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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Thecorrectdisposalofyourold appliancewillhelppreventpotential negativeconsequencesforthe environmentandhumanhealth. Formoredetailedinformationabout disposalofyouroldappliance, please contactyourcityoffice, wastedisposal serviceortheshopwhereyou purchasedtheproduct. LGElectronicsherebydeclaresthatthis/ theseproduct(s)is/areincompliance withtheessentialrequirementsand otherrelevantprovisionsofDirective2004/108/EC, 2006/95/EC, and2009/125/EC. Europeanrepresentative: LGElectronicsServiceEuropeB. V. Veluwezoom 15, 1327AEAlmere, TheNetherlands(Tel:+31­ (0)36­547­8888) 3 y IfyouhaveaPALcoloursystemTV, youwillsee justdistortedimageswhenusingdiscsorvideo contentsrecordedinNTSC. [. . . ] Forexample, whentheplayerplaysthedisc recordedintheNTSCcoloursystem, theimageis outputasanNTSCsignal. OnlythemultisystemcolourTVcanreceiveall signalsoutputfromtheplayer. HB806CM-D0_BGBRLL_SIM_ENG_0726. indd 3 2011-06-01 9:13:17 4 Getting Started Supplied Accesorries 1 Network Software Update Network update notification Fromtimetotime, performanceimprovements and/oradditionalfeaturesorservicesmaybe madeavailabletounitsthatareconnectedtoa broadbandhomenetwork. Ifthereisnewsoftware availableandtheunitisconnectedtoabroadband homenetwork, theplayerwillinformyouaboutthe updateasfollows. HB806CM-D0_BGBRLL_SIM_ENG_0726. indd 4 Getting Started Videocable(1) Speakercables(3) Remotecontrol(1) Battery(1) Option 1: 1. UseA/Dtoselectadesiredoptionandthen pressENTER(b). FMantenna(1) Owner'sManual&PC SoftwareCD [OK] [Cancel] [Hide] Startsthesoftwareupdate. Exitstheupdatemenuand itdoesnotappearuntilnext softwareisuploadedinthe updateserver. Option 2: Ifthesoftwareupdateisavailablefromtheupdate server, the"SoftwareUpdate"iconappearsinthe Homemenu. Pressblue(B)colouredbuttontostart theupdateprocedure. 2011-06-01 9:13:18 Table of Contents 5 Table of Contents 1 2 4 4 4 6 6 7 8 9 10 4 14 14 14 14 15 15 Operating General Playback ­ Using [HOME] menu ­ Playing a Disc ­ Playing a file on disc/USB device ­ Basic operations for video and audio content On-Screen display Getting Started Safety Information ­ Supplied Accesorries Network Software Update ­ Network update notification Introduction ­ Playable Discs and symbols used in this manual ­ File requirement Remote control Front panel Rear panel 1 2 5 16 17 17 Troubleshooting Troubleshooting ­ Customer Support ­ Open source software notice 3 6 18 19 Appendix Trademarks and Licenses Specifications 2 11 11 Connecting Speaker Connection ­ Attaching the speakers to the player 4 7 21 Warranty Warranty 3 12 12 12 13 System Setting Settings ­ Adjust the Setup Settings ­ Resolution Setting ­ Wired Network Setup 5 6 To view the Owner's Manual on the CD-ROM LoadthesuppliedCD-ROMintotheCD-ROMdriveonyourPC. Afterawhile, thewebpagewillopen automatically. (Windowsusersonly) Ifthewebpagedoesnotappearautomatically, browsetheCD-ROMdriveanddouble-clickthe"index. ToviewtheOwner'sManualontheCD-ROM, AdobeAcrobatReadermustbeinstalledonyourPC. The "AcrobatReader"folderontheCD-ROMcontainstheinstallationprogramforAcrobatReader. HB806CM-D0_BGBRLL_SIM_ENG_0726. indd 5 2011-06-01 9:13:18 6 Getting Started Introduction 1 Getting Started Playable Discs and symbols used in this manual Media/Term Logo Symbol Description y Discssuchasmoviesthatcanbepurchasedor rented. y ISO9660+JOLIET, UDFandUDFBridgeformat y Discssuchasmoviesthatcanbepurchasedor rented. y Moviemodeandfinalizedonly y Supportstheduallayerdiscalso FinalizedAVCHDformat y DVD±R/RWdiscsthatcontainMovie, Musicor Photofiles. y ISO9660+JOLIET, UDFandUDFBridgeformat e Blu-ray y u i r o y u i r t y u i ­ ­ DVD-ROM DVD-R DVD-RW DVD+R DVD+RW (8 cm, 12 cm) DVD-RW (VR) (8 cm, 12 cm) Audio CD (8 cm, 12 cm) CD-R/RW (8 cm, 12 cm) VRmodeandfinalizedonly AudioCD y CD-R/RWdiscsthatcontainMovie, Musicor Photofiles. y ISO9660+JOLIET, UDFandUDFBridgeformat Indicatesspecialnotesandoperatingfeatures. Indicatescautionsforpreventingpossible damagesfromabuse. Note Caution , > HB806CM-D0_BGBRLL_SIM_ENG_0726. indd 6 2011-06-01 9:13:19 Getting Started 7 File requirement Movie files File Location File Extension ". avi", ". divx", ". mpg", ". mpeg", ". mkv", ". mp4", ". asf", ". wmv", ". m4v"(DRM free) ". avi", ". divx", ". mpg", ". mpeg", ". mkv", ". mp4", ". asf", ". wmv", 1 Codec Format DIVX3. xx, DIVX4. xx, DIVX5. xx, DIVX6. xx (standardplayback only), XVID, MPEG1SS, H. 264/MPEG-4AVC, MPEG2PS, MPEG2TS, VC-1SM(WMV3) DIVX3. xx, DIVX4. xx, DIVX5. xx, DIVX6. xx (standardplayback only), XVID, MPEG1SS, H. 264/MPEG-4AVC, MPEG2PS, MPEG2TS, VC-1SM(WMV3) Audio Format DolbyDigital, DTS, MP3, WMA, AAC, AC3 Subtitle SubRip(. srt/. txt), SAMI(. smi), SubStationAlpha(. ssa/. txt), MicroDVD(. sub/. txt), VobSub (. sub), SubViewer1. 0(. sub), SubViewer2. 0(. sub/. txt), TMPlayer (. txt), DVDSubtitleSystem(. txt) SubRip(. srt/. txt), SAMI(. smi), SubStationAlpha(. ssa/. txt), MicroDVD(. sub/. txt), SubViewer 1. 0(. sub), SubViewer2. 0(. sub/. txt), TMPlayer(. txt), DVDSubtitle System(. txt) Getting Started Disc, USB DLNA DolbyDigital, DTS, MP3, WMA, AAC, AC3 Music files File Location Disc, USB, DLNA File Extension "mp3", ". wma", ". wav", ". m4a" (DRMfree) Sampling Frequency within32-48kHz (WMA), within16-48 kHz(MP3) Bitrate Note within32-192 Somewavfilesare kbps(WMA), within notsupportedonthis 32-320kbps(MP3) player. Photo files File Location Disc, USB, DLNA File Extension ". jpg", ". jpeg", ". png" Recommanded Size Note Lessthan4, 000x3, 000x24bit/pixel Progressiveandlossless Lessthan3, 000x3, 000x32bit/pixel compressionphotoimagefiles arenotsupported. HB806CM-D0_BGBRLL_SIM_ENG_0726. indd 7 2011-06-01 9:13:19 8 Getting Started Remote control ······ a······ ······ c····· SPEAKER LEVEL: Setsthesound levelofdesiredspeaker. Inthefilelistmenuofaserver, theremayhave manytypesofcontentsinafoldertogether. Inthis case, pressCorVtogotothepreviousor nextcontentwithsametype. HB806CM-D0_BGBRLL_SIM_ENG_0726. indd 15 2011-06-01 9:13:21 5 Troubleshooting 16 Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Symptom ThePowerdoesnotturnedon. Theunitdoesnotstart playback. Cause & Solution y Plugthepowercordintothewalloutletsecurely. y Insertaplayabledisc. (Checkthedisctype, coloursystem, and regionalcode. ) y Placethediscwiththeplaybacksidedown. y CanceltheRatingfunctionorchangetheratinglevel. Theanglecannotbechanged. Theremotecontroldoesnot workproperly. y Multi-anglesarenotrecordedontheDVDVideobeingplayed. y Thebatteriesintheremotecontrolareexhausted. 5 Troubleshooting Theunitispluggedin, butthe powerwillnotturnonoroff. PressandholdthePOWERbuttonforatleastfiveseconds. Thiswillforce theunittopoweroffthenturntheunitbackon. y SelecttheappropriatevideoinputmodeontheTVsothepicture fromtheunitappearsontheTVscreen. y Checkthe[HDMIColorSetting]inthe[Setup]menuissettothe appropriateitemthatconformstoyourvideoconnection. y Theplayer'sHDMIOUTjackisconnectedtoaDVIdevicethatdoes notsupportcopyrightprotection. Picturenoiseappears. y Youareplayingadiscrecordedinacoloursystemthatisdifferent fromyourTV. Settheoptionto[On]. Blu-ray3Ddiscplaybackdoes notoutput3Dviews. HB806CM-D0_BGBRLL_SIM_ENG_0726. indd 16 2011-06-01 9:13:21 Troubleshooting 17 Symptom BD-Livefeaturedoesnotwork. Cause & Solution y TheconnectedUSBstoragemaynothaveenoughspace. Connect theUSBstoragewithatleast1GBfreespace. [. . . ] DLNA®, theDLNALogoandDLNACERTIFIED®are trademarks, servicemarks, orcertificationmarks oftheDigitalLivingNetworkAlliance. JavaandallJava-basedtrademarksandlogos aretrademarksorregisteredtrademarksofSun Microsystems, Inc. intheUnitedStatesandother countries. "AVCHD"andthe"AVCHD"logoaretrademarksof PanasonicCorporationandSonyCorporation. 6 Appendix HDMI, theHDMIlogoandHigh-Definition MultimediaInterfacearetrademarksorregistered trademarksofHDMIlicensingLLC. DivX®, DivXCertified®andassociatedlogos aretrademarkofDivX, Inc. , andareusedunder license. ManufacturedunderlicensefromDolby Laboratories. Dolbyandthedouble-Dsymbol aretrademarksofDolbyLaboratories. HB806CM-D0_BGBRLL_SIM_ENG_0726. indd 18 2011-06-01 9:13:22 Appendix 19 Specifications General Powerrequirements Powerconsumption Dimensions(WxHxD) NetWeight(Approx. ) Operatingtemperature Operatinghumidity Inputs/Outputs VIDEOOUT HDMIOUT(video/audio) ANALOGAUDIOIN DIGITALIN(OPTICAL) PORT. IN Tuner FMTuningRange Amplifier Poweroutput(3), (RMS), THD10%(3/3) Total Front Sub-Woofer 425W 140Wx2 145W(Passive) 87. 5to108. 0MHzor87. 50to108. 00MHz 1. 0V(p-p), 75, syncnegative, RCAjackx1 19pin(TypeA, HDMITMConnector) 2. 0Vrms(1kHz, 0dB), 600, RCAjack(L, R)x1 OpticalConnectorx1 0. 5Vrms(3. 5mmstereojack) Refertomainlabelontherearpanel. Approx. 360x59x307mmwithoutfoot 2. 8kg 5°Cto35°C(41°Fto95°F) 5%to90% 6 Appendix HB806CM-D0_BGBRLL_SIM_ENG_0726. indd 19 2011-06-01 9:13:22 20 Appendix System Laser Wavelength Signalsystem Frequencyresponse Signal-to-noiseratio Totalharmonicdistortion Dynamicrange LANport BusPowerSupply(USB) Speakers Frontspeaker(Left/Right) Type ImpedanceRated InputPower Subwoofer Type ImpedanceRated InputPower 1Way1speaker 3 145W Max. Inputpower NetDimensions (WxHxD) NetWeight 290W (216x382x312)mm (8. 5x15x12. 2)inches 5. 4kg(11. 90lbs) 2Way2speaker 3 140W Max. Inputpower NetDimensions (WxHxD) NetWeight 280W (150x260x150)mm (5. 9x10. 2x5. 9)inches 0. 8kg(1. 7lbs) Semiconductorlaser 405nm/650nm StandardNTSCcolorTVsystem 20Hzto20kHz(48kHz, 96kHz, 192kHzsampling) Morethan80dB 0. 05%at1W Morethan85dB Ethernetjackx1, 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX DC5V0500mA y Designandspecificationsaresubjecttochangewithoutnotice. 6 Appendix HB806CM-D0_BGBRLL_SIM_ENG_0726. indd 20 2011-06-01 9:13:22 Warranty 21 Technology with the human touch GUARANTEE · GElectronicsU. K. Ltd. willprovidethefollowingservicesinordertoexpeditethisGuarantee. llfaultycomponentswhichfailduetodefectivemanufacturewillbereplacedfreeofchargeforaperiod of12monthsfromtheoriginaldateofpurchase. hedealer(orhisserviceagent)whosoldtheproductwillbe T reimbursedforanylabourprovidedintherepairofthisLGequipment, foraperiodof12monthsfromthe originaldateofpurchase. Theseclaimsmustbemadeinaccordancewiththepublishedscaleof servicechargesandrelevantclaimsprocedure. [. . . ]


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