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[. . . ] 68  Guidelines for safe and efficient use Please read these simple guidelines. • The SAR limit recommended by the International Commission on NonIonizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) is 2 W/kg averaged over 10g of tissue. € The highest SAR value for this model phone tested by DASY4 for use at the ear is 0. € This device meets RF exposure guidelines when used either in the normal use position against the ear or when positioned at least 1. [. . . ] TV) support only the DMP feature of DLNA and will not appear in the renderer device list. Notice: Some DLNA enabled devices do not support DMS upload functionality and will not be uploaded. To download contents from remote content library 1 Touch > Apps tab > SmartShare 2 Touch the top left button and select the device of the remote content library. 34 Calls Making a call Hold and slide the Quick msg icon from the bottom if you want to send one. Adjusting call volume To adjust the in-call volume during a call, use the Volume up and down keys on the left-hand side of the phone. 2 Scroll through the contact list or enter the first few letters of the contact you want to call by touching Search contacts. Making a second call 1 During your first call, touch Menu > Add call and dial the number. Also, you can go recent dialled list by touching or can search contacts by touching and select the number you want to call. Answering and rejecting a call When you receive a call in Lock state, hold and slide the to Answer incoming call. 35 Calls 5 To end active calls, touch End or press Home Key and slide the notification bar down and select End call icon . Viewing your call logs On the home screen, touch and choose the Call logs tab . 38 Moving contacts from your Old Device to your New Device Export your contacts as a CSV file from your old device to your PC using a PC sync program. Run the program and connect your Android mobile phone to the PC using a USB cable. 2 On the top menu , select Device > Import to device > Import contacts. 3 A popup window to select the file type and a file to import will appear. 4 On the popup, click the Select a file and Windows Explorer will appear. 5 Select the contacts file to import in Windows Explorer and click the Open. 7 A Field mapping popup to link the contacts in your device and new contacts data will appear. 8 If there is a conflict between the data in your PC contacts and device contacts, make the necessary selections or modifications in LG PC Suite. Sending a message 1 Touch on the home screen, and touch to open a blank message. NOTE: You will be charged for a text message for every person you send the message to. WARNING: The 160-character limit may vary from country to country depending on the language and how the SMS is coded. [. . . ] DivX Certified® to play DivX® video up to HD 720p, including premium content DivX®, DivX Certified® and associated logos are trademarks of Rovi Corporation or its subsidiaries and are used under license. 65 LG On-Screen Phone On-Screen Phone allows you to view your mobile phone screen from a PC via a USB or Bluetooth connection. You can also control your mobile phone from your PC, using the mouse or keyboard. € File transfer (mobile phone to PC): sends files from your mobile phone (e. [. . . ]


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