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[. . . ] '' . '' KZ. 7500561 P/NO : MFL67099925 (1101-REV00) : 143160 , , , , 86 , . 9. www. lg. com 001 003 2 · , . «» K - (, , , ), «». . ENG (AAA) 1 ( . ) 1 ( ) ( . ) . 22LK33** 26/32LK33**, 32/37/42LK43**, 32/42/47LK53**, 32/37/42LK45**, 32/42LK55** x8 (M4x20) ( 47LK53**) 19/22/26LV25**, 22/26LV55**, 19/22LV23** x2 (M4x6) x2 (M4x16) 4 32LV25**, 32/37/40/42/47LV35**, 32/42/47/55LW45**, 32/37/42/47LV45**, 32/42LV34** x8 (M4x12) x8 (M4x14) (y 32LV25**, 32/37LV35**, 32LW45**, 32/37LV45**, 32LV34**) ( y 32/ 42/47/55LW45**) x2 ( (y 32LV25**) 32LV25**) ENG 3D- (AG-P110, AG-F110) , . , HDMI USB- 10 18 . ( 22/26/32LK33**, 32/37/42LK43**, 32/42/47LK53**) B B A A *A *B 10 18 . [. . . ] 3 View the owner's manual. NOTE If the web page does not appear automatically, access My computer and then click LG and index. htm to view the owner's manual. 1 Connect the antenna cable to the antenna input port on the TV. 2 Connect the DC adapter plug to the power input jack on the TV. 3 Connect the power cord to the DC adapter first, then plug the power cord into the wall power outlet. REMOTE CONTROL 13 REMOTE CONTROL The descriptions in this manual are based on the buttons on the remote control. To replace batteries, open the battery cover, replace batteries (1. 5 V AAA) matching and ends to the label inside the compartment, and close the battery cover. Be sure to point the remote control to the remote control sensor on the TV. To remove the batteries, perform the installation actions in reverse. ENGLISH CAUTION y Do not mix old and new batteries, as this may damage the remote control. y Image shown may differ from your TV. LIGHT ENERGY SAVING AV MODE INPUT TV/ RAD 1 4 7 LIST 2 5 8 MARK CHAR/NUM 3 6 9 Q. VIEW 0 FAV 3D DELETE P P A G E MUTE GUIDE Home Q. MENU (POWER) LIGHT ENERGY SAVING AV MODE INPUT TV/RAD Number buttons LIST Q. VIEW +MARK FAV CHAR/NUM 3D DELETE MUTE P PAGE GUIDE Home Q. MENU Navigation buttons (up/down/left/right) OK BACK INFO EXIT Coloured buttons 3D SETTING (Only 3D Models) 1 TELETEXT BUTTONS SUBTITLE Control buttons ( , , , , ) SIMPLINK RATIO AD Turns the TV on or off. These buttons are used for teletext (on TELETEXT models only), Programme edit. Controls the MY MEDIA menus, or the SIMPLINK compatible devices (USB, SIMPLINK). Switches the Audio Description On or Off. OK BACK INFO EXIT 3D SETTING 1 RATIO AD 14 WATCHING TV WATCHING TV Connecting an antenna Connect an antenna to watch TV while referring to the following. To prevent damage do not connect to the mains outlet until all connections are made between the devices. Language Selects a language to display. (When you select Home Use from Mode Setting - only LED LCD TV) Selects a country to display. (When France is selected for Country) Scans and saves available programmes automatically. ENGLISH Mode Setting Power Indicator Country Time Zone Connect the TV to a wall antenna socket with an RF cable (75 ). Set Password NOTE y For optimum picture quality, adjust antenna direction. y In poor signal areas, to achieve better picture quality it may be necessary to install a signal amplifier to the antenna. y If the image quality is poor with an antenna connected, aim the antenna to the correct direction. y An antenna cable and converter are not supplied. Auto Tuning NOTE y For those countries without confirmed DTV broadcasting standards, some DTV features might not work, depending on the DTV broadcasting environment. y When France is selected for Country, password is not `0', `0', `0', `0' but `1', `2', `3', `4'. Turning the TV on for the first time When you turn the TV on for the first time, the Initial setting screen appears. Select a language and customize the basic settings. 4 When the basic settings are complete, press OK. 1 Connect the power cord to a power outlet. The Initial setting screen appears if you turn the TV on for the first time. NOTE y If you do not complete the Initial setting, it will appear whenever the TV turns on. y Disconnect the power cord from the power outlet when you do not use the TV for a long period of time. NOTE y You can also access Factory Reset by accessing OPTION in the main menus. 5 To turn the TV off, press (POWER). 3 Follow the on-screen instructions to customize your TV settings according to your preferences. TROUBLESHOOTING 15 TROUBLESHOOTING Problem Cannot control the TV with the remote control. y y y y Resolution Check the remote control sensor on the product and try again. Check if there is any obstacle between the product and the remote control. to Check if the batteries are still working and properly installed ( to , Check if the appropriate input mode such as TV or VCR is set for using the remote control. [. . . ] y ' HDMI USB ' 10 18 . ( 22/26/32LK33**, 32/37/42LK43**, 32/42/47LK53**) B B A A *A *B 10 18 y , . 22/26/32LK33**, 32/37/42LK43**, 32/42/47LK53**( 32/42/47LK530T) ( 22/26/32LK33**) ( 32/37/42LK43**, 32/42/47LK53**) ( 22LK33**) ( 26/32LK33**) ( 32/37/42LK43**) ( 32/42/47LK53**) 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 USB PCMCIA HDMI ( 22LK33**) 1 ( ). ' ( 22/26/32LK33**) , 1 ­ . 19/22/26LV25**, 19/22LV23**, 22/26LV55** USB PCMCIA 1 HDMI ( 26LV25**, 26LV55**) ( ). ( 19/22/26LV25**, 19/22LV23**) 2 ( 19/22/26LV25**, 19/22LV23**) ( 22/26LV55**) ( 22/26LV55**) ' , 1 2 ­ . 32/42/47LK530T, 32/42LK550T, 32/37/42/47LV355T 1 ( ). USB PCMCIA ( 32/42/47LK530T) HDMI 2 ( 32/42/47LK530T) ' , 1 2 ­ . [. . . ]


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