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[. . . ] WARNING: Do not install this equipment in a confined space such as a book case or similar unit. Slots and openings in the cabinet are provided for ventilation and to ensure reliable operation of the product and to protect it from over heating. The openings shall be never be blocked by placing the product on a bed, sofa, rug or other similar surface. This product shall not be placed in a builtin installation such as a bookcase or rack unless proper ventilation is provided or the manufacturer’s instruction has been adhered to. [. . . ] yy If you use a USB extension cable or USB hub, the USB device is not recognized. (Only FAT(16/32) file system is supported. ) yy This unit is not supported when the total number of files is 1 000 or more. yy External HDD, Card readers, Locked devices, or hard type USB devices are not supported. yy Some USB may not work with this unit. 24EN33T-B-DU_AESPLLB_ENG. indd 7 2013-06-19 3:08:51 8 Getting Started • • • • • • a • • • • • • 1STANDBY/ON : Switches the unit ON or OFF. SLEEP : Sets the system to turn off automatically at a specified time. TIMER : With the TIMER function you can turn DISC, USB play and TUNER reception on or off at a desired time. • • • • • • b • • • • • • ENTER : Confirms the setting. When a CD/ USB containing MP3/ WMA files in several folders is being played, press / to select the folder you want to play. • • • • • • c • • • • • • d/M (Play/Pause) : Starts or pauses playback. • • • • • • d • • • • • • 0 to 9 numerical buttons : Selects a desired track/file directly. RDS : RDS (Radio Data System) (Refer to the page 17) PTY/ASPM : - Searches radio stations by radio type. The programs are also cleared when the disc or USB device is removed, the unit is powered off or the function is switched to others. Displaying file information (ID3 TAG) While playing an MP3 file containing file information, you can display the information by pressing DISPLAY. Turn off the sound temporarily Press @MUTE on the remote control to mute your sound. You can mute your sound, for example, to answer the telephone, “MUTE” will appear and blink in the display window. To cancel it, press @MUTE again or change the volume level. 3 Operating Setting the BASS and TREBLE You can listen to music with the bass and treble effect by using the BASS and TREBLE. Reinforce treble sound effect. Note , , 24EN33T-B-DU_AESPLLB_ENG. indd 15 2013-06-19 3:08:57 16 Operating Radio Operations Listening to the radio 1. Press TUNER/ST. /MO. -/+ on the remote control or Y/U on the unit for about 2 seconds until the frequency indication starts changing, then release. Scanning stops when the unit tunes in a station. Presetting the Radio Stations You can preset 50 stations for FM. 4. Press / on the remote control or PRE(+)/ PRE(-) on the unit to select the preset number you want. 7. To listen a preset station, press / on the remote control or PRE(+)/PRE(-) on the unit. 3 Operating Manual tuning: Press TUN. -/+ on the remote control or Y/U on the unit repeatedly. 3. Adjust the volume by using VOL+/- on the remote control or VOLUME-/+ on the unit repeatedly. Improving poor FM reception Press TUNER/ST. /MO. Then the reception will be better than before. Deleting all the saved stations 1. Press and hold PROGRAM for two seconds. 2. Press PROGRAM to erase all saved radio stations. 24EN33T-B-DU_AESPLLB_ENG. indd 16 2013-06-19 3:08:57 Operating 17 Seeing information about a Radio station The FM tuner is supplied with the RDS (Radio Data System) facility. [. . . ] yy If the RDS signals are very weak, station may not be stored in memory. So delete all these stations to search and store new RDS stations in memory. 24EN33T-B-DU_AESPLLB_ENG. indd 18 2013-06-19 3:08:57 Operating 19 Setting the alarm You can use the unit as an alarm clock. 8. If you want to reset the alarm, repeat steps 2-6. Sleep Timer Setting Press SLEEP repeatedly and ENTER to select delay time between 15 and 90 minutes. (You can see the following order, 15 ->30 -> 45 -> 60 -> 90->OFF) To cancel the sleep function, press SLEEP repeatedly until “SLEEPOFF” appears. [. . . ]


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