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[. . . ] Indb 17 12/9/16 10:35 am FRANÇAIS CONTENTS OF THE PACKAGING When unpacking, ensure that the following elements are included: 1 x Cell phone / 1 x micro USB cable / 1 x earphone set / 1 x Instruction manual WARNING: All packaging materials, such as tape, plastic sheets, wire ties and tags are not part of this product and must be discarded. ENGLISH 18 Warning: identical o We recom or individu OVERVIEW OF YOUR PHONE Discover your new cell phone and learn to identify the various features provided using the diagram on the first page of the booklet. Battery connectors Safety No If your ph disconnec To further - Setting u - Setting u Precautions for Use • Do not expose the phone to any sources of humidity. € To prevent any risk of electrical discharge, do not attempt to disassemble the device. [. . . ] To activate the password when switching on the phone, use the following steps: Go to Menu > Settings > Security settings > enable “Phone locked”. Then, select “Modify the cellphone password” to modify the password. LOCKING AND UNLOCKING THE PHONE When the phone is turned on, press the Main menu / OK key (3) and then press * to switch off the screen and lock the keypad. If you do not use the phone for a while, it will automatically lock: 1. Press the Main menu / OK key (3), and then press the * key to unlock the phone. 12/9/16 10:35 am 01-01-2016 Fri Insert SIM Insert SIM Menu Contacts 12:03 Status bar Tim and date display SIM1 and SIM2 information Functions of key (3) and key (5) Description Icon Signal SIM1/SIM2: Strength of the received signal. Oid letting DISPLAY ICONS AND INDICATORS The home screen display includes 4 areas: MAKING CALLS Calling out Check the signal strength indicator on home screen. If low, adjust your physical location to be clear of obstructions that may block the signal. From the home screen, use the keypad to enter the phone number you want to call. Press Answer call/Call history key (6) to call through either SIM 1 or SIM 2. Answering calls When you receive an incoming call, by default a ringing tone is played and a call message is displayed. Press the Power/End call key (8) to end a call or reject an incoming call. ENGLISH 24 LANGUAGES AND TEXT INPUT METHOD The phone supports several languages and various text input methods. Select a language to be able to type the accents and characters specific to it. MAIN MENU INTRODUCTION Your phone provides various features to the user. Apart from basic phone functions (making and receiving calls, sending and receiving messages), user can use different functions in the main menu to enjoy the most out of the phone. ENGLISH 25 ocation to The call history will display all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. This function allows you to use the following features: Camera Video recorder, Music player, Image viewer, Video player, FM radio, Sound recorder. The messaging feature will display all of your outgoing and incoming text and picture messages. In “Options”, select “New account” and change the fields according to the instructions of your mobile network provider. If you cannot send/receive MMS, make sure that the correct network profile is selected in Messages > Options > Settings > MMS > SIM1/2 MMS Account. You can increase the storage capacity of your phone up to 16 GB with a micro SD card (see chapter “GETTING STARTED”). [. . . ] note: Please keep this instruction manual , it contains important information. For any claim under the warranty or after sale service, please contact your distributor and present a valid proof of purchase. Our warranty covers any manufacturing material and workmanship defect, with the exception of any deterioration arising from the nonobservance of the instruction manual or from any careless action implemented on this item (such as dismantling, exposition to heat and humidity, etc. In a bid to keep improving our services, we could implement modification on the colours and the details of the product shown on the packaging. [. . . ]


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