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[. . . ] VARNING : KLASSE 3B SYNLING OCH OSYNLIG LASERSTRÅLNING NÄR DENNAL DEL ÄR ÖPPNAD. : KURSSI 3B NÄKYVÄ JA NÄKYMÄTÖN AVATTAESSA OLET ALTTIINA LASERSÄTEILYLLE. ÄLÄ KATSO SÄTEESEN. CLASS 1 KLASSE 1 LUOKAN 1 KLASS 1 CLASE 1 CLASSE 1 LASER PRODUCT LASER PRODUKT LASER LAITE LASER APPARAT PRODUCTO LÁSER PRODOTTO LASER The appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without supervision. ■ ■ ■ ■ Microsoft® and Windows® are trademarks registered in the United States and other countries by the Microsoft Corporation. DVD Logo is a trademark of DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corp. , registered in U. S. , Japan and other countries. [. . . ] • Please take notice that the manufacturer will bear no responsibility for damage to data caused by this product. • Please backup (copy) all important data as a protection against data loss. • Avoid placing the drive in a location subject to: - high humidity, high temperature, excessive dust, mechanical vibration, direct sunlight We recommend using the drive in a horizontal or vertical position. • Don’t move the drive suddenly from a cold place to a warm one or raise the room temperature suddenly. • Be careful to prevent foreign objects, such as liquids or metal, from entering the drive. • Don’t interrupt the electric power while the drive is operating. • Please pay attention to handling Electrostatic Sensitive Devices, you may use anti-static products such as wrist straps, heel straps, mats to protect your body from electrostatic. 2 System Environment Operating Environment This unit can be operated in the system environment explained here. • CPU : Pentium D 3. 2 GHz or higher (Motherboard that supports SATA. ) (Recommended Core 2 Duo E6600 or higher. ) • O/S : Windows 8 / Windows 7 SP1 / Windows XP (Home / Professional / Media Center Edition) with SP3 or higher / Windows Vista (X86, X64) SP1 or higher • RAM : 1 GB or more • HDD : 30 GB or more of available space Serial ATA Interface 13. 34 cm (5. 25”) half-height bay required Drive bay +5 V/+12 V power socket required Power DVD-R : Mitsubishi Kagaku Media, Taiyo Yuden. M-Disc (DVD+R SL) : Millenniata CD-R : Mitsubishi Kagaku Media, Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden. System requirements * Compatibility problem in write/read function may occur with media depending on the media manufacturing quality. * There may be some cases when motion picture playback is not smooth depending on bit rate. * Please visit http://www. m-disc. com to learn more about the M-DISCTM. NOTE : Improper connection may damage the drive and void the warranty. Generally, the power connector can only fit one way. Red Connect to the power connector of the PC. Connecting the SATA Data Cable Connect the data cable. Be careful not to connect upside down. Connect to the SATA connector on the PC's Motherboard. 6 Device Drivers When using Windows Operating System (Windows XP SP3 Home Edition/ Professional/Media Center Edition/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8), no special device driver is required. Your system, upon Power On and bootup after installing and connecting the new Writer, will recognize and load native software drivers automatically. For Windows XP Users ■ ■ ■ In order to ensure normal drive operation, please check the following: • The drive is displayed in Windows XP : [Control Panel]-([Performance and Maintenance])-[System][Hardware]-[Device Manager]-[DVD/CD-ROM-drives] If the drive is not recognized by your computer, please check the following items. • If an indicator is displayed on the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers in [Control Panel]-([Performance and Maintenance])-[System]-[Hardware]-[Device Manager], you will need to contact your PC’s manufacturer or the motherboard’s manufacturer and get the appropriate IDE controller driver. Run Add New Hardware in Control Panel to let PC search again for new device. Included Software Retail versions of this drive come with Authoring Software. Before installing, please uninstall any previous burning software you may have loaded on your PC in order to prevent possible compatibility issues. Once you have installed the application software, you may (if you wish) begin to reinstall previous software, taking note for errors. Check for software updates for all of your writing software. 7 How to Use the Discs Don’t attach any stickers or labels to discs, It could cause read/write errors and data loss. The drive’s optical unit may be damaged if they break. DO NOT use non-standard discs. NON-standard discs may not play or store data properly. Emergency Eject This drive has a feature that allows the disc to be ejected manually if this becomes necessary such as failure of the drive or a power outage. [. . . ] Level When not operating Temperature: -30 °C to 60 °C Humidity: 10 % to 90 % R. H. Electrical Power DC 5 V, DC 12 V The disc of the cartridge type is not supported. There might be some cases when this drive can not satisfy the best performance depending on the conditions of the disc, the drive, and the recording format. * The drive’s appearance and specifications may change without prior notice. *1 *2 *3 General Supported Discs *1 10 11 Caution! The disc rotates at high speed in the drive unit. [. . . ]


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