unit is equipped with a charcoal filter, it is better to change it once a year to renew the effectiveness (filter odors, residues, . Most probably, a few less bottles will be stored than the indicated amount. For example, if the cellar is filled only with bottles of burgundy, there will be approximately 30% fewer bottles than the initial quantity calculated for Bordeaux Any added shelf will decrease the loading capacity. 38 39 OPERATING YOURWINE COOLER If the ambient temperature is above or below the recommended ambient temperature range, the performance of the unit may be affected. For example, placing your unit in extreme cold or hot conditions may cause interior temperatures to fluctuate. Note: When you use the Wine Cooler for the first time or restart the Wine Cooler after having been shut off for a long time, there could be a few degrees variance between the temperature you select and the one indicated on the LED readout. Once the Wine Cooler is running for a few hours everything will be back to normal. If the unit is unplugged, power lost, or turned off, you must wait 3 to 5 minutes before restarting the unit. If you attempt to restart before this time delay, the Wine Cooler will not start. [. . . ] In this case, make functioning the appliance at the coldest temperatures, empty, during a few hours. WHAT TO DO IN CASE OF A POWER OUTAGE Most power outages are resolved in a short time. An outage of 1 or 2 hours will not affect the temperatures in your cabinet. In order to protect the wines during the outage, open the door as little as possible. [. . . ]


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