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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Before finally installing the unit, connect the wiring temporarily and make sure it is all connected up properly and the unit and the system work properly. Use only the parts included with the unit to ensure proper installation. Consult with your nearest dealer if installation requires the drilling of holes or other modifications of the vehicle. Install the unit where it does not get in the driver's way and cannot injure the passenger if there is a sudden stop, like an emergency stop. [. . . ] - MASK ALL mode: Masked the AF which has different PI and NO RDS signal with high field strength. - BEEP 2'nd mode: The beep is only generated when all allowed double key is pressed long (1 sec). LOUDNESS Press BND /LOU button (13) for several seconds to reinforce the bass output. DISPLAY Press DSP button (15) to operate as the conversion of each display mode as follows: - In case of receiving a RDS station In radio mode: ->PS ->CT ->FREQ ->PTY -> In CD mode: ->CD ->CT ->PS ->FREQ ->PTY -> - In case of no receiving CT or PTY information, the display shows as "NO CLOCK" or "NO PTY". - In case of receiving a non RDS station In radio mode: ->"NO CLOCK" ->FREQ -> "NO PTY" -> In CD mode: -> CD -> CT -> FREQ -> "NO PTY" -> Each displaying time is several seconds, and come back to 1st position after several seconds. Notes: - CT = clock time - FREQ = frequency EQUALIZATION Press P-EQ button (19) to turn on equalization function and to select desired audio mode. There are five kinds of mode as below: FLAT CLASSICS POP M ROCK M DSP OFF 10 OPERATION LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY Exhibit current frequency and activated functions on the display (8). FLASHING LED If the front panel does not install in the main unit, the LED (12) will be flashing. REMOTE SENSOR Point the remote control handset to the remote sensor IR (24). ESP FUNCTION If the unit has the electronic shockproof function, it can be shockproof about several tens of seconds . RESET FUNCTION RESET button (25) must be activated with either a ballpoint pen or thin metal object. The RESET button is to be activated for the following reasons: - Initial installation of the unit when all wiring is completed. Note: if press RESET button (25), the unit can't work yet, please use a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol to clean the socket on the front panel. The reception band will change in the following order: FM1 FM2 FM3 FM MW SELECTING STATION Press TUNE/RACK button(16) or button TUNE/RACK (17) shortly to activate automatic seek function. Press for several seconds until "MANUAL" appears on the display, the manual tuning mode is selected. If both buttons have not been pressed for several seconds, they will return to seek tuning mode and "AUTO" appears on the display. If corresponding PTY information is not existed any more, PTY engaging is automatically exit to normal mode. When TA mode is on and a traffic announcement is transmitted: When the unit was in CD (MP3), it will switch temporarily to radio mode. Temporary switch over to an EON linked station when EON detects a traffic announcement on that other program. If the volume level was under the threshold point it will be raised to the threshold point. But the user changed the volume level, which was more than the threshold point (min. tA interruption function The current traffic announcement is cancelled by pressing this key. [. . . ] If the selected title is a directory name, display will show (' '), then - Use the TUNE/RACK UP/DOWN buttons to list all songs under this directory and select the title. - Repeat the above steps if the newly selected title is again a directory. searching From Current Directory Press AS/PS (MP3) button for four times. The unit searches fire or directory from current directory by TUNE/RACK UP/DOWN buttons. [. . . ]


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