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[. . . ] Please read this manual carefully before operating your set and retain it for future reference. 4EA Model Standard screw Number of screw 19/22LS35** P4 x 20 2EA 26LS35** M4 x 14 2EA M4 x 14 Y When attaching the stand to the TV set, place the screen facing down on a cushioned table or flat surface to protect the screen from scratches. Y Remove the stand before installing the TV on a wall mount by performing the stand attachment in reverse. Y Do not move the TV by holding the cable holder, as the cable holders may break, and injuries and damage to the TV may occur. [. . . ] Otherwise, this may result in fire, electric shock or product damage (deformation, corrosion or breakage). Y As long as this unit is connected to the AC wall outlet, it is not disconnected from the AC power source even if you turn off this unit by SWITCH. If the wires inside the power cable are disconnected, this may cause fire. Then, unplug the power cables, antenna cables and all connecting cables. The TV set or power cord may be damaged, which may create a fire hazard or cause electric shock. Y When moving or unpacking the product, work in pairs because the product is heavy. Y Contact the service center once a year to clean the internal parts of the product. Servicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way, such as power supply cord or plug is damaged, liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into the apparatus, the apparatus has been exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate normally, or has been dropped. Y If the product feels cold to the touch, there may be a small "flicker" when it is turned on. Y The panel is a high technology product with resolution of two million to six million pixels. You may see tiny black dots and/or brightly coloured dots (red, blue or green) at a size of 1 ppm on the panel. Y It is recommended to move the TV in the box or packing material that the TV originally came in. Y Before moving or lifting the TV, disconnect the power cord and all cables. Y When holding the TV, the screen should face away from you to avoid damage. Y When transporting the TV, keep the TV upright, never turn the TV on its side or tilt towards the left or right. Make sure not to hold the transparent part, speaker, or speaker grill area. Securing the TV to a table (Only 32LS35**, 26/32/42CS46**, 32/42LS34**) Fix the TV to a table to prevent from tilting forward, damage, and potential injury. Y To prevent TV from falling over, the TV should be securely attached to the floor/ wall per installation instructions. Y Do not place the TV near or on sources of heat, as this may result in fire or other damage. Adjusting the angle of the TV to suit view (Only 32/42CS46**, 32/42LS34**) Swivel 20 degrees to the left or right and adjust the angle of the TV to suit your view. Y When adjusting the angle of the product, watch out for your fingers. If the product is tilted too much, it may fall, causing damage or injury. [. . . ] Corps du support / Base du support (uniquement 32/42CS46**, 32/42LS34**) (voir p. English Connect the TV to a wall antenna socket with an RF cable (75 ). Y If the image quality is poor with an antenna connected, try to realign the antenna in the correct direction. Connect the power cord to the DC adapter first, then plug the power cord into the wall power outlet. [. . . ]


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