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[. . . ] Never insert an object into the product through the vents or openings. High voltage flows through the product and inserting an object can cause electric shock and/or short circuit internal parts. Do not use in wet or moist areas such as bathrooms, steamy kitchens or near swimming pools. Although this device is manufactured with the utmost care and checked several times before leaving the factory, it is still possible that problems may occur, as with all electrical appliances. [. . . ] Servicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way, such as the power supply cord or the plug, when liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into the apparatus, when the apparatus has been exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate normally, or has been dropped. Prolonged exposure to loud sounds from personal music players may lead to temporary or permanent hearing loss. * Those instruction are related only to products using power cable or AC power adaptor. Open the battery compartment door, located on the bottom of the unit, by sliding the door and lift it up. 5V/UM-3/AA size alkaline batteries, following the correct polarity, as indicated in the battery compartment. Make sure that the battery charging switch (13) on the side is in OFF position. Insert the DC plug, at the end of the AC/DC adaptor cord or connect USB Plug to DC jack cable with USB adapter, into the DC 4. Connect the AC/DC or USB adaptor into a 100-240V ~ 50/60 Hz AC power outlet. Notes: If the AC/DC or USB adaptor is connected when regular batteries are installed, the power supply automatically switches to the AC power source. Make sure that the AC/DC or USB adaptor matches with your household voltage before connecting it into the wall outlet. When not using AC power, disconnect the AC/DC or USB adaptor from the wall outlet. Disconnect the AC/DC or USB adaptor from the wall outlet if it is being connected to the unit. Insert 2 rechargeable batteries, following the correct polarity as indicated in the battery compartment. After 15 hours of charging, set the BATTERY CHARGE SWITCH (13) to OFF. 7 Indication about playing time of fully charged rechargeable batteries   2 x 700 mAh should play about 3-4 hours. DO NOT charge continuously for 24 hours or more, otherwise it will deteriorate the performance of the rechargeable batteries. Notes: If the rechargeable batteries are being charged for the first time, it will take approximately 15 hours to be fully charged. If the operating time decreases drastically even when the rechargeable batteries are properly recharged, purchase a new set of rechargeable batteries. EARPHONES Connect the stereo earphones (included) to the Phones jack (11). Connect the earphones (included) or optional headphones into the Phones jack. Press the PLAY/PAUSE button (2), the unit power will turn on automatically and show the number of the tracks and time for CD. The total number of folders and tracks for CD MP3 appear on the display: Playback starts. [. . . ] When programmed playback is activated ‘PROG’ will be shown on the LCD display. NOTES: While playing an MP3 disc, press and release the PROG button (6) to make a jump of 10 tracks forward. 5 seconds to play the first track in the next folder if there are multiple folders on disk. (The following function is active only when playing MP3 discs) AUTO-RESUME FUNCTION By activating auto-resume function, you need to press STOP button (3) twice and press play button (2) twice which can resume playing at the point of previous stop. [. . . ]


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