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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] **Do not touch the appliance’s metallic parts when it is switched on, as these are hot. **This unit is not intended for people, including children of at least 8 years of age, whose physical, sensorial or mental capacities are reduced, or who do not have the necessary knowledge or experience, unless they are trained in and supervised for the safe use of this unit and are aware of the risks involved. Only children over the age of 8 may, with adult supervision, clean and maintain the unit. **Keep the unit and the power cord out of reach of children under the age of 8 years. [. . . ] **The green light will come on and the appliance will emit four short tones when it is time to open the lid. IMPORTANT: Cooking waffles is a subtle art in which the slightest change in ingredient proportions in the dough can affect appearance and flavour significantly. The timing of the green ready light was calculated based on a standard waffle dough recipe and the opinions of a representative consumer panel. Differences in timing due to your own particular preferences are not to be considered a defect of the appliance. 69 ENG **Remove the waffles by piercing each one with a sharp-tipped knife and lifting away gently from the cooking plate. 1 Troubleshooting **Waffle top and bottom coming apart: removing too quickly from mould. **Waffles breaking apart: batter too watery or too dry (not enough fat). **Waffles burnt on one side, uncooked on the other: filled improperly or batter too watery or appliance not rotated. **Waffles sticking to moulds: plates greased incorrectly or plates too hot for first waffles or too much sugar or not enough fat in the batter. 2 What to do in the event of problems **Spread about a tablespoon (or four smaller spoonfuls if four moulds) of thick batter on the lower plate. **Close the lid and squeeze the handles for a few moments to help distribute the batter evenly. Position it to the left or right depending on whether you are right or left-handed. **Allow to cool, remove the plates and soak for 5 minutes, brush the plates with a nylon or other plastic dish brush. Dry the plates thoroughly, insert them again, plug the appliance back in and follow the cooking instructions carefully from the start. We guarantee beautiful waffles if you follow the provided instructions closely. Keep in mind that the timing of the green light was configured for cooking waffles. In this case, you may check before the green light comes on to see whether cooking is complete by opening the lid; if your mini-waffles, etc. , are ready, then remove them from the appliance and continue the cooking cycle ignoring the green light. **If your mini-waffles appear to be stuck to both plates, do not open the lid any further; if you hold it in its current position for a few moments, the mini-waffles should come away from the top plate under their own weight. If they do not, insert a spatula and carefully tease the mini-waffles away from the plate. **The mini-waffles may appear soft, but they become firm very quickly. If you want to roll them up, you may do so using a dowel 70 stick directly on the cooking plate. [. . . ] The guarantee includes parts and labor and covers manufacturing defects. The guarantee does not cover deterioration due to poor use or nonobservance of the instructions for use or breakage due to falling. The legal guarantee due from the seller does not in any way exclude the legal guarantee due from the Manufacturer for manufacturing flaws or defects according to articles 1641 to 1649 of the Civil Code. In the event of technical defects observed within one week of purchase, the units will be exchanged. [. . . ]


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